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2, inventor 1 same nationality as the patent applicant, German Federal Republic of Japan ■ JP-A52-69609 specification name of invention
Microphone especially suitable for internal sound waves
3. Detailed Description of the Invention In particular, in known microphones used as in-body
acoustic microphones, the mode of mechanical coupling between the essential conversion
element, for example, the piezoelectric element and the vibrating membrane, corresponds to the
mechanical control range of the assumed conversion element. A considerable excess of
displacement of the vibrating membrane may lead to breakage of the transducer element, or
cause undesirable mechanical stress without failure. This is a disadvantage particularly in the
case of an in-body acoustic wave detector that uses Korotkoff sounds to measure blood pressure.
The microphone according to the invention comprises a mechanical-electrical conversion
element 1 of any known type, which is connected to the inner diaphragm 3 in a conversion
manner. The slip joint does not slip within the allowable control range of the conversion element
1 but is selected to cause the slip during over-control that may cause breakage thereof, thereby
protecting the conversion element from breakage. By careful selection of the sliding connection,
the conversion element can always operate in a range that does not lead to overcontrol. Since the
inner vibrating membrane 3 is mechanically coupled to the outer vibrating membrane S via the
coupling space 振動, the vibration of the outer vibrating membrane is transmitted to the inner
vibrating membrane according to the coupling condition. In order to influence the frequency
response of the inner diaphragm and the zero setting, between the coupling space and the
outside air and / or between the space 7 in contact with the surface of the inner diaphragm 3
opposite to the outer diaphragm S. In accordance with the well-known laws of fluid dynamics, a
flow-resistant connection is provided which is suitable for the intended use of the microphone.
Thereby, for example, the initial load on the slowly changing outer vibrating membrane over a
large pressure range is not transmitted to the inner vibrating membrane and the conversion
element, and the change is small, but sufficient response sensitivity to high-speed pressure
changes is obtained. It can be maintained, which is particularly advantageous in the case of blood
pressure measurement. Furthermore, according to the present invention, it is possible to
arbitrarily select the area ratio between the outer vibrating membrane and the inner vibrating
membrane to obtain the concentration and / or conversion action according to a known law. In
order to prevent electrical disturbances, the components can be made of conductive material or
non-conductive material provided with a conductive coating. If electromagnetic conversion
elements are used, the components can be made of magnetic shielding material. The components
can consist of various materials. If the inner diaphragm is formed as a transducing element by
dielectric action or piezoelectric action, the use of a slip joint may be omitted. A combination of
the impedance converter and the (or) amplifier with the microphone is also included in the scope
of the present invention.
Brief Description of the Drawings EndPage: 2 The drawing is a side cross sectional view showing
the main parts of one embodiment of the present invention. ! Mechanical-electrical conversion
element 3 ベ リ 3 内側 3 内側 内側 内側 内側 空間 空間 外側 外側 外側 外側 外側 外側 外側 流 れ
流 れ 空間 空間 空間 空間 空間 人口 7 拳 7 fist / Isel r2. : 5, catalog of attached documents 廿 ヒ
ー 1 heat 1 ner = 廿 啼 啼 → → total 1 endPage: 3
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