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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a conventional blood flow sound
detection device, FIG. 2 is a plan view of air etc. in the blood flow sound detection device
according to the present invention, and FIG. It is a -A 'line sectional view. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Armband for blood pressure measurement, 3 ... Air bag, 4 ... Hose, 5 ...
Microphone, 6 ... Rubber board, 7 ... Cloth rubber board.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention, in order to widely detect
blood flow sound (Korotkoff sound) at the time of blood pressure measurement, an fj-shaped
detector O configured to be taken out through a gas layer and to be microphoned. The purpose
of the improvement is to properly decipher the blood flow sound component, and to transmit it
to the loss-less display. ? f 'Conventional% detection of blood flow noise, listening to the ear
from auscultation mK # & is taken, when it comes out IIl as electricity remarks 1 ms device 1 "I
just put it in the cuff,". ????? ? ? o, ?,) Yes, there is a drawback that the microphone is
not right above the blood vessel if the microphone is right above the blood vessel if there is a
drawback that it does not get hot properly),) rubber of the cuff to provide a wide 111 mK
detection band There are indirect means such as bagging. The inventors of the present invention
previously proposed a method If'ft in which the air layer is used as a detection means as an
indirect detection means. In addition to the conventional blood pressure measurement
configuration, as shown in the preparation or 1st IIll K, in addition to the conventional blood
pressure measurement configuration, a flexible flexible bag 3 is made of rubber and is made of
soft rubber. Constructed of plastic and sealed 9 cases. Furthermore, if there is an entrance for 9
air ports and 0 bag 3 connected to microphone palm phone 6 via hose 4 has a certainty or more
O. Blood pressure is ?? 30 at the mouth of the mouth <a, O on the blood vessel! The air is
transmitted to the microphone 1 and the phone 6) to be supplemented as an electric signal. The
problem of this configuration is that qm property is required because it is wound around a 0 bag
s control arm, which means that 11 mits yslc can be transmitted without attenuation of the
sound engulfed by a bag. Etc. Soft O # quality and S * sono! (1) 1 bag 3 ? ? ? ? ? ? 0 0. It is
not good to have one ? ? gII of sound. In the present invention, the moth 8 is crushed, the
suction 11 of the sound! It is an improvement not to have any effect, and one example is shown
in FIG. 2 and 31 GK below. That is, the plate-like writing device 6 is formed of a rubber plate. The
container 6 is a flat rectangular box without a lid-), and the thickness is 1.6 to s, smo. Pull out the
hose 4 from the side of the case 1I16. 11 pieces of detection are pasted to i1 on the container 6.
According to the present invention, the container s6 may be made of hard rubber 60f to sol to
round to meet the above object. * As a result of the mystery about the volume of each rubber
stiffness, with soft rubber, the soft sound absorbs 011I wave number components (40 ..-1ooH2),
and it is transmitted to the microphone well, and ? O point goBy5 ? 5oWLa rubber hard storm ,
Oh 1) There is no O plate wall in rubber, microphone IK transmission 1 can be sure, 1 detection
of meat surface ? 7 ? arms 51 ? 111 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? m ?Although it is easy to extend,
the air layer may be damaged by ?j-? O O ? O @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ ? ? ? @.
Suddenly this is a strip with a deep sense of meaning, with a cloth, and it is confirmed that it is
most desirable in terms of having a rubber sheet with no elongation and having a softness of 4
degrees. As described above, according to the Ningbo @ 0 blood magic sound detection 1111
that is 111 II), accurate blood pressure measurement becomes possible by outputting the blood
flow sound acid component appropriately KIIJI. 4, gibiiio simple umbrella ? 1 ? ? # ? # # # #
# # # # # # ? ? ? ? ? ? ? II II II II II II II II II II II C C 211 C ) A-A 'alll Frlilll? ??? 1 .....
straight 8E ?? for arm band, a иииии q care 1,4 и 111?, roots, vinegar, 6. и и 1 microphone ?
phone и и 961. . Rubber bowl, 7 и и и Introduction] rubber plate. Agent O Name Attorney Nakao
Toshio 1 person Figure 1 21 ? m-ko l,---1345 Figure 2 7 A ? L = = E yoyo] Three thousand = 7"two three yo yoyo =] Yo) t ? Ha Figure 3 [= 2-46992 Name of the agent IM Toshio Toshio 6
other than the above inventor and agent (1) j '5 drafter address Osaka Prefecture 1 "Jj ? i
University gate 11006 address Matsushita Shiki Sangyo Co., Ltd. Name 1? v Ц 1 (2) Agent
Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma 1006 Address Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co., Ltd. '? ? ░. Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Ogino 52, Kino 7
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