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Lower) R15Q1: IQ, II 17 [1 'l' + ', 1 "rIi'l,' self 1 jj 1 name of the invention: 34''r ', i'l applicant i1', i.
City J (Jiramon 1006 w'i "t) ? (582) Representative of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Representative 11 Matsushita Masaji 4 agents ? 571fI place Osaka i, 1 ? ?? j j, 'JOO 6
address attached [1] Recording of 1 '1's "-"-15 0 125 734 [phase] Japan Patent Office ? JP-A-524981.70 Publication No. (1977) 4.21. Long-awaited request to-/, 87 pairs [phase] of application
H of Aki. (1974 ?, / 7 examination request unclaimed (all 2 pages) Office serial number number
specification 1, title of the invention 1, title of the invention ultrasonic generator
Ito Name Masao Ito (1 other person)
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an ultrasonic generator,
and more particularly to an ultrasonic generator reduced in size and working by using a boltclamped lunge and a pan-type electrostrictive vibrator. Conventionally, in an ultrasonic wave
generator using a solid vibrating thread such as an S-strain transducer, as shown in FIG. 2, an
output signal $ has been in series with the solid vibrating system 4. In the figure, 01 represents a
direct current power source, 2 represents a switch circuit, and 8 represents an oscillation KII'il
path and 6-bit tiger that oscillates at the same frequency as the resonance frequency of the solid
vibration system 4. Connected to the output increase of oscillation circuit 3, l! The secondary side
of 1 is connected between the base A-T of the output cardlanto and the second secondary-side is
connected between the output transistor 70 base and the process I-T. ???????????
??? The emitter of the transistor ? is connected to the positive electrode of the DC power
supply 1 via the switch circuit 2 and the negative electrode of the DC power supply 10 from the
junction of the emitter I of the transistor 6 and the collector of the transistor 7. . The one-body
vibration yarn 4 is connected in series, and the other end of the solid vibration system 4 is
connected to the buyer of the DC power supply 1. The transformer 6, the transistor 6, and the
transistor ? make up a pull-up I1 unit, and the output of the one oscillation circuit 3 turns on
the transistor 6 and the transistor 7 alternately at the same 8t Ii number as the resonance
frequency of the solid vibration system 4. Repeat the off action. When the transistor 6 is on, the
transistor 7 is off and the switch circuit 2. Power is supplied to the solid-state oscillator 11i1 J44
of the DC power supply 1 through the tran- sistor 61 output condenser 18. Next, when the
transistor 6 is turned off, the transistor, the switch / T is turned on, and the light 'IL' of the
nonoco / denser 8 flows out through the end page: 1 page, and the iAi 41 vibration system flows.
Thus, the half cycle period in which Transistor-7 was turned on had to be large for seven minutes
to serve as a power source. For this reason, the ultrasonic generator has been restricted in terms
of size and weight reduction and cost reduction. An object of the present invention is to obtain an
ultrasonic wave generator eliminated in such a defect 41 by using a bolt-clamped Langevin type
electrostrictive vibrator as a solid vibrating thread. Since FIG. 1 shows the large and small parts
of the present invention, the same reference numerals indicate the same members as in FIG.
When using a bolt h-type flange or pan-shaped weekly strain oscillator as the solid vibrating
thread 4, since the polarization process is performed so that a DC bias electric field is present
inside the red pin, transistor 7 is turned on. The DC bias electric field plays a role as a W source
during a half cycle of the time of.
For this reason, in FIG. 2, the output co / damp 6 is not necessary, and the ? @ quantification of
the ultrasonic wave generator was in a seasonal condition and ?. As mentioned above, when
using 14 body vibration system and using a bolted Langevin type electric metal screw for ░ C,
make use of the characteristics of 7 to make a large contribution to the reduction in weight and
cost reduction of the @ sound wave generator. Scold it.
4. Brief description of the drawings The first problem is the electrical [Ql circuit diagram of the
ultrasonic wave generator in one embodiment of the present invention. Figure 2 is an electrical
circuit diagram of this conventional system. 1
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ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji
Kadoshin 1006 EndPage: ?
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