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High fidelity audio reproduction system and its module (1) A plurality of loudspeaker modules
are mounted on a number of baffles which provide a generally continuous baffle surface to the
listener, and An opening is formed in a dyna enclosure having a magnet at one end and a
diaphragm at the other end, and the diaphragm is fitted to this opening to close the diaphragm
and support the speaker with the magnet by the magnet. The cavity and the baffle have openings
that are substantially the same distance from each other as the openings of the enclosure, and
the two sets of openings fit and close each other when the module is fitted. A common input
signal from K that the peripheral edge of the loudspeaker is treated to have the same height or a
close relationship with the baffle surface, and that the loudspeakers are electrically connected to
each other At the same time high fidelity sound reproduction system and its modules and in that
was to play. (2) at least two modules, each consisting of a relatively small speaker and a speaker
enclosure having a generally spherical cavity therein, and a number of baffles for mounting the
modules; The speaker is attached in the cavity 17II so that the edge of the diaphragm is cut to
form an enclosure opening and the peripheral edge of the diaphragm is approximately fitted with
the opening and the lever is closed. The speakers are substantially the same size as each other,
and the enclosure cavities are also approximately the same size as each other, and the buckle
plate has a similar opening S that substantially matches the enclosure opening when the module
is applied. , Defining a substantially continuous plane surrounding the opening 11 and
simultaneously reproducing the common input signal from the ring electrically connecting the
speakers to each other and K. High-fidelity audio playback system and module of the wrist.
(EndPage: a plurality of modules each consisting of a speaker having a diaphragm and a magnet
structure and a member having a generally spherical cavity: a plurality of baffle plates having
openings for receiving and supporting the modules) And the tip of the cavity is cut to form a
circular opening 1, the diaphragm is positioned at the inner pressure of the opening to close it,
and a magnet structure is cantilevered into the cavity The speaker is fixed to and supported by
the member, and the diaphragm is positioned in the opening when the module is stored in the
opening of the baffle plate so that the same height as the outer surface of the baffle plate is
substantially equal. , The baffle plate is arranged such that the lower surface of the baffle plate
forms a substantially continuous surface, and the speakers are electrically connected to each
other to compensate each other. High fidelity sound reproduction system and its modules as each
other, and each speaker and that it has to receive a common input signal over the entire audible
station sideband and t- features.
2 Claims
3. Detailed description of the invention Add multiple sound modules to a plurality of buckles that
define a generally continuous surface, such as a ceiling. Each sound module consists of a
loudspeaker and a cavity-defining member in the form of a thin shell of a wall aggravated with a
lightweight material such as, for example, polystyrene or a rectangular parallelepiped pulluk. The
respective hollows preferably have the same large spherical shape, and the loudspeakers are
respectively identical, and the common input signals are electrically connected to one another so
as to be reproduced simultaneously. The baffles are selected to match the existing interior design
and may be flat or curved and configured to support Ml, two or several sound modules in concert
or individually . 2) When using (2C) (2C) (6C * X5Qcm) acoustic tiles, the present invention is a
factory-assembled analog of at least one speaker and a number of cavity-defining members and
buckle plates in the form of acoustic tiles It is considered to be a unit and a dormitory. Note that
the acoustic + tffq 'tile does not necessarily have to be made of a sound absorbing material. The
entire baffle cooperates with the other interior walls to define the secondary enclosure. The
present invention relates to a high fidelity sound reproduction system, and in particular to
provide a sound module comprising a speaker and an enclosure and the attachment of said
speaker and enclosure acting as a buckle plate or r12 secondary enclosure. It is This application
is a reduced portion continuation application of applicant's US patent application Ser. No.
377.762, filed Jul. 9, 1973, ie, US Pat. No. 3,976.838. Although the disclosure content of the
patent is incorporated herein by reference from time to time, the patent also includes the
disclosure content other than that. The most recent known technology to the inventor is US Pat.
No. 3,976, B38, filed and registered by the inventor himself, and is a partial continuation of the
present application. In this application, the applicant has disclosed a 7-sembly t-sembly of two or
more loudspeakers, preferably of equal size and electrically connected to one another to
reproduce a common input signal, I asked for% permission. The individual speakers are
preferably placed in a preferably spherical cavity so that the diaphragm outer end of the
loudspeaker is approximately the same height as the same size opening of the cavity limiting
member, and the cavity tip is cut and sealed. The sound generated from the back surface of the
diaphragm facing the cavity and operating into the cavity is configured not to escape to the
outside. The difference between the parent patent and the present invention lies in the secondary
enclosure or baffle plate.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the speaker module
of the present invention in which only one is attached to the first WAa convex secondary
enclosure, and FIG. 2 omits the larger secondary enclosure and only the module shown in FIG.
FIG. 3 is a plan view taken along 2-29, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a concave ceiling
bridge wall electrically connected to each other by wires, with a plurality of spherical speaker
modules added, simplified and shown. Fig. 4 is a flat ceiling showing one of the modules for
power distribution and a slope of the wall, and Fig. 5 to 10 are various combinations in
combination with flat tiles as ceiling tiles or cabinets and panels. FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view
showing the module of FIG. 10. 52, 68. 120, 130, 140 ... module 54, 54 ... primary enclosure ...
secondary enclosure 14, 56, 80, 92 ... speaker frame, 90, 100 ... Baffle plate 78, 104 · · · Cavity
82 · · · Opening 42 · · · Wall · · · · Magnet% · · · · · · · · · · · · Attorney attorney attorney Satoru
Yoshimura Figure 1 EndPage: 8 Figure 4 Figure 5 · · 1 (R, Fig. 61 Fig. 61 Fig. 7 Fig. 0 Fig. 9 Fig.
10 End Page: 9
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