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Description of Invention
Small speaker
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the magnetic
circuit configuration of a small speaker. For the purpose of the present invention, by the
configuration of the parallel magnetic circuit. It is an object of the present invention to provide a
small speaker with low power consumption or high sound pressure output with low leakage flux
loss of a magnetic circuit. Another object of the present invention is to provide a small speaker
excellent in electric sound * conversion efficiency even when using a magnet with high
resistance. The structure tm of the conventional magnetic speaker is shown by a magnet 11
serving as an armature, a ball 12 of magnetic material, a coil 13 wound around the ball, a
diaphragm 14 of magnetic material, and a housing 15. The armature, the ball and the plate form
a magnetic circuit. Changes in the current flowing through the coil cause fluctuations in the
magnetic flux of the magnetic circuit, and the diaphragm is driven to generate an acoustic wave.
In order for the diaphragm to vibrate freely, K must ensure a sufficient gap distance between the
diaphragm and the ball or armature, but if the gap distance becomes large, the magnetic
resistance of the magnetic circuit increases, t, the vibrational root The sound driving force is rare,
the amplitude is reduced, and the output sound pressure is reduced. For this reason, the
conventional magnetic speaker is provided with a gap distance of about 100 μm as a limit of the
assembly accuracy which can secure the width of the diaphragm of the diaphragm. Such a
conventional magnetic speaker. The main factor of the reluctance is the reluctance due to the air
gap between the diaphragm and the pole or i between the armatures. And the reluctance by the
magnet which is an armature. Lowering the electroacoustic conversion efficiency of the small
speaker EndPage: 1. The present invention measures the reduction of the magnetic resistance of
such a magnetic circuit. The magnetic speaker 06 according to the present invention is shown in
FIG. It comprises a pole 21 and a ring-shaped yoke n made of a matrix material, and an armature
made of a magnet, and a coil b wound around a diaphragm and a rear end of a ball made of a
magnetic material. The circuit consists of a magnetic circuit F12 circuit, one is a bias circuit that
forms a closed circuit with armatures 23t-through-cylvans or baffles 21 and 1L, and the other is
mainly a ball, a yoke, vibration and And is a magnetic circuit for diaphragm drive brought about
by the t flow variation flowing through the coil. By using such a parallel magnetic circuit tube
and separating the bias circuit and drive circuit of the diaphragm, an armature having a large
magnetic resistance is not generated from the diaphragm drive circuit, and the magnetic flux of
the drive of the diaphragm generated by the coil The electro-acoustic conversion efficiency can
be increased because the loss of the
Now, one or more 90,000-Fi small-sized speakers with high electrical conversion efficiency can
be realized, but the phase of vibration is reversed at the central part and the outer peripheral
part of the drive plate. For this reason, there may be a% difference in the frequency 4I of the
generated sound depending on the material and shape of the diaphragm. In order to correct this
problem, Fig. 3 shows a small speaker with a structure in which the vibration phase in the central
part of the diaphragm and the outer part 1111 are aligned, and a ring 31 with a pole 31 and a
ring material with a injection material. It consists of a coil wound around an armature 3 which is
a magnet and a fi-stiffening plate U made of an ai magnetic material and a ball 31. By the way,
the small speaker ri according to the present invention and the magnetic resistance due to the air
gap are wide as well as the magnetic resistance in the bias circuit is wide. The 0 w oil-bonded
smco magnet that can accept stones can be molded into any shape at low cost because of its
excellent processability. As described above, according to the configuration of the parallel
magnetic circuit), a small speaker with high electroacoustic conversion efficiency is obtained, so
that a speaker with high electroacoustic conversion efficiency that can be used for one magnetic
disc 4gE with large magnetic resistance as a magnetic circuit component is provided. The small
portable devices (such as the ones that make the speaker's power consumption consume most of
the total power consumption). Small-sized speakers suitable for radio's, t, televisions, tape
recorders, hearing aids, etc.). Show. Fig. 2 shows the structure of the magnetic speaker according
to the present invention. Fig. 3 shows another knitting section of the magnetic speaker according
to the misfiring 1i. More applicant corporation Ltd.-visiting company agent 務 上 務 l concave
1M, zT! Seventy-three countries EndPage: 2
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