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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 are each a longitudinal front view of the
present converter. In the figure, 1 indicates a housing, 2 indicates a core, 3 indicates a vibrating
film, 4 and 5 indicate magnetic legs, 6 indicates an excitation coil, and T indicates a permanent
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an electrical precursor
converter for converting a signal ? 11 signal into f ?. Referring to the drawings, reference
numeral 1 denotes a housing, which accommodates the core 2 inside, and has an opening H + ?
in a configuration in which the peristaltic unit 3 is covered. (1) f Turf)-Fixed magnetic leg 4
protruding toward the center of the KICIC upper dynamic vibration film center of the r core 2 is
provided, and the raised leg magnetic leg of the upper r Vibration II 3 in the center K Fi There is
a pair of altlll15 which projects toward the side. Above core 2Kk-1, on r fixed magnetism! An
exciting coil 6 is wound around R14t-center, and the magnetic flux generated from the coil 6
flows through the core 2 and the magnetic legs 4, 5t. In the magnetic path having the above @ 1
Ij4, 5t- envelope, there is provided a permanent magnet 7 for magnetizing-4, 5r magnetization,
and the movable m leg 5 is attracted or repelled by the fixed magnetic leg 4 by this permanent
magnet 7 9 I am sent to my heart. The upper sealing stone 7 may be disposed close to a 2 m
magnetic field 8114 ░ 5 as shown in FIG. 1, or as shown in FIG. It may be provided. Thus, the
coil 61 may be divided and wound in a place @K configured as shown in FIG. Further, as shown
in FIG. 3, several permanent magnets 7 may be provided, and in this manner, it is possible to
magnetize a dia leg 4.5 and a magnet Ik of the same polarity. Above magnetism! 1iU 4.5 may be
configured by magnets (2) either or both, and this can increase the vibration by increasing the
attraction (or repulsion) t between magnetic legs and increasing it. . And father above all! As the
reluctance decreases as the gap between 14.5 decreases, the sensitivity improves, of course, and
depending on the field @, the magnetic legs are mutually Ki! It is also possible to make the film
smaller while touching. Furthermore, in the case where the converter is used for the converter t,
the output of the generator is added or the coil 6 is divided into an appropriate number to form
the whole of the positive feedback circuit, thereby causing self-help oscillation 4) ' P is effective.
Since the transducer is as described above, when the coil 6 is in a non-operating state, the
movable magnetic leg 5 balances the elastic force of the protective film 3d of the ti and the
attractive force (or repulsive force) of the fixed magnetic leg 4. It is fixed at a predetermined
position, but the t current of the electric signal is generated at the coil 6 by the current rt core,
and the 6 magnetic fluxes generated by this move the movable magnetic leg 5 and thus the
vibration + ji 3 vibrates up and down in FIG. This shooting motion is obtained by, for example,
both magnetic legs 4 because the sharpening of the coil 6 acts on the magnetic field produced by
the magnet 7K (3) to strengthen or weaken the butterfly. In a converter of the type that operates
so as to strengthen the magnetic flux of the magnetic field ? coil 6 ? 1, etc. where 5 and 6
attract, the air gap gv between the magnetic legs is widened, and in the opposite field @ a double
open air gap g is narrowed. Fist is required.
The converter according to the present invention vibrates in the central portion of the coil 6 as
described above! ! The magnetic legs 4 and 5 opposed to the phase Ti are provided in the central
portion of I3 to reduce the total reluctance, and flow as the magnetic flux gold bias magnetic flux
of the permanent magnet 7 to the magnetic legs 4 and 5 and thereby vibration Since the
magnetic force is effectively applied to the central portion of the film 3 so as to increase the
vibration operation all at once with the core, the conversion efficiency is remarkably improved as
compared with the conventional product, and thus it is effective in the future. It is practically
useful as an Ii landscape converter which increases in lI landscape. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE
DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 of the drawings are each a longitudinal front view of the present
converter. (4) Oil 1 in a case, 2 in a core, 3 peristaltic membrane, 4 and 5 in 1i1 i1.6 is an
exciting coil, 7 is a permanent magnet, and each tube is shown O utility model registration
applicant Terino Co., Ltd. Agent Matsu 1) True following part (5) 1st rjA 5634 ? и и! ?????
Ф375 и и и и и и m for the purpose: N3 Figure 3" 1. иииииииииииииии 7RR 239, иии, ? ? ? (rA6 other than the
above-invented person Chidanatao Nachi I Nagoi City Chikusa-ku Gothana-cho, Ida 29 -? j -7 yp
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