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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the ear canal microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a
dotted line showing the ear canal microphone according to the present invention. It is a graph of
the frequency characteristic shown by a solid line. 1 is a sensing unit, 2 is a microphone body, 3
is an element, 5 is a lead wire, and 9 is a damper member. Fig. 1-49-Jpn.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The uninvented idea is to improve the microphone
which picks up from the wall of the ear canal. A non-inventor is inserted into the ear canal, and a
bone conduction sound signal (iii #) t-pickup microphone from the wall of the ear canal
(hereinafter referred to as an ear canal microphone). ) Till, and it has already been shown as 峙 fi
@ 50-18906 411 奸 etc. Uninvented relates to such an outer ear 遍 Mike O Kai Arashi 1-. The ear
canal microphone previously applied is a sensing member which is at least partially in pressure
contact with the ear canal wall to pick up a bone conduction voice signal from the ear canal m, a
piezoelectric element for converting the vibration of the IDJI knowledge member into am, voltage
An adaptive external quadruple microphone, in which a piezoelectric element is used as the
element and a breath is provided to the piezoelectric element O, etc., is a typical embodiment.
However, this side is jI! The external ear canal microphone is formed of metal or other hard
material O so that it can pick up the ink of the external ear beeswax as it is as a sensing member.
Therefore, the registration characteristic of this ear canal microphone has a peak at a resonance
point which is equal to the shape of the element and the amount of heavy VOx saved by the
element. Such a peak of the skin tone number is extremely superimposed in order to obtain the
clarity of the bone conduction voice No. 1 to be picked up, but this microphone has a false sense
of sensitivity t at the peak of S number ^ (na p1 The sound pressure of the ear canal is impaired
by the nature of the feeling-the risk of being lost is To. The present invention was made by
focusing on the point on the eyebrow, and by some means, it is possible to obtain a high clarity
bone conduction speech signal by reducing the peak of the peri-acupuncture of the ear canal
microphone. The purpose is to make it go through K. Another object of the present invention is to
provide an ear canal microphone which is superior to the wearing feeling. The above object of
the present invention and the other objects of the present invention described below are
achieved by using a damper member having a rubber, a soft synthetic 1IIIIli1 and the like)) f #
formed as a sensing portion in contact with the external ear. Be done. Hereinafter, the pancreas #
11 of the present invention is I based on the representative example shown in the figure. Light
up. However, am of this invention's implementation is not ant footing by this. In the figure, 1 is
inserted into the external auditory canal and attached to the tip of the microphone body 20 by a
sensing unit for detecting a bone conduction sound signal (beat) from the external ear canal by
shaking it against the external ear continuous wall. 3 is an element such as a piezoelectric
element built in the microphone body 2 and a voltage change (or a current change in the case of
the electromagnetic 11) in proportion to the depressions 3- and -5 received by the sensing part.
)をする。 The reference numeral 4 is a weight 9 provided with an element sK to make the
microphone uniform. 5 is the voltage (or current) of the element jl! The cover is a cover formed
of 19 in impedance 11h, T: mold, $: rubber, soft synthetic 111iI, which covers the microphone
body part which comes out of the ear canal doing. So, 6 in the present invention, the above sense
11IK. Soft materials (materials that absorb milli, such as natural or synthetic rubber, soft
synthetic resin of vinyl chloride and its rings. And the damper member 9 formed by the method
of FIG. It is desirable that the sensing s1 of the present invention be provided at a position of
about 1 to 2 countries from the entrance of the ear canal as shown in the figure, but it must be%
tatami (like the sensing part of the microphone body 211II It is formed according to the disgust
of the external auditory canal, and at least -tiit of マ イ O miter main body is pressed against the
external ear canal and it acts as a sensing part-and it is self-made, and -S of this microphone main
body Thinning (preferably, a large amount of gas ahead), this huge part may be used as a sensing
part 4-. In this occasion, at least the sensing portion may be dominated by a damper member,
and the entire damper body 2 may be covered by the damper member. In this case, the cover 8
can be omitted. In the present invention, as shown in, for example, Japanese Utility Model
Application Publication No. 50-103287, and the drawings, the sensing unit may be configured to
be convertible. Also, for example, as shown in Japanese Patent Application Publication No. 50103286-and the drawings, the direction may be changed to provide a plurality of elements-.
Further, the microphone body may be provided with an air leakage passage for leaking air in the
ear canal to the outside. In addition, the microphone body can be provided with a passage
leading to the ear canal and the air conduction microphone can be provided in the microphone
body. Furthermore, it is a ringing that it is used in combination with a bone conduction lid
speaker, and in this meeting, it is possible to use the sensing part as a speaker that transmits the
external voice No. 1 as JliIh to the ear canal with aT function is there. If the stalks are refilled
with the body @ O @ gfc ') Vh, the @tls amplifier, the equalizer will circle the microphone body 5-,
or the housing 9 will lead the lead i out the end of the cord 11 In addition to the abovementioned cord 04 child-min, it is also possible to provide the transmitter which is provided if
necessary), pick-up slaughtered bone Conducted voice 1 is sent to the outside world by radio) or
by voice.
Among them, if addition is made to the sensing @ 1, this sensing unit may be at least partially
filled with the outer road 11, and the sensing unit has a circular configuration, the opposing
outer circumferences of the circular sensing units. A structure in which a part of the sensing part
is bent in one direction so that a portion cut out of the surface is in contact with the outer ear
wall against only the opposing portion of 4IjA, and a bent portion is imaged in the outer ear canal
Etc. In the actual J1 example of the present invention, V & M mainly used a piezoelectric element
as an element to construct an acceleration linear type @ijQ, but in addition to this, it is also
possible to form a fast f-type or displacement ff1 Kll -6 Also, in addition to crushing, you can get
a quick quick jll K # or something. Since the body music has adult OSm, sense 1-6! If the
microphone body is attached to the external ear canal and the microphone body is coated with a
pressure layer in the external ear canal, the wearer's own voice is transmitted as vibration to the
external ear shielding wall through the bone clip of IIs and this vibration is a sensing part
Perceived by the element, it gives vibration to the element. Element 易 is a voltage proportional
to its vibration (1 or a current in the case of an electromagnetic quantity). Generate). Since one
damper member 9 intervenes between the sensing s1 and the sheath itself, the frequency
characteristic of this microphone is lowered as its beater is corrected and corrected as shown in
the 21st OK, and the bone conduction is made clear. Set the sound signal (vibration) pickup to 9
癲. According to the present invention, since the mounting place is the ear canal, the mounting is
embarrassing, and both hands can be used! Unlike the sound pressure microphone, it can remove
external noise and pick up only the voice of the wearer, unlike the sound pressure microphone,
and in particular it can be used as a damper in the sense M area. Since the t- provided, it reduces
the beak of the frequency a characteristic of the mike and can provide an external ear canal m
which is hard to detect the sound pressure t4), and the wearing feeling is also 197- good with the
intervention of one member of the damper. If one member is configured to be removable, it is
also clean and hygienic. The application of the ear canal microphone according to the present
invention is not limited to O which has the same application as the conventional microphone and
4IO, especially as a microphone used in Ojl sound proofs such as planting sites and cornering
fields, etc. For-Lead free 1 For It It is as a microphone a-,-is also fire suit and diving suit, Samurai
suit suit, Anti-poison mask III 0! ! To use it as a microphone for face-to-face voices to cover the
nostrils, it is good if you use it as a microphone for a mask that tends to pick up voices like the
microphones of white police officers, instead of microphones that tend to pick up voice. You can
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