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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1A is an explanatory view of the mechanism, the
mouth is a plan view of a piezoelectric polymer film provided with an electrode, FIG. 2 is a block
diagram, and FIG. 3A is a piezoelectric polymer film The mouth is a sound output waveform
diagram. 6 иии Piezoelectric polymer film, 7 иии Electrode. (A) FIG. 1 ('clff) X-61 one real opener 5212525 (2) FIG.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The Q device relates to a touch sensor which
produces a sound effect similar to that of a piano touch. Conventionally, for a piano, 1 fout to try
to occur on its f?-reserved, a mechanical lilt to play out in the draw position l1t- out to the
temperature of the keyboard touch. Customarily made rice and other rice sensors are used for
one cycle of transformation temperature, but they require a 4 L miscellaneous mechanism. In
addition, since the sustain effect and the envelope control set in advance are performed for the
percussion effect, the independent envelope control for each keyboard is maa 6 and the
envelopes of the individual keyboards are independent. In the case of 1111, it is necessary to use
a mechanical / perlobe system (1111 switches or sensors are specially needed, and the state shut
off valve has been accompanied by mechanical contamination. Therefore, in order to solve the
above-mentioned drawbacks, this Ariga is used as a senna of one S ? ? molecule # having
syllabary properties as a senna of a lanyard v), lli! An attempt is made to provide a touch sensor
? capable of detecting 11 touch O position, link, area f and also capable of envelope control
111. Hereinafter, an embodiment will be described with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 (a)
shows the mechanism of the electronic piano,-by pressing the [1], the stress transfer II 131 and
the stress transfer: @! Through the Shinshin (4), the lumber (? 151 corresponding to 11 is mg so
as to strike 161t-specifically conductive molecular exfoliation, and from this piezoelectric ^
molecular exfoliation (6), the number of consistency (5) Piezoelectric pressure is taken out by the
vapor deposited electrode (7) according to (11th (ii)). In addition, +2) is black-. Here, this
piezoelectric ?? molecular exfoliation (in the case of 61, such as pvr, (polyfluorinated
pyridinylidene) M, etc. M ? ? M ? ? ? ? III III III III III III III III III III III III III III III From K, 7
xm and one father Y in the Y-axis direction increase the fiIIJ transmission loss, and eventually
only the electrode (7) corresponding to the hit 5t5 + strikes the ratio t ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 11 t L &! Fig. 2 is a block diagram for processing the signal
from the piezoelectric polymer film (6) to generate a piano sound. First, it is impedance
transformed and amplified by the fIk amplifier (8), and then the polarity checker circuit (9 small
numbers). Here, when it is hit with a soil-IL-like island molecular exposition (b) 1 tank (5), 1
prefecture 6 figure (i) v (outputs a signal of the polarity shown, and also when the ? button 5) is
turned The property of producing a signal of reverse polarity as shown by LbJ in FIG.
All is the Heik-Ikaka circuit of the fifth technique (a), the inertia technique of (a), and orders a
relentless custom order as shown in FIG. 6 (b). One boat is a refreshing one boat, which is the
18th issue of (1) l of the sixth defeat (B). a2 vfllll: a fixture of the frequency, added to the analog
gate l 9, this analog Kate aj haheke Iki 11i! In response to the signal, the gate is opened to
transmit the signal from the source tiiu to the amplifier I of the next station, and the gate from
the signal from the refresh (ro) path I Close and cut off the signal from the a4. ????????
??? Although not shown, the amplifier Q ? ii! The circuit up to the analog gate I13 of the
traveling number is connected corresponding to the number of ffl 111 or (2), but the oscillator ?
3 is the one of the gang aa corresponding to each board. From the above, when 11 m 111 is
pressed, ? (51 strikes the specific use of the specific ^ molecular exfoliation 161, thereby
making the sixth factor (Ten Q (- Piezoelectric pressure of the waveform of inertia is generated.
The piezoelectric pressure is said to be a differential output over stress, so the strength of the
touch panel and its acceleration affect the heat generation ratio and rise 9 hours. Therefore, the
peak value and the rise time can control the envelope of the noble output. The signal in (a) of FIG.
3 (I) above is the number #! It is judged that it is a signal at 8 o'clock when it pressed a whistle,
and a signal corresponding to (a) of a whistle 6 damage (a) comes from the inertia judgment
circuit (9) only to the beak detection circuit value. Detected by the detection circuit 4, the signal
from the% statement u is controlled by the analog gate 0 according to the heak value and rise 9
o'clock darkness. ?????? ? ti + '4t-, the negative sign of the 6th attack (6) is generated in
the opposite sign of negative sign (bJ shown in (b) By the field @ 8 o'clock and the signal at @ 8
o'clock, the signal from the oscillation @ @ J is interrupted at analog game 1111 via REFRENO
7.1 path 0. Therefore, if the user presses the keyboard 111 at time (tl) and releases it at time (t2),
the output of the note is a sound corresponding to the strength of the touch of the board at time
(tl) and the size of the continuous direct 9, after that, it gradually attenuates in accordance with
the percentage of the temporary peak detection circuit Q 'and attenuates sharply at time (t,) to
become ?. (Ts) and ($ J are the point of time when the disc (1) is pressed vertically and the point
of release nine times, respectively. According to the above, since the electrodes are provided in
the direction orthogonal to the stretching axes of the piezoelectric-axially stretched polymer
crucible, the number of the piezoelectric-axially stretched single molecule 1a is good. Because of
this, a large number of switch group stocks will be inconvenient to the 11th place of the nativity
touch, and that Ill board touch!
?? It becomes possible to obtain a signal corresponding to the noise, and also enable envelope
control. In addition, since a signal of two different spirits is obtained from the same part of the
piezoelectric-axial diffusive molecule corresponding to one actual temperature, further envelope
control can be achieved by using both signals 1c. Become the same place, and independent
sensors and switches are not expensive.
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