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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part, FIG. 2 is a back view of the same, FIG. 3 is a front
view of a shutter, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a front view of the presser plate, and FIG. 6 is a perspective
view of the knob in the drawing. 1
иииииииииииииииииииииииииии Different element, 2 иии Cavity ring,-3 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и short
Tubular part 5... Boss. ... switching, most, 10 ... - ... holding plate, 10a ...... pressing piece, 11 ......
mounting screws, 12 ...... operation lever 13 .. .......
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a 1- ';) ? 1-u-pry
bug microphone which allows switching between a normal type and a Neuski type V nocell type
microphone. Conventionally, in a microphone, as a method of canceling surrounding noise (do
not mix noise or noise at the time of feeding), a method of electrically mixing a plurality of
microphones and a method of using one microphone to The present invention relates to a
microphone that overcomes the latter, in a method of adjusting acoustic pressure applied to the
back surface and mixing acoustically. As a microphone that mixes acoustically, for example, in a
condenser type microphone, a back plate having a plurality of cylindrical holes is disposed 1 to 1
on the back side of the diaphragm, and the back surface of this back plate (C spring 1Lc 1. There
is a device that has a hole with a through hole that can be matched with the back plate, and 1 to
adjust the opening of the through hole of the straw by placing the sea note into fourth place. . ?
?? It has the effect that it is easy to make one work to move the back plate by means of f, L 'or
f' L, or in the conventional one, both the back plate and the shutter have a flat plate shape. It has
a warp, etc., and it is difficult to completely seal the escape hole by the shirt 2-)--, "1-ter, complete
perfect air tightness between the back plate and the 7 yanotter in the side. Therefore, it is not
easy to make it without making it possible to bring out the b degree by rubbing and so on.
Further, since the operation lever can be steplessly rotated by the operation lever projected to
the outside from the key, the lever may be operated during use to rotate the shutter. The present
invention aims to provide a microphone which overcomes the above mentioned drawbacks.
Hereinafter, the embodiment IZI of the present invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. In the figure, 1 is a conversion part, and in the illustrated example O, a dynamic type is
shown or not limited thereto. A cavity ring 2 for attaching the conversion unit 1 and a wedge
ring 3 are integrally formed on the outer circumferential surface of the cavity ring 2 with the
short run 4 attached to the center ring 1. The bosses 5 themselves are formed radially as well as
the joint holes 6. At least a junction surface 3d of the back plate 3 with the shutter 7 is tapered.
3-bowls 51 иии j ? + ? nya nothers 7 are provided rotatably about the bosses 5 and are formed
with the through holes 6 (boss holes 8 or radial to correspond to C, and there are few) The joint
surface 7a with the back direction plate 3 is formed in a Chi-- shape, and the back plate 3 and the
7-notter 7 are in sliding contact in an airtight state.
In order to make the sliding property between the two better 1c and keep the air tightness, it is
recommended to apply grease on the joint surface. The shutter 7 is provided with a notch 9
between the through holes 8.8 (i.e., to make it be difficult). Reference numeral 10 denotes a flatshaped holding plate adapted to press the nyanota 7 against the back plate 3 and is rotatable
about a small diameter portion formed at the tip waterfall portion of the boss 5 It is held down
by screw 11. The pressing plate 10 is formed with the pressing pieces 10a radially to correspond
to the notches 9 (C) so that the pressing pieces 10a interlock with the notches 9. Therefore, when
the presser plate is rotated, the key 7 is rotated. The number of the notches 9 and the pressing
pieces 10a may be arbitrary. Operation 4- 12 is integrally extended from one side of upper
holding plate 10, and this is folded or protrudes outside case 13 There is. The knob 14 is
attached to the end of the operation lever 12 and slides in the elongated hole 15 provided on the
knob 14 'and the case 13'. In addition, the sliding tongue 16 is provided on the knob so as to
correspond to the bending of the case 13, and the click projection 16a is formed on the inner
side surface of the case 13 It is fitted in a click groove (not shown). Therefore, when the knob 14
is operated, it can be fixed at the displaced position. The click groove to be formed on the inner
surface of the case 13 may be installed in multiple steps 7 in a step-like manner, or is it on or
off? It may be provided only on the nail. In addition, the hood of 17td conversion part l in the
figure, 18 is an 11-sided slit of a case, the back slit of a 19i-i case, 20 (shows a lead wire,
According to the microphone of the present invention, by rotating the shutter ~, the back plate
(the through hole 5-1'I formed by the 'r' is identical to the through hole (the through hole
coincides with the through hole). Or you can control the sound pressure that the blade bites to
the back of the peristaltic plate by controlling the difference, and it is possible to adjust not only
the on / off but also the opening of the H note, the back plate and the 7 yanotter Both of the
sliding contact surfaces are tapered, so that the surface pressure is large, and it is possible to
significantly improve the airtightness of the bonding direction of the two. Therefore, the
performance as a normal type microphone can be completely secured in the closed state of both
the back plate and the through hole of the shutter, which is extremely advantageous in
characteristics. On the other hand, it can be used as a noise-canceling type microphone because
it is in the open state of the back plate and the two through holes of the sealer.
In addition, it is possible to operate the holding plate which engages with the shutter properly by
means of the operating lever extended from the holding plate, of course, because the operating
lever is designed to be fixed at the displaced position, the microphone is used There is no risk of
switching the operating lever accidentally.
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