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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of each component, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view, and FIG. 3
is an equivalent circuit diagram of a sound-mechanical system. FIG. 4 is an explanatory view of
distortion characteristics of the conventional microphone and the microphone according to the
present invention. 7.15 ииииииии Vibrating film, 9 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и electret layer, 12 и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Fixed electrode, 17 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и cavity и и и и и и и и и и
и и и recess, 21 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Backboard. pot
Detailed description of the invention The present proposal is a microphone, in particular a
monodirectional Elec U + (, (-, Zy! g: 'Tread condenser microphone. A conventional electrref
condenser microphone is composed of one diaphragm and one fixed electrode, and one of the
vibration lIIl- and the definition electrode is electrified. The peak W-shaped converter in this
ridge is the vibration associated with the fourth place in the diaphragm! 1 EI conversion-Since
the output is obtained as a change in capacitance between fixed electrodes, the output becomes
non-linear with respect to the diaphragm of the diaphragm due to the presence of the floating ad
amount. Therefore, the distortion component increases as the phonons applied to the
microphone become larger, and this distortion component is expressed as follows: second-order
high-his distortion> s third-order i-wave distortion> fourth-order product harmonic wave ?The
lower order ? -waves are much larger. These distortion components add to the floating capacity
vC and add JI +. By the way, if the theoretical analysis of the distortion of the conversion yarn is
carried out for a passive-n-core-condenser condenser microphone according to the sub-Xprotection type, or if it is applied to an electleft conner-sensor microphone of the n5-sink cedar.
become that way. , 2'-mini 1 2-1 q superiority interception te 101.1. ? ?1 / / / /-1/17 rec. 1
one ? ---- иии ? snail, K2: a second-order harmonic distortion,: 6th harmonic distortion X:
dynamic displacement of the diaphragm d: diaphragm static Voyeurism Vibrating membrane in
the rear-fixed 4 II! Equivalent gear table ? expressed by the dielectric constant of air between
the poles: A floating answer / vibration pattern-14 ? ? ? ?? ??: :: Floating valleys and
vibration ?-effective of the direction ?The capacitance and the capacitance and the capacitance
and the resistance of the impedance conversion 4 have a frequency ?: the angular wave number
of the wave is a microphone 11 i 1 F or ? ? 1 (31 The above equation (00) becomes 2'41i ? ?
j?i?X и =, 11 ? (1?9?z ии) =. In a normal electret condenser microphone, a sound pressure of
about 1 AQaB generates about 1 ? distortion. In view of the above points, the present invention
provides an electret condenser microphone having a single directivity, including small distortion
even for extremely large sound pressure, and obtaining good same wave number characteristics.
One of the embodiments will be described below with reference to the drawings. In 1), 11) has
sound holes 12 'at the top and a large one at the bottom 1t31! Of the shield case (1) that will be
a cylindrical shield case, 1i 8 is covered by an insulation case i 4 + except for one J J [[1].
The shield case mountain top lfi is covered with a non-woven fabric (5) for protection and
protection and sound damping, and (4) b m m; 7 and its inner K d, 4 0.5 + w, outer diameter 16inner diameter 16-'s I! ll ring 16), a circular am film (7) consisting of a polyester film of a
thickness Afitn having a deposited nickel layer on the top, and tensioned to said ring 16) (7), 0.1
gm Boar 1 ester film forming annular spacer + 81, + 9 [0.2 m metal plate (9) both [ii K thickness
o, smi /, surface potential-600 V electrect layer + 10) flli And a plurality of ?mR * ZkH disc-like
fixed electrodes 1I3), an annular spacer ? made of a polyester film of 4 Saho 1fl, and a 2-nogel
evaporation layer tube on the lower surface 4/1 m polyester Internal vibration made of film l! 11
t 151, consisting of a metal plate having a thickness of 0.1 ?m, an outer diameter of 16 -1, an
inner diameter of 13-made of metal, and a central VC cavity t 171 bonded by adding M excitation
1 sword 51 or ? crack Cavity plate ll81. m and a disc-like four-part static of depth O, 1 m on the
upper surface, and an output terminal-projecting on the lower surface, and a metal back plate
having an lfc or faki's back f 4 [121 i It is stored with the above-mentioned line from top to
bottom. The output is taken out from the shield case 111 and the load terminal l?. The
microphone of the above configuration does not have the push-pull structure in which the
vibrating membrane (7) ?5) is disposed on both sides of the definition electrode ?, and the
second harmonic distortion factor 2 and the third harmonic distortion factor 3 II 'I is given by the
following equation. ????????????????????????????? a, ?'??)>
1) Thus, in the single type, the second-layer m-wave distortion component, which is the largest,
becomes zero. In the case of forming electret -10 и (ll in the vibrating membrane (7) ?6), it is
necessary to use a material capable of forming the entire electret layer 114 NI + 1 ? as a
material for vibrating membrane + 'r) Qi + However, with the microphone of the above
configuration, a fixed 'dI right (l (l)) so-called bank electret system in which the electret layer
11u: tutt cedar is collected in the sword is used, so the fluttering film 17) Q51 is used for the
most material. Can be obtained, and a good interrogation frequency characteristic f can be
obtained. '@ 6-is the basic equivalent of one note or mechanical system of a microphone. (R3) is
the resistance of the dispersion + 51 as a damping material, CmH) is of the sound hole 12'
Addition of air I-l-7 '1 ? mass, (AM) is the stiffness of the gap between the shield booth (1) and
the wave fi $ 171, (mI) lri ? wbamws + co effective mass, (4 ░ ) Shake!
Illll + 71Ql stiffness, (ro) is the resistance of vibration m5 (7)-(153) is vibration $ + 71 and
vibration! Stiffness of the air layer of Sekihara with IIQ-, (r2) is the resistance of 1M1l ? of
vibration ms- and cavity plate ?- ( ) Shake IE! Stiffness of 1M1VJ between 1110 field and cavity
plate-(4 ,,) is the slope of cavity ??, (1-,) is the resistance of the gap between the cavity plate
and the back plate t22 +, (ps) is the incident sound The force of (C), the speed of movement, (2) is
the distance between the acoustic terminals (( incident directions of sound)
(.theta. = 0: shelf side (tU). The circulation characteristic of the microphone is Cr. It is determined
by p (? -1 F including 1;) ... ?, and ?: 1 indicates single-finger property. Here, k 1111 # (the
gap between 15i and cavity 1 & plate 0 &, ie, the fourth part of li ring (when taking the above,
the stiffness (k, 2) becomes too small in the above equation) and ?; 1 Condition '1-44 makes it
bothersome. In the above-described lateral-throttling microphone IC, the thickness A of the ring
iIg is reduced to 0.1 ?, and A1. The condition of (7) = 11 = 7I?no ? = 1 is realized. i 9 ti] III [+ 7
+ ui 11 If the stiffness of the air layer between (a,) is small, the two vibrating membranes (7) 0 ?
are not integrated together ti # L, so the thickness of the fixed electrode Q 4 is almost 0 In the
equivalent circuit of FIG. 3, it is thin as 2 m ++ +, and it has a huge bubble which is occupied only
by ? 7 (4 s) + inelasticity. Fig. 4 (a) (Does the day have conventional eyebrow-between fingers?
In the case of single-type electrets wich microphones and U-aEIIFNi microphones, the incident
sound pressure and the second harmonic 5 and the second harmonic 5 show ? 21 'fc and
distortion This u is a 400 Hz pure tone of 034 or less, and the total characteristics of the
microphone blade shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 are added by spectrum analysis. The characteristics of
the microphone according to the present invention and the solid line (r4 [-4 are all within the
characteristics of the conventional microphone). The distortion characteristics are further 31
'due to the resistance of the amplifier connected to the micro onion capsule (+ to the valley) in 4
#. It can be understood from this figure also that the eight microphones in the above
embodiment have small distortion. It is to be noted that in the above embodiment, the metal plate
of fixed W pole aj ((9 m thickness of 0.2 m ++, electret layer 1101tll + thickness of o, 5m1z, ring
?6 ? ? thickness tO, fs The thickness of the metal plate (9) of 4 rjO, 2 ? to 0.5 ?, elect L /,)
layer 11?-Ill is about 0.5xi / to 1m11, and the thickness of +1 ring @ is 0 You only have to
change it by one.
Moreover, although the dimension is shown as an example also about components other than the
above, this invention is not limited to this, What is necessary is just to determine suitably
according to various design conditions. Moreover, although the polyester film which formed the
vapor deposition layer of nickel in one side was used as a vibrating membrane (7) in the said
implementation-, you may use a metal layer instead of this. The present invention is as described
above as an arm part: it is suitable to be implemented, and according to this, it is possible to
reduce the noise to a large sound pressure, and to make it possible to have four good wave
number characteristics, and We can provide a microphone with 1 ml circulation and an industrial
value of d for extremely dog-friendly
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