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[Shares] Magnetostrictive vibration device evaluation amount 40-32740 Japanese Patent
Application No. 37-21588 [Phase] Application No. 37 (1962) May 30 multi-inventor Fukumoto
Tsuyoshi Yoshimoto Fukuyama, Setagaya-ku Setagaya-ku 2820 applicant Shimada Rika Kogyo
stock Company Chofu City Amagasaki 2 1 3 Φ Agent Attorney Fukumitsu Tsutomu
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a λ / 2 resonance
vibrator, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a support state of a λ / 2 resonance vibration
device, and FIG. FIG. 4 is an explanatory view showing an example of a two-resonance vibration
device, FIG. 4 is a schematic view of a magnetostrictive vibration device according to the present
invention, and FIG. 5 is an impedance diagram of a magnetostrictive vibrator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a high power
magnetostrictive vibration device used in an ultrasonic welding machine or ultrasonic broach or
the like. The oscillator is usually used at λ / 2 resonance. That is, as shown in FIG. 1, this
vibrator is a vibrator whose both ends are antinodes and which has a node at the center. In the
figure, 1 is a magnetostrictive vibrator, 2 is an excitation winding, and 3 is a vibration
displacement curve of the vibrator 1. Generally, when using longitudinal vibration (vibration
parallel to the axis of the vibrator), a support point must be provided. The supporting point 4 is
placed at a vibration node as shown in FIG. 2 as shown in FIG. 2 as known (for example, JP-B-357418, JP-B-37-2966, and JP-B-36-22097). The longitudinal vibration is zero at the position of
(1), and the vibrator 1 is fixed at that position. Similarly, the solid horn 5 of λ / 2 connected to
the vibrator 1 also has a vibration point as a supporting point 6 ° C. ···. The solid horn 5 is a
transducer for vibration amplitude expansion [111111]. In such a vibration device, there is one
drive vibrator 1 and the shape of the solid horn 5 changes variously depending on the
application, but the position of the node does not change to become the support point 6 . In
addition, since the force per unit area of the vibrator is determined to be ° C., if the force is
further increased, the vibrator may be destroyed or the heat may be thickened. For this reason, a
large output can be obtained ° C · At the same time, the number of oscillators must be increased
and used (・. As shown in FIG. 3, two vibrators are connected to the base end of the solid horn
50 as a method of connecting the vibrator when the output of two vibrators is desired (... A
method of connecting 1, 1 in parallel is conceivable. In the case of such parallel connection, the
base end surface of the solid ho 75 must be thickened. Assuming that the length of the horn 5 is
D and the diameter of the base of the horn 50 is Dφ, the length L of the ho 75 is determined
from the resonance frequency. The diameter Dφ of the horn 5 is determined from the area
where the two transducers 1, 1 are attached. In the case of such parallel connection, as the
number of vibrators 10 increases (the diameter Dφ of the ho 75 becomes thicker (becomes
larger, the length L of the horn 5 approaches (·· line (−)). As Dφ approaches L (accordingly,
coupled vibration in which the resonance frequency in the length direction and the diameter Dφ
force direction resonance frequency are combined is generated, the original longitudinal
vibration is reduced, and the Dφ force direction radial vibration exerts a force Increase. In a
vibration device made for the purpose of utilizing longitudinal vibration, extra vibration is rather
harmful. It is desirable to design the solid horn 5 so as to satisfy Dφ ≦ 3 L in order to reduce
this radial vibration.
Also, in the case of parallel connection, the transducers must be vibrated in phase. In addition,
high power magnetostrictive vibrators used for ultrasonic welding machines and ultrasonic
broaches are often required to have a high power even if the cross-sectional area of the vibrator
can not be made large. In such a case, it is impossible to increase [111111] EndPage: 1 by more
than the output value in the parallel connection system of the transducers (· There is a
drawback). An object of the present invention is to provide a magnetostrictive vibration device
capable of increasing the output in ° C. without increasing the cross sectional area of the fixed
horn. FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of the present invention, wherein 78 are two cascaded
magnetostrictive vibrators, and the vibrators 7 and 8 are mutually known 900 as is known to
avoid magnetic coupling. Rotate and connect. Incidentally, 9.10 is a supporting point at which
these vibrators 7 and 8 are supported at the node of vibration and ° C. A solid horn 11 applies
ultrasonic energy to the workpiece 14 on the lower tip 13 through the upper tip 12, and a
support point 15 of the solid horn 11. The solid ho 711 is cascaded to one end of the cascaded
vibrators 7 and 8 ° C. Thus, the two magnetostrictive vibrators 7 and 8 respectively include AC
windings 7a and 8a and DC windings 7b and 8b, and when one of the vibrators, for example, 7 is
contracted, the other 8 is driven to expand. That is, when the instantaneous values of the direct
current and alternating current flowing through the magnetostrictive vibrator 70 winding are in
the same direction, the alternating current and direct current so that the instantaneous values of
direct current flowing through the other magnetostrictive vibrator 8 and the alternating current
are opposite. Windings are separate. In this case, the cross-sectional area of the transducers can
be made smaller for the same electric power and the same load as compared to the case where
two individual magnetostrictive transducers as described above are arranged in parallel, and in
the case of the parallel arrangement An output substantially equal to or greater than That is, in
the case of the present invention in which two magnetostrictive vibrators are each rotated by 90
° and cascaded so as to be magnetically coupled, and in the case where they are arranged in
parallel, the maximum allowable power P that can be applied to each is In either case, 2P of the
same electric power can be applied. In this state, in the latter case, as described above, the crosssectional area is doubled and the harmful vibration component is increased compared to the
former, so the efficiency is also reduced, and when the cross-sectional area is restricted, human
power is also It is limited and the output can not increase. However, when configured as in the
present invention, it is possible to easily obtain a transducer device capable of obtaining a large
output by increasing human power even when the cross-sectional area is restricted.
Next, the present invention will be described in comparison with the case where the crosssectional area is made the same using one conventional single vibrator. In general, a
magnetostrictive oscillator is biased by a DC magnetic field and driven by superimposing an AC
magnetic field on it, but in this case the maximum value of the AC magnetic field is 5 if the DC
magnetic field is exceeded so that the driving force is not reversed. N (-. FIG. 5 is an impedance
diagram in which the impedance measured from the electric terminal, ie, the free impedance, is
represented on the abscissa by the resistance component R and by the reactance component jx
by the ordinate in the medium using the vibrator. Since this vibrator vibrates mechanically, an
alternating voltage is generated to induce a voltage in the winding, and since this has frequency
characteristics, it has free impedance and an actance component jx. The vector OD indicates the
damping impedance at which the vibrator does not vibrate (.times.), And the vector DA indicates
the dynamic impedance at which the impedance is generated only by the mechanical vibration of
the vibrator. In addition, DA represents a load (in the case of an impedance, and when a load is
applied, a small value such as vector DB and Zmoo, and vector DB is represented by Zmo), the
maximum electric power at heavy load is W = (Rdo + Rfo ) Is represented by I2max. Where Imax
is the current when the instantaneous value of the alternating magnetic field produced by this
current is equal to the direct magnetic field. Therefore, as apparent from FIG. 5, the load is
thicker (Zmo becomes smaller, Rfo becomes smaller, and the maximum electric power decreases.
However, as shown in FIG. 4 (when two transducers are connected in cascade, the transducers 7
transmit the transducers 8 to supply ultrasonic energy to the horn 9. In this case, in the
transmission of ultrasonic energy, when one of the transducers 7 is contracted, the transducer 8
of another force is driven to extend. When the load is large, the transmission loss due to the
vibrator 8 is small and not a problem. In addition, when the vibrator 8 is connected in cascade,
the output can be approximately doubled as compared with the case where a conventional single
vibrator is used, so the radiation equivalent resistance ra when the vibrator is single is constant
In the cascade connection, each of the vibrators 7 and 8 will be divided by half. That is, in the
case of cascade connection, when the lZ mol of each vibrator is zl and this is reduced to ra / 2 (')
lZ mol is Z2, the equivalent resistance to viscosity and friction of the magnetostrictive vibrator is
rl, The following equation holds for the oscillator T or 8:
11111111EndPage:2rlz。 When the radiation equivalent resistance r is
reduced to half and is ra / 2, the (+) (2) equation is compared for the same electric power and the
same load, and the left side of the equation (1) (2) vibrates the oscillator. It is an expression for
determining the ratio of power lost as loss to rl in the total vibration power in a circuit where rl
and ra exist, in other words, when the output is taken out.
That is, when the equivalent resistance of ra as the load is connected and only one oscillator is
used as the load, the expression (2) is obtained when two ra / 2s are connected as a load and two
oscillators are cascaded. It is an equation for only one of the oscillators. According to the
equation (IX2), when the load resistance is thick, z2 is equal to x2Z according to the equation (3).
Z2 ≦ 22 ° Also, even when the load resistance is small, it always becomes [111111]. If two
transducers are cascaded, z2 will be twice as Luka et al. 2Z, <222 <42 °. Therefore, the
particularly effective component Rfo in 2Z2ff1! (Rdo + Rfo) (.. Especially when there is a
limitation of 11 products, there is an advantage of increasing manpower per area. As can be seen
from this calculation, it is generally considered that the magnetostrictive vibration device has a
transmission loss in addition to the internal loss of the vibrator, so it is possible to obtain an
output proportional to human power. It will be. In part, according to the present invention, it is
possible to take out a large manual input and therefore a dog-like output. In the above
embodiments, two magnetostrictive vibrators are connected in cascade. However, several
magnetostrictive vibrators are connected in cascade, and the power of the adjacent vibrators is
used. When it shrinks, if it drives so as to extend the other force, it operates in the same manner
as the previous embodiment. According to the present invention, as described above (several
vibrators supported at the node of the vibration are connected in cascade so that the other
extends when the power of the vibration P adjacent to each other is reduced, so that the same
electric power, The cross-sectional area of the vibrator can be made sufficiently small for the
same load, and the cross-sectional area of the horn connected in cascade to the end of the power
of the cascaded vibrator can be made sufficiently small accordingly. There is an advantage that
the vibration device for heavy loads can be easily manufactured.
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