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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view and a plan view of a vibration
direction conversion type vibrator of a conventional disk-like expansion body, and FIG. 2 is a
vibration direction conversion type vibration of a conventional rectangular expansion body FIG.
3, FIG. 4, FIG. 5, FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 are a side view and a plan view showing a partial cross section
of the transducer according to the present invention. In this figure, 1 is a vertical vibration
transmitting rod, 2 is a bulging body, 3 is a radiation surface, 4 is a vibrating body, 5 is a
waterproof case, d □ is a diameter of the vibration transmitting rod, d2 is a disk-like bulging The
outer diameter of the body, d is the diameter inside the radiation surface of the disc-like bulging
body, t □ is the thickness of the disc-like bulging body, t2 is the thickness of the radiation
surface part of the disc-like bulging body . Fig. 1 cv-峙 1) i 45-real open 5 l-70 468 (2) Fig. 2 Fig.
3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 (-F-surface) (olan side button 146-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
transducer 4IK for reducing the mechanical Q in a direction-changing transducer used for an
underwater communication transducer K111. Ultrasonic transducers are often used as
transmitters of 15 transmitters used in water, but they are used as transducers, but
electrostrictive transducers etc. have round electrodes, which are dipped directly into water or
seawater to be radiated. If you do so, you will not be insulated electrically. Therefore, the
electrode surface is covered with a waterproof case made of rubber or a thin metal plate. The
waterproof case was fixed to the vibrator with an adhesive, or the waterproof case was filled with
@ edge oil, and the vibrator was placed therein. However, if VC bubbles intervene between this
case and the vibrator, the ultrasonic waves are blocked by the bubbles and the sound can not be
radiated efficiently, so a complicated assembly technique is required so that the bubbles do not
enter. That is, it is necessary to assemble the vibrator, the case, etc. while preventing the static
mixture into the adhesive and the insulating oil. There is a vibration direction conversion type
transducer proposed by patent 596,960 l as what solves such a moment. If this vibrator is used,
a bulging body made of a metal crucible etc. can be directly used as the water vC1l and the
radiation surface, so that the assembly considering the sound transmission is not particularly
required. Therefore, the retention of the drowsy 4e edge is very advantageous because it is
sufficient to perform Kell processing irrelevant to the sound transmission only around the
vibrator. However, in the transmitter / receiver of a handset in submarine communication, etc., a
transducer having high sensitivity in a wide frequency band is required as a transducer, and the
transducer shown in the above-mentioned Patent 596960 has its transverse Q22- "1 .. The object
of the present invention is to provide a small mechanical Q direction change type transducer
which can be inserted in 7-character form using a transmitting / receiving wave for
communication. According to the present invention, there is provided a vibration direction
conversion type vibrator provided with a bulging body fixed to the nodal part of the vibration 5
of the ultrasonic vertical vibration transmission rod and extending in a direction perpendicular to
the vibration transmission rod. It is possible to obtain a vibrator characterized in that the end of
the bulging body is expanded in a plane perpendicular to the vibration direction of the pregnancy
movement of the bulging body. 〇 Generally, the mechanical Q of the camera viewed from the
radiation direction at the resonance frequency is represented by five, where W. r++r。 Is the
resonance frequency 2π times, M is the equivalent mass, r is the mechanical internal resistance
sr, Fi radiation resistance. Therefore jealousy. Since it is determined by the shape of the M + r
and d oscillators, Q can be lowered by increasing r8.
It is theoretically clear that the #i radiation area can be increased to increase the Kr. Therefore, in
the present consideration #, the tip of the bulging body placed on the vibration direction
conversion type vibrator is expanded in the direction perpendicular to the image pickup direction
to increase the radiation area 1, radiation 203-resistance r, To reduce the mechanical Q of the
oscillator. According to the present invention, it is possible to set the a111i-like Q to be 10 times
smaller than the conventional one, and it is possible to make the wide band 5 transducer
necessary for the underwater communication device and the sonar extremely It can be realized
with a simple structure. In the case of transmitting and receiving at a wide angle such as 360 °,
with a conventional structure in which a conventional ceramic film 11 is used as the abovedescribed surface or a sl structure in which a metal is fixed to a ceramic vibrational surface and
the same direction Km motion is transmitted. The arrangement of a large number of moving
elements and covering the whole of 10 with a waterproof case, etc. "L" assembly was
unavoidable, but using a mobile direction changing type cable, such non-directionality (Because it
can be carried out with a single photographing mover even in transmission / reception
polarization in the turn, only a damaged object is exposed with waterproof case 15-> → sound 41
@ 而 ri seawater) I can do it. With regard to the waterproof case for this camera only, there is no
need to consider the passage of sound waves, so the structure 1 '& is easy and the assembly is
easy, and the material of the waterproof case does not transmit sound. -You can also However, in
the vibrator according to the present invention, the portion directly receiving seawater pressure
is a sliding direction conversion body made of gold glaze, compared with the conventional one in
which the ItLA acoustic transducer such as ceramic has 7111 seawater pressure. The pressure
resistance is exceptionally KN5. The same applies to impact resistance. Also, because it is an @
interference direction conversion type, a large number of '# L airborne acoustic waves g? Since
the g-letter insertion can synthesize the sound output with a zero structure, it is easy to realize a
large output oscillator. The present invention will now be described in detail with reference to
the drawings. 10・All!!! FIG. 1 is a top view and a plan view of a conventional swing
direction-changing type vibrator with a disk-like bulging body, and an image pickup comprising a
longitudinal leisure pulsating direction transmitting rod l and a bulging body 2 The moving
direction changing body is electrokinetic by the vibrating body 4 and radiates an ultrasonic wave
from the radiation 11 [i3. FIG. 15A is a perspective view of a conventional shooting direction
conversion type vibrator having a square bulging body. FIG. 31A is a partial plan view of the
transducer according to the present invention. FIG. 31A is a plan view in which the end of the
bulging body 2 in FIG. 1 is expanded to increase the area of radiation lII] 3. 205-The dust moving
body 4 is shown broken (case 5 covered for air insulation.
As shown in FIG. 1, it is preferable that it can be used with a large magnetic power, but in the
embodiment of the present invention, all two are used symmetrically. Name 4 Fig. Ri The
deformation of the vibrator shown in Fig. 3, where @ 3 increases the thickness of disc-like
bulging body 2 stepwise and @ 4 increases with taper It is a thing. In this way, the mass of the
radiation lfi portion can be reduced while the same radiation area is increased by 4. Therefore, it
is effective to reduce Q by 1 (lower. FIG. 5 is another similar example of the embodiment shown
in FIG. 3, in which the thickness of the bulging body 2 is gradually increased so that the vibration
energy is smoothly transmitted to the radiation surface 3 It is. In this case, design considerations
are necessary because 1 equivalent mass M is different from the conventional type. However, in
the side view and plan view of the transducer according to the present invention, FIG. 6 shows an
advantage such that parasitic vibration is difficult to be applied to the radiation surface, and the
end of the bulging body 2 in FIG. It is expanded in the vertical direction, and the area of the
radius 2 (6-radius 3 is enlarged. The following is an example of an experiment (see J. Study on
the transducer for deep seas 3-4-7r, Proceedings of the Acoustical Society of Japan, June 1949).
When duralmin is used as the material of the vibration redirector, in the conventional shape of
FIG. 15, assuming d,-= 15, d, = 564 Ia, tl = 4.2 M, it is about Qi 150 in water. In the form of FIG. 5
according to the invention a, = t5. When o 屯, −4 = 56-4 m + tl "421 B +% = 20.0 tin, ts = 16.8" +
d 4-4 b, OIIs, QHHIO 2 in water with a significant reduction in Q was obtained.
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