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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a conventional device of a transducer
support device which is used to measure and display underwater conditions in the direction
directly below the bottom of a ship. FIG. 2 shows an explanatory drawing of the fishnet fishing
method. FIG. 3 shows a prior art device. FIG. 4 shows an explanatory diagram for explaining the
apex while the prior art device occurs. FIG. 5 illustrates an embodiment of the present invention.
1 is a transducer case, 2 and 3 are ultrasonic transducers, 4 is a flat plate, 5 is a side plate, 6 is a
ship bottom, 8 is a bolt, 9 is a 9 11: sensor, 12: receiver, 14: ultrasonic transducer, 15 and 22:
aperture hole, 20: ship,? 1 shows a towing body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a transducer
support apparatus for underwater detection, and in particular, to make the transducer project out
of the bottom of the ship and to make its radiation and receiving wave in the water behind the
ship. It relates to a support device O 'which holds the back pointing. Below, this device will be
described to measure and display the underwater condition of the ship low blood condition and
the condition around the towing net 0 underwater detection equipment such as 0 fish group
detection and continuous measurement of underwater water temperature 4 2 7 7 In this case,
ultrasonic waves of a fixed frequency are sent from a transducer attached to the bottom of the
ship to receive echoes from the bottom or a fish school, or ultrasonic waves taken in from a
detector attached to a fishing net or rope An accurate underwater detection clear notification is
provided to the user by receiving information signals and displaying them continuously on a
display provided on the ship. Since the sound propagation ihogo that propagates all over the sea
decreases significantly in the middle under the influence of various factors in the sea, it becomes
extremely weak when it reaches the wave receiver, so it is necessary to devise to capture it
effectively As a result, the supertoxic signal has the property of being significantly attenuated in
the bubble layer and the vortex layer, and the air layer and bottom that are generated when the
wave is broken at the bow due to the running of the stand V vessel When the transducer's
surface is piled up, the eddy current due to the protruding structure of the antenna is remarkably
received seven times in performance. Therefore, a bubble layer (i-avoid, which has a lower impact
on the ship's upper rack, which causes the transducer to project 20-401 from the ship surface in
a superstructure). A method has been taken to prevent the attenuation of the sound signal, but
this method is highly effective for detecting the area directly below the ship, but it has been
effective from the M4 position, which has been widely popular in recent years. In the case of
receiving information, a receiver provided at the later generation of the transmitter / receiver can
produce an optical effect because it is covered by a later-generated eddy basin in the transmitter
case. No, this invention reduces the eddy current generation area by preventing the eddies in the
rear face of the transducer case from the fibers of the water flow from the side of the transducer
case and improves the receiving performance after the transducer case Hereinafter, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1
shows a conventional device of a transducer support device used when measuring underwater
conditions in the direction directly below the bottom of a ship. Fig. 2 shows the collection of
fishnet fishing method four times. Silk 3 shows a conventional device of the transducer apparatus
according to the present invention, and FIG. 3 shows a side view of FIG. In FIG. 1, the transmitter
/ receiver cane 1 is formed along the flat plate 4 holding the four ultrasonic vibrations f 2 and 3
and along the periphery of the flat plate 4 so that the distance between the radiation 1 and the
receive wave is directed to the direction directly under the ship low. The lower end svC of the
lower end svC is in pressure contact with the flat plate 4 and the upper end A thereof is
constituted by a side plate 5 which is welded and fixed to the bottom 6 continuously.
The flat plate 4 is fixed to the 9111 plate 5 by bolts 8. In FIG. 2, a fishing net 10 provided at the
tip of a long leash 9 connected to the rear of a fishing boat is towed to capture fish. In this case,
the fishing net is light-opened, the posture of the net is properly maintained, and revetment with
a large amount of fish is a necessary condition for fishing. For this reason, as shown in FIG. A
sensor 11 is provided to detect the ML4 sedimentation rate, the degree of opening of the mesh,
the water temperature near the mesh, the fish net's net condition, etc. These data are overtaken
by the receiver 12 towed from the sensor 11 to the stern. The method of transmitting as sound e,
tenacity is widespread. The receiver 12 is normally attached to the lower surface of the towing
body 21 towed from the stern as shown in FIG. 2 or is often used, or as shown in FIG. In some
cases. This device relates to the latter five. In FIG. 3, at the lower half plate scratch of the
transmission case, there is attached an ultrasonic wave pickup 2.3 used for detecting an
underwater condition immediately below the bottom of the ship. At the rear of the side plate '5,
three mo-planes 18', 13, 18 'in order to eliminate defects received from the fishing boat body 20
and the sensor 11 attached to the fishing net. Are formed, and each ten-sided receiver 14 ', 14,
14' is mounted so as to point between all the different sides of its wave front. FIG. 4 is an
explanatory view of a state in which a vortex is formed when using the conventional apparatus
shown in FIG. FIG. 5 shows an embodiment of the present invention. In FIG. 4, when a transmitter
/ receiver case person travels in the water in the direction of arrow B, seawater C is pushed to
the left and right at the tip of the case person and part of it spreads away from the part 1ti-1'7-s
11111 surface. The rest E is drawn on the 1-side [I / O side and is rolled toward the center of the
case at the rear end to create the vortex F's brother. Therefore, the wave receiver 14.14 'mounted
in the unrounded position is included in the eddy basin and results in poor reception
performance. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional plan view, and is below the transducer disk. The
ultrasonic vibrators 2, 3 are fitted on the board, and ultrasonic vibration to receive the
information foil +5 transmitted from the rear in the lower part of the rear surrounding plates 13
', Is, Ld' A plurality of opening holes 15 are bored at the front of l1 ljl & of the transducer case on
which the child 14 ', 14, 14' is attached a, and a plurality of open ["holes f" at the rear, A partition
16 is provided in the case, and water flowing in from the opening 15 of the front curve of the
case is made to flow to form a passage 17 to flow out from the rear opening 11 '. The partition
wall 16 also makes it possible to make the ultrasonic transducer 2 ° 3 a lightning strike.
Case θ (The flow flowing into the case from the open 11 holes 15 in one part reduces the
ionization of the water flow from the case 11111 area. The seawater led into the case flows out
of the case back surface V through the flow passage 17 partitioned by the partition 16 and flows
out from the open hole 22 pierced at this time. Since the flow E which has flowed down along the
case side 1 is about to be caught in the case scraper, the vortex generated during the flow is tJKt
# -washed out and the vortex flow is less likely to occur in the cane shun part. Therefore, it is
possible to prevent the deterioration of the receiver's receiving performance of the receiver. In
FIG. 5, it is desirable that the open holes at the front and the rear of the case be appropriately
distributed and distributed so as not to lower the robustness even in the direction perpendicular
to the paper, and long holes In the above embodiment, it is desirable to provide ultrasonic
transducers 14 and 14 'in the entire rear of the case (/ J-+-plate in the above embodiment). Hole
'f !: The channel has been formed, but it is possible to form a channel by providing an opening at
the center and at the center of the channel. Also, instead of using the partition wall 16 to form
the short-circuiting channel I7, the same effect can be achieved by connecting the opening holes
in the front and back of the case by using a forest or the like. In the above embodiment, the
detection lower transducer directly below the ship low and the l * mM (i-receive receiver and
receiver-separate case received from the rear are described in the case of being housed in the
case, but Even in the case where a case is provided in which only the direction detection wave
receiver is completely housed, it is possible to reduce the eddy current to the four balls8. In the
upper ml embodiment, only the wave receiver is provided at the rear of the transducer case, but
the wave transmitter t is also capable of searching for the underwater situation behind the ship.
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