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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken
along the line A = A in FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a view in FIG. It is a BB sectional drawing. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и terminal и и и и и и и и lead wire 6a: Shield wire 6b: core wire 7: lead foil.
[Detailed description of the invention] In the gyoza sphygmomanometer, the O-Kagoko-type
counters on the receiving part of the microphone for detecting the Korutokosoh sound areKorutokonoho r7 :, 5 Since 'j does not require a heat wire, it is often used as a non-entertainment
non-commercial use. Although this Kameko sphygmomanometer is received by the Korutokosoho
hill microphone,-Korutokosoho prayer-can not be obtained in good quality unless it is received at
a position closest to the artery, and-the intra-individual difference in the artery XXL section Is
there (1) i 3-9? Because, 11 11 5 \ ?, microphone installation position-and inappropriate. It
causes the measurement error. In order to solve this drawback, it may be considered to increase
the perceived area of the microphone, but the arm on which the microphone is installed is a
curved surface, and the curvature of the arm varies among individuals. There is a limit to the
increase in perceived area. Since the sound of Korutokosoho is still discriminated as a single
electric wave with one-frequency instruction, there should not be a singular human resonance
point in the frequency characteristics of the microphone, so that the shape of the sensing part of
the Korai microphone is limited to a circle. It was This examination is intended to provide a
microphone / sensor for a sphygmomanometer that solves the above-mentioned drawbacks, and
will be described in detail based on the example shown in the following. A plurality of metal foil
electrodes [21 + 31 can be provided on both sides of the gland-like superconductive material 11)
to be cut into a plurality of sheet films + 41 f knee strips to make a plurality of sheets i = ?). In
the practical example, one long narrow side-plate = shaped piezoelectric film (4) is folded back to
form a two-stage strip-shaped piezoelectric film (4aM4b). ??????? The electrodes C2a)
and C2b) on the outside of the laminated piezoelectric film (4aM4b) are larger than the
electrodes + i (3aM3b) on the inside, and their electrodes (3a ') (3+) are The wire connection
terminal: 5) is read by Leit green 6) shield earning (6a). Inside c ') Ha 2a M 2 b)-electrode (2a)
(2b' 1 polymerizing part edge 7 white) 7 +-qp, its IJ-) 1 day (I)-? (7a) outside Leaded out (7a) is
lead to-lead vi13 + core @ (6b) = \ connected 0 lead female (6) is electrically activated by one
core wire (6b) at the input end such as an amplifier Connected to the input terminal. And the
shield, 1 (6a '), is not connected to the tongue, raw earth-4h end-with-the inside-outside 11 +: 1 c
7) '45 rain surrounding the poles (2a) (2b) (3aM3b) '4.
It becomes a shield copy which shields live inside 1 -1 electricity 4 (2a) (2b). In addition, when it
is assumed that there are two or more layers, false, 4 evil, taking is also outside! : T1. a film (4) is
a folded strip like l-f1 as described in 1), 1 lum (aa M 4 t +), and the north strip-shaped
piezoelectric film i 4 i @ One of the piezoelectric films (4a) and (4b) + and 3) on the outer side of
the jig i71 and one of the piezoelectric films (4) in contact with the other, respectively. You can
get in between-?. In this case, the piezoelectric films (4) in each layer are magnetically
connected in series, and the external distortion that generates an electromotive force is in phase
with each layer, so the output charge of each layer is: E can be jIu calculated and output to
measure the increase in sensitivity. As described above, according to the present invention, a
sensing part having a large sensitive area is provided in the shape of a narrow strip suitable for
the electronic blood pressure 6-1 ', and a live injection of magnetically island impedance is
provided. Shield and prevent external induction. And, the piezoelectric film can be laminated in
multiple layers to increase the sensitivity.
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