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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a basic example of
an acoustic lens device, FIG. 2 ayt) pe is a side view and a front view showing an embodiment of
an acoustic lens device according to the present invention, Figure a. b is also a side view showing
another embodiment and a plan view of a plate. 11a, 1 lb--t 21 ay 21 b- 21 a 't 21 b' · · · · · · ·
Plates for acoustic lens construction, 12a. 12b−、12a’、12b′−=スペーサ、
13a。 13b · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · baffle plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic lens
device particularly suitable for high-tone horn speakers and cone speakers. Heretofore, in an
acoustic lens device used for a horn speaker for high sound, a cone speaker or the like, a
plurality of plates constituting the acoustic lens are all in the same shape. That is, this is mainly
for manufacturing reasons, and it is convenient and mass-productive when using a die-cut.
However, in this case, since the resonance frequency is concentrated on a specific frequency, it is
not preferable to add a specific tone to the sound quality obtained as a whole. That is, since the
acoustic lens device itself generates a unique tone due to the resonance, it is difficult to faithfully
reproduce the original sound quality of the slip camera. Therefore, this invention is made in view
of the above points, and it is a sudden thing, and it is a vibration-proof structure or a resonance
single letter C; It is an object of the present invention to provide an acoustic lens device which is
very good in that it is possible to prevent the generation of an inherent tone due to resonance by
making the frequency not be correct. An embodiment of the present invention will be described
in detail below with reference to the drawings. That is, FIG. 1 shows a basic example of a sound 2
lens) character shape device according to the present invention, which is composed of a plurality
of plates 1 and 12. 2 (a), (b) and (C) are the ones in FIG. 1 provided with a vibration-proof
structure, and in the case of FIG. 2 (a), spacers IJIIL, 12b,. Anti-vibration members 13a on the
back side of each of a plurality of plays 11a, 1zb,... Stacked at predetermined intervals. 13b... Are
attached. Also, in the case of FIG. 6 (b), the spacers 2m ', J2tl'-... Which are stacked by placing a
plurality of plates 111L, 11b. The member which forms is formed by a different kind of member.
In this case, the spacer JJ '. 12b '... It is possible to use, for example, hard rubber or soft plastic as
a forming member. Further, in the case of FIG. 6C, the acoustic lens formed by stacking the JJIL,
JJb,... Is interposed between the spacers 12 &, 12b,... With the baffle plate 14 of the speaker box.
The anti-vibration member 15 is completely interposed therebetween.
Further, FIG. 8 (a) 0) is an example in which the mutual resonance i) of the plurality of O-plates
1... Constituting the acoustic lens device of FIG. First, in the case of (a) of the figure, it is just to
make sure that materials forming at least 2 fll class members are used to form the lens play 2Jas
1 character, J positive 23b,. Also, in the case of FIG. (B) o, although the members themselves
forming the lens plates 21 'and 21b' are made of the same material 〇, the (roll) directionality of
each other is indicated by the arrows and becomes two or more types. As in the case of
According to the above configuration, the acoustic lens construction phase ○ plate is used as the
anti-glare shell in each of the cases of L and Lw f J 2 (IL) (b) (0), and FIG. 8 (IL) (L) In the case of
b) or in any case, the resonance frequency of the D plate for acoustic lens construction is
dispersed, so that the entire resonance frequency is not provided as a whole. . Therefore, it is
possible to faithfully reproduce the original sound quality of the speaker unit when attached to a
speaker system or the like without generating an inherent tone due to resonance as in the prior
art. Of course, various modifications can be made within the scope of the present invention
without being limited to the above-described embodiment. For example, in the above
embodiment, assuming that the plurality of plates for forming the acoustic lens have the same
shape mainly in consideration of the productivity, the productivity is also improved. Although the
case of providing a rich acoustic lens device has been described, if it is not necessary to take such
consideration into consideration, the plate shape for the acoustic lens configuration may be
changed, or a part of the plate may be made to have a flims effect. It is good. Further, in this case,
even if the plate shape in the acoustic lens configuration is changed, it is more convenient if
consideration is given such that the die cutting can be shared. Therefore, according to the
present invention, according to the present invention, a plurality of plates for forming an acoustic
lens have a vibration-proof structure or a structure capable of dispersing the resonance
frequencies of each other, thereby making it possible to obtain unique tones by resonance.
Providing a well-designed acoustic lens device capable of preventing occurrence is a 01J ability.
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