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Description 1, title of the invention
Electromagnetic sound conversion system
Detailed description of the invention Non-invention is that the diaphragm 4v is removed by the
permanent magnet V magnetic flux, the parent-child current 7 is flowed to the coil, and the
diaphragm is vibrated by the alternating magnetic flux VC. The sound conversion device is
improved in terms of the magnetic efficiency and the magnetic field where the purpose is to be
extremely efficient, for example, an ultra-compact device that can be housed in a watch bag, and
to turn on a predetermined sound volume 'T: noise electromagnetic sound! It is t ? provided III
conversion device. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, two rod magnets are protrusively provided
at the center of a cylindrical bottomed yoke l, three coils are inserted around the sled outer
periphery, and the outer periphery of the diaphragm 4 is fixed to the upper periphery of the yoke
l. A buzzer made so as to face upwards with a core of 5 iron pieces attached to the center is open,
but it will pass through a rod with a magnetic flux due to the color of the coil, and in general the
magnet magnetic permeability In comparison with the yoke permeability, the magnetic efficiency
due to coil excitation is extremely poor, making it unsuitable for a small buzzer. For warping, as
shown in FIG. 2, a yoke 7r is provided at the center of a cylindrical bottomed yoke 6v, and a coil
8 is inserted around the outer periphery thereof, and a magnet between the coil 8 and the
cylindrical bottomed yoke 6v and cylindrical portions 6a and 9 9 are arranged in the same ring,
and the vibrating plate 107. A buzzer was designed to fix the outer peripheral part and be fixed
to the center of the iron piece 117 fixed at the center of the diaphragm lO and facing the upper
end of the yoke 7 The magnetic efficiency is worse by 1 / f c which forms a closed magnetic
circuit passing through the yoke 6v cylindrical portion 6ai and does not act on the iron piece 1-1
in one vfB bundle, while the magnet and the eccentric Vibrator plate ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?As a result, the magnetic
efficiency is equal to the above, and the v 'T knee stone in which the magnet 9 is annularly
disposed outward of the coil 8 becomes large and the magnetomotive force is reduced in the very
small buzzer field. Doubling samarium cobalt Cobalt, etc. It is a deficiency that it will be a cost
price for use with rare earth magnets There was. In the present invention, the center magnetic
pole is disposed on the outer periphery of the magnetic magnet in the form of a magnetic
magnet, so that the conventional iron defect r is eliminated. Next, each embodiment of the
present invention shown in the attached drawing [II] will be described in detail. In FIG. 3 in the
1v embodiment, an annular gap 21 is formed on the outer periphery of the caged permanent
magnet 20v to form a prefectural center pole 22 and coil 23 is wound on the outer periphery of
the sled and the outer periphery is formed on the outer periphery. The external magnetic pole 24
and the center magnetic pole & 22 are connected by the yoke 25 rL, the diaphragm 26 ZJ outer
periphery is fixed to the upper end of the external magnetic pole 24, and the iron piece 27
solidly fixed at the center The upper end of the permanent magnet 20 and the center pole 22 are
made opposite to each other in the base-to-point gearing, and the outer diameter of the iron
piece 27 is approximately equal to or slightly larger than the outer diameter 22 of the center
pole 22.
Next, the operation will be described. The magnetic flux from the upper end of the rod
permanent magnet 20 forms a closed magnetic path r from the iron piece 27 to the end of the
center magnetic pole 22i 4 bar permanent magnet 20F and attracts the iron piece 27 to the
center magnetic pole 22 I am biased. When the coil 23 is excited by the alternating current, its
magnetic flux 7) is transmitted to the center pole 22. 27 ░ diaphragm 26. Outer magnetic pole
24. A closed magnetic circuit r from the bottom yoke 25 to the recent magnetic pole 22 is
configured, and the iron piece 27 or the center ff magnetic pole 22 is intermittently attracted to
generate n sound. In the case of the stiffness method, as the center magnetic pole 22, the iron
piece 27 and the magnetic gap 27 become smaller and smaller, the bias power by the magnet
increases and at the same time the magnetic efficiency by the coil also improves. FIG. 4 shows a
second embodiment of the present invention, in which a male permanent magnet 2 ░ ? nonmagnetic material / S annular cup 28 is fitted in the same city, and a central magnetic pole
EndPage: The outer sleeve 29 and the center magnet 22 and the V core are integrally formed
concentrically with the gout 2B, and the outer sleeve 29 is fixed to the outer periphery of the
swing plate 26v at the upper end of the outer sleeve 29. 277 1st Z) Implementation fixed as in
Iy11. A reference numeral 3o is a bottom plate made of a nut 28 and an outer cylinder 29
connected with a nonmagnetic material. FIG. 5 shows the third embodiment, which is the second
embodiment shown in FIG. 4] 'I) Outer cylinder 29. The unit plate without the 26 diaphragms is
inserted into a cylindrical bottom case 31 made of nonmagnetic material and is inserted into the
cylindrical bottom case 31. The upper end of the case 31 is filled with the outer periphery of the
diaphragm 267J. FIG. 6 shows the fourth embodiment (IIIU, FIG. 3 shows the first example V
shown in FIG. 3 in which an annular gap 21 is fitted with a nonmagnetic material 32 pieces, 24
external magnetic poles, a nonmagnetic material sword, Ladder /) A bottomed cylindrical crucible
case 33 is mounted at the same time, and an annular step 33a7 is provided inside the upper case
33. The diaphragm 267J outer peripheral portion 7 is fixed to the upper end of the case 33, and
the outer periphery of the annular ring-shaped closed disc plate 34v made of a magnetic material
is fixed to the annular step 33a. Fig. 7 shows the 5'l) embodiment of the present invention, in
which the rod-like permanent magnet 20 'in the bottom 27 and the cuttable magnetic pole 35
and the upper end of the form permanent magnet 20 and the gear knob ? It is a rule to be able
to adjust. Fig.8 1-]: Screwing on the inner surface of the rubber 36? center 1i22 made of
nonmagnetic material separated from the bottom plate 3o in Fig.4 2 '/) shown in Fig.4 in Fig.4.
The upper and lower parts can be cut, and fine adjustment can be made with the diaphragm 267
J iron piece 27 and the rod-like permanent magnet 2 o earth end take-up gap 7.
FIG. 9 shows the invention 8 according to the invention ZJ * 2 MIZIJ, in which the wedge-shaped
permanent magnet 20v is made of nonmagnetic material on the outer periphery of the
nonmagnetic material 2 and is @ 8 made as an analytical gas? 22 pieces of center magnetic poles
are arranged on the outer periphery of the core and coil 23'2 is wound around the 1-f near J
outer cylinder, and further outer magnetic pole 24'7 is arranged on the sled outer cylinder and
made into one by bottom yoke 25 It is fixed to the magnetic cylinder drive unit onion t and the
bottomed cylindrical cage case 38 consisting of a non-magnetic material knife Q and the same as
above, and the can cutting unit 3 outer shell, case 3B inward direction and vp shape The selfexcited electric circuit component 40'z is accommodated in the air gap 39, and the outside of the
diaphragm 26 is fixed to the upper end of the case 38 by Xk. According to this embodiment V,
the number of diaphragms can be increased by 26 and the sound can be lowered, and the selfexcitation and compact V set-up is an open sheet. 10 and 11 show an embodiment according to
the present invention ? coil terminal processing, the notch portion 25a? is formed in the
diaphragm support member 25, 41 circuit boards are disposed in the notch portion 25a, and the
V bottom In the conductor round 42.43 which is formed in the part, a through hole 44 is formed
from the coil cover 11 to the bottom of the circuit board from the coil cover 11 to form a coil
237) terminal lead 123a and lead solid in the conductor round 42.43 That's it. With such a coil
end structure, it can be processed with good workability in the shortest distance of the coil end
lead 123a'r. It is not necessary for the center pole and the outer pole to be annular, and it may be
arranged in a plurality of seven rings, two? It may be arranged symmetrically. Further, in the
embodiment shown in FIG. 9, the outer magnetic pole, the bottom yoke may be removed, or it
may be made of nonmagnetic material, and the safety may be made of a caged permanent
magnet cage outer periphery K11 H pneumatic gap. There is a center magnetic pole, a coil is
wound around the outer periphery of the sled, and a diaphragm is mounted on the top. If the
diaphragm 8 is made of a nonmagnetic material, an iron piece is always required, or if it is made
of a diaphragm magnetic material, the iron piece is not necessarily required, and the center-1L
external magnetic pole t pace It may be cut and raised to form a predetermined cylinder and a
predetermined shape. According to the present invention, it is possible to form a closed magnetic
circuit by passing through the rf pole-like aqueous magnet and coil ? magnetic flux 1p ? ? t
center 611 pole, and for coil excitation, r, magnetic flux ?? extremely low permanent magnet
tJt 7JT magnetic efficiency is extremely good Furthermore, the structure where it is difficult to
give the electromagnetic force r to the magnet without crossing the magnetic flux generated by
the iron piece "C" and the magnetic flux generated by the coil. There is no change Ding and there
is no problem.
In addition, only one permanent magnet should be provided centering on the rod-like aqueous
magnet, and the magnetic efficiency is good as a magnet, even if the expensive rare earth magnet
is used, the cost is low compared with 7) VC. Can be backed up, the whole outer diameter Brnm,
thickness to about 2.5mm y) practical use as an ultra-compact 1) no matter what volume can not
be obtained @, watch, thin pocket calculator V notification ? ? suitable as a buzzer '? ? r: Yes.
Non-implementation Leri has been described as a device in the past, but it is also possible to use
a microphone-like sound / torme-gas transformation device such as a t-v1-suitable field.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show front views of the prior art
devices and comparative examples of the prior art, and FIGS. FIG. 9 is a straight-line view of the
present invention, and FIG. 10 is a straight-line view of an emergency example showing the coilterminal end of the present invention, and FIG. 11 is a straight-line view of FIG. V bottom view
"C". 20-pa-like water magnet, 21 иии annular gap, 22 иии center magnetic pole, 23 иии coil, 26 иии
diaphragm. 28 ... Putsunoyu, 38 ... Case, 39 ... Annular gap, 40 ... Self-excited electric circuit
component. Patent Applicant Star Dense Body Ceremony, -1 Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 7 Fig. 4 End Page: 4
Fig. 7 Fig. 7 Fig. 7 Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 1 App. No. 100919 2, Title of the Invention 2, Title of the
Invention Relationship with the Person Who Corrects the Electromagnetic Type Acoustic
Transducer 3 Patent Applicant Address 194 Nakayoshida Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka
Prefecture Name Star Precision Co., Ltd. 4, Agent
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