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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a sealed ultrasonic
transducer according to the present invention. 1 ...... electrostrictive oscillator, 1a ...... wave
transmission and reception surface, 2 ...... vibration absorbing member 3, ...... insulating shell, 3a ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Reinforced metal plate.
Detailed Description of the Invention With regard to a sealed ultrasonic transducer used in a selfcontained water, such as a sounding instrument, a fish finder etc. according to the present
invention, the purpose is to use a sealed layer transducer excellent in water pressure resistance.
As will be provided, reference will now be made to the Figure IiO embodiment. In the drawings, l
is a plate-like or annular O electrostrictive vibrator, and は is an external electrostrictive vibrator
other than 1i wave transmission / reception iii / & disposed on the outer surface of the O. 9 =
Luta, foam rubber, etc. Member 3, 3 is a distribution strain transducer l and vibration absorption
Q), / / 52. (Insulating outer shell made of synthetic resin material, rubber for liquid-tightly
sealing the wedge member, * a, double-sided electrode (not shown) K of the electrostrictive
vibrator l) A lead wire, which has hitherto shown a conventionally known structure, in the
present invention, the electrostrictive oscillator O sound wave transmitting / receiving surface /
IL and the lower end 53JL of the insulating outer shell covering this and the OIMIK reinforcing
metal plate l It is. The above metal Ii! It is desirable to set it to 1 / co-integer multiple length of
the electrostrictive oscillator IO resonance frequency, and the diameter of the metal plate j is The
size is set to cover the entire surface of the transmitting / receiving surface laO of the
electrostrictive transducer, but there is an advantage of improving the ultrasonic O directivity of
the company when the diameter is larger than that of the transducer / as shown in 4IK.
Conventional ζ 011 (D sealed ultrasonic transducer is underwater e)! + Because it is used by
deep immersion, the large self-water pressure P in the arrow direction acts on the lower end of
the insulating outer shell covering the electrostrictive transducer IDf liquid transmission /
reception surface, and the electrostrictive transducer can not withstand that water pressure
However, the above problem was that the reinforcing metal plate was interposed between the
sound wave transmission and reception direction of the electrostrictive vibrator and the lower
end portion of the insulating outer shell, so that the above-mentioned method was used. There is
no such a wandering effect and there is a great effect that a sealed transducer with high water
pressure resistance can be put on the market.
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