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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are plan and front views showing the
configuration of a conventional coordinate reader using magnetostrictive delay lines, and FIG. 2
is a perspective view showing the configuration of a conventional graphic processing system.
FIGS. 3, 4 and 5 are perspective views showing an embodiment of the present invention, and
FIGS. 5a and 5b are wires used in the present invention. FIG. 6 is a circuit diagram showing an
example of a bus configuration. 1.11 ... coordinate plate, 2, 3 ... magnetostrictive delay line group,
4 ° 5 ... excitation line, 6 ... detection coil, 1 ... insulation sheet, 15 ... cursor, 16 ... Power cord, 18
... Output cord.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a coordinate
reader using the delay of an oscillating wave in a magnetostrictive material. As a conventional
device of this type, a coordinate reading device using a magnetostrictive delay line is widely used
as an input device of a computer, an automatic drawing machine, etc. because the structure
handling is easy. Fig. 1 shows the structure of this type of device according to the prior art, in
which a magnetostrictive delay line group 2 parallel to the Y direction and a magnetostrictive
delay line group 3 parallel to the X direction are arranged on the coordinate plate l. , And
between both ends of the magnetostrictive delay line group are fixed with an adhesive to absorb
reflection noise from the end. Further, in the vicinity of one end of each of the delay line groups
2 and 8, the excitation lines 4 and 5 are arranged so as to be in close contact with each delay line
group. Now, if the detection coil 6 is placed at an arbitrary point on this coordinate plate and a
pulse current is first applied to the excitation line 4, the portions in contact with the excitation
line 4 of the delay line group 2 cause magnetostrictive oscillation all at once The vibration travels
in the delay lines toward the other end, and when it comes immediately below the detection coil
1, the change in magnetic flux caused by the vibration induces a voltage in the detection coil 6.
Therefore, if the time difference between the time when the excitation pulse is added and the
time when this output is detected, ie, the delay time is measured by counting clock pulses etc.,
the X coordinate of that point can be digitized. Next, the excitation line 5 is excited in the same
manner to determine the X coordinate of that point. In principle, the accuracy of reading
coordinate -J is the progression speed of the magnetostrictive vibration, but the speed of this
magnetostrictive vibration is considerably slower than the electronic speed, for example, 50%
iron cobalt alloy has a resolution of 025 It is obtained. However, in the conventional apparatus as
described above, the magnetostrictive material is drawn and then rolled to form a ribbon-shaped
delay line, and this is stretched one by one to form a coordinate plate, so that not only the
productivity is bad but also The characteristic change occurs due to the variation in tension on
the side of the delay line, and there is a drawback that it is not easy to adjust with a certain
accuracy or more. Furthermore, in the configuration of the conventional apparatus of this type,
not only the coordinate plate 11 and the control display 12 are separated as shown in FIG. 2, but
also when performing tasks such as simple graphic processing using this. Also, it is connected to
the processing device 14 such as a mini computer or a computer via the interface device 13i, and
the coordinate information is processed to achieve the purpose. That is, the control display 12 is
also referred to as a graphic input device with no coordinate processing function and no
processing function. In the figure, 15 is a cursor for specifying a point to be found, 16 UIE source
code, and 17 is an external connection code for connecting external devices such as a keyboard
type, an XY recorder, and an external memory as needed.
The switches AC, OL, RM, O8 and ST on the front panel of the control display 12 are a power
source 2 display clear, external control, -time read and continuous read switches, respectively. =
4-Also, the R and O lamps are indicators for displaying the warning / out of out of range and
overflow, X and Y coordinates, and X coordinates, respectively. The present invention provides a
coordinate reading apparatus which is very easy to install and handle. The present invention will
be described in detail below. FIG. 3 shows an embodiment of the present invention, in which the
control display 12 is housed and integrated in a coordinate plate 11. As shown in FIG. Instead of
the magnetostrictive delay line, one or two magnetostrictive thin plates are used (see Japanese
Patent Application Nos. 51-25869 and 51-25870). Further, the detection output of the
magnetostrictive vibration can be wirelessly led from the cursor to the control circuit by adding a
high frequency excavating circuit in the cursor 15 and a receiving circuit in the control display
circuit in the body. In this way, the connection line of the coordinate reading device is extremely
simplified to the vc of the power cord 16 and the output cord 18 as well. Therefore, the failure
due to the failure of the connection point is reduced and the device becomes highly reliable, and
the use of the wireless cursor not only makes the alignment easy but also causes the car roll to
be deviated by the weight and the weight of the connecting lead. Since such a thing does not
occur, the alignment accuracy is also greatly improved. FIG. 4 shows another embodiment of the
present invention, in which a logical operation circuit and a memory circuit are added in the
control circuit to perform extremely simple graphic processing, and the selection of switches is
made to coordinate information on the coordinate plate. This is an example to be carried out. In
this case, a plurality of rectangular specific areas are displayed on the coordinate plate in
advance, and the coordinates of boundary points corresponding to the four corners of each area
are registered in one built-in or external memory circuit, and obtained from the cursor. It is
always determined whether or not the coordinates are within these specific areas, and if it is
within any of the specific areas, a predetermined function is executed for the specific area.
Therefore, an example of the operation in this embodiment is as follows. The AC switch in the
figure is turned on to turn on the power, for example, the OS switch is turned on in the case of
performing the reading operation once. In the case of continuous reading operation, turn on the
ST switch 0, then move the cursor to the specific area of 6 SC on the coordinate plate and then
turn on the Z switch on the cursor. Coordinates of known points of coordinate values are
indicated in advance on the X and Y displays.
This makes it possible to determine whether this device is normal. Next, move the cursor to a
specific area of L and turn on the Z switch to enter the motion for obtaining the length between
two points, or, if you set the cursor to an arbitrary point on the coordinate plate thereafter,
between two points The length is integrated and displayed one after another, and this operation
is continued until the cursor is set to the specific area OL and the Z switch is turned on. Similarly,
the specific area S can perform the surface, the operation for obtaining a product, and the
specific area P can perform the operation for converting to polar coordinates, and if the cursor is
placed at a certain point and the O switch on the cursor is turned on The point is set to the origin
and the relative coordinate value is displayed. These can be continued until the cursor is placed
on a specific area of OL. In addition, it is possible to make all switches other than an AC switch
into such a system. 7-The functions of this example are all examples and may have a high
frequency and a relatively simple function. Furthermore, by providing functions other than
coordinate digitization in this way, the frequency of using processing devices such as
minicomputers is reduced as in the prior art, and the feature of integrating the coordinate plate
and the control display becomes remarkable. Of course, it is possible to make it multifunctional
as shown in FIG. 4 in FIG. 8 and to use a wireless cursor as shown in FIG. 8 in FIG. FIG. 5 fat and
fbl respectively show an example of the wireless configuration of the car controller and the
control circuit. Detection coil L1 vC in the KANOR indicated by fat The detection electrons of
magnetostrictive vibration generated 8 enter the switch circuit SW and turn on the next high
frequency excavating circuit HO. This oscillator HO oscillates for the time when the signal 3
enters, and a signal such as 1 b is radiated to the air from L2. On the other hand, if this signal
{circumflex over (b)} is received, it is received by the tuning coil L4 in the control circuit shown
by fbl and detection amplification is performed to reset the flip flop FF. Therefore, since the AND
gate is closed and the clock is blocked, the counting of the counter CT is stopped. As described
above, the present invention is extremely simple in construction, functional, highly reliable, and
has a feature of being extremely convenient for slip processing etc. by further downsizing, and
has high economic efficiency. The industrial value is extremely large due to the structure that is
easy to receive in the field.
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