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j specification l name of invention
Piezoelectric cartridge for record player
The present invention relates to a piezoelectric cartridge for a record player. In the conventional
piezo-electric cartridge for a left-back layer, two bimorph piezoelectric bodies (1) are arranged at
right angles to each other as shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. The V-shaped elastic body (4) contacts the
armature (5) of the metal plate, and the vibration of the armature (5) acts on the piezoelectric
body (1) via the elastic body (4). When this is done, the piezoelectric body (1) bends and vibrates
with the elastic body (2) as a fulcrum, and the output voltage is extracted from the piezoelectric
body (1). A record needle (6) is fixed to the tip of the armature (5) and is detachably fixed to the
main body (3) by a rear end screw (7) of the armature (5). Also, assuming that the length of this
conventional bimorph piezoelectric body (1) is EndPage: 1 L and the thickness is t, the resonance
frequency f of the flexural vibration of this conventional piezoelectric body (1). Is given by io = At
/ 12. In addition, it is a proportional constant determined by the above-mentioned At material.
The frequency characteristic of the output voltage of the piezoelectric cartridge is generally as
shown by a broken line in FIG. 6, and since the output voltage becomes flat at resonance
frequency f, below, this flat portion (α) is selected as the reproduction band It is thought that a
cartridge with high fidelity can be obtained, and for this purpose, the resonance frequency 10
may be increased by decreasing the length 1 or the like, and the flat portion (α) may be
expanded. There is a manufacturing limit in order to reduce the length L of this conventional
bimorph piezoelectric body (1), and the soft elastic body (1) of this piezoelectric body (1) Since 4)
is attached, this becomes an additional mass and resonance frequency f. As the amateur (5) of the
metal plate to which the record needle (6) is fixed is also independently cut off, these are
combined to form a complex vibration. Various resonance phenomena such as f and ft----1 in the
characteristic curve shown appear, making it difficult to reproduce high fidelity. The present
invention is intended to improve such points, and to improve the frequency characteristics of the
output voltage so as to obtain a high-fidelity piezoelectric disk cartridge. The principle of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 4 and FIG. Form a groove 02 with a
right-angled, two-sided isosceles triangular shape with a right-angled cross section on the lower
surface of the cartridge body (+1) to incline upward toward the back7, and pair of plate-shaped
ceramic piezoelectric members 0λ Fix it by bonding etc. in right angle / X shape.
On the other hand, the back end of the cantilever (16) having the record needle OD fixed to the
tip has the needle tip direction aligned with the upper and lower opposing lines of the square
cross section of the armature aS at the central axis of the armature 05) The armature a9 is
embedded in a fixed manner, and the armature a9 is made of plate-shaped ceramic piezoelectric
ceramics on both sides of the above-mentioned right angle / -shape by means of an elastic body
α4 having two equal right upper sides opposite to the direction of the record needle a. It is in
contact with the lower side of the body ridge by means of suitable mounting means. Next, one
embodiment of the present invention will be described based on FIG. The same reference
numerals are given to the same elements as those in FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 and the description thereof
will be omitted. Insert an elastic body ■ whose cross section is in the shape of a letter around
the armature Q51, and bond the right-angled V-shaped part (21cL) of the metal attachment piece
Qυ to the two lower surfaces of this elastic body Attach the attachment portions (21) on both
sides of the metal attachment piece Qυ to the lower surface of the cartridge body with a screw
so that the upper two surfaces of the elastic body are the above-mentioned main body (11) It
joins to the said piezoelectric material 0 fixed to groove | channel (alpha). As described above, by
attaching the armature Q51 and the elastic body-to the main body aJ with the metal attachment
piece 31J, the assembly becomes easy and the record needle C171 which has been worn by the
rotation of the record can be easily replaced. In addition, (231 (goods) are the insertion hole and
screwing groove | channel of said screw | tool @. Then, trace the groove of the recording disc
EndPage: 2 wear;-Do needle a? ) Is transmitted as vibration in the thickness direction to the platelike ceramic piezoelectric body 0; a via the cantilever {circle over (1)}, the ature aS and the elastic
body <141. This piezoelectric body (I31 receives repeated compressive force in the thickness
direction to generate an output voltage. In this case, assuming that the thickness of the plate-like
/ lamic piezoelectric body (13 is t, the resonance frequency f0 at the time of the j-type is given by
f, = B / l. In addition, said B is fixed with materials etc. and is a proportionality constant. By
reducing the thickness t, ie by reducing the thickness of the piezoelectric body (13), its resonant
frequency f. Can be made as much as possible, and because it is possible to freely vibrate through
JP-A 55-10241 (3) 7 through the atcha Qj F1 elastic body a4 including the record needle a 、
Frequency f. Becomes high, and f 2 in the characteristic curve shown by a solid line in FIG. The
split vibration such as --- --- --- fr- is also eliminated, and the -frequency characteristic of the
output voltage becomes flat over a wide range, resulting in a piezoelectric cartridge with high E
As described above, according to the present invention, the upper surface of the armature is
brought into contact with the lower surface of the plate-like piezoelectric member via the elastic
member so that the vibration in the thickness direction is applied directly to the piezoelectric
member. The resonance frequency of the piezoelectric body can be increased simply by thinning
the piezoelectric body without receiving the influence of the length of the piezoelectric body as in
the conventional piezoelectric body which generates an output voltage by bending and vibrating.
The small size of amateurs including V, V and record needles, and the ability to vibrate them at
zero work via elastic body, so there is no split vibration, and the piezoelectric type cartridge with
high fidelity・ Digging is easily obtained.
Brief description of Hiro drawing
Piezoelectric cartridge for record player
Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional piezoelectric cartridge, Fig. 2 is a vertical cross
section thereof, Fig. 3 is an explanatory view showing frequency characteristics of output voltage,
and Fig. 4 is a detailed explanation of the present invention. FIG. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view
of the same, and FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view showing one embodiment of the present
invention. 0,... Plate-like piezoelectric body, α 4 (7)... Elastic body, 3. EndPage: 3
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