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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a sound pickup for sound recording apparatus according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is
a perspective view showing a state of being connected to a sound recorder. 3 is a cross-sectional
view taken along line AA of FIG. 1, FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along line BB of FIG. 1, 1
is a sound collector, 2 is a pipe, 3 is a binder, 4 is Interior microphone, 5 is a recorder, 6 is a
connection projection, 7 is a remote control switch, 8 is a connection line, 9 is a plug, and 10 is a
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sound collector
for a recording device which can collect and record the sound of the @ sound device clearly and
accurately. Conventionally, in a recording apparatus equipped with a recording microphone, if
the sound to be recorded is far from the @ sound device or if external noise stronger than the
trend of the sound to be recorded occurs and b An external micro hoshi connected to the electric
wire of the was connected to the recorder and used. Therefore, if this external microphone is
used for a long time 1iql, the contents of the connected shield wire are cut and 1-soil,... In
addition, because the sensitivity of the recorder is increased and recorded to record small voices,
this defect has the disadvantage that external AC induced noise is induced and it becomes
impossible to record clearly. If the connecting line of the external microphone becomes long, it is
further promoted. This type of device which has fundamentally solved these drawbacks until now
is an undeveloped state. Therefore, in order to eliminate the drawbacks of the first aspect of the
present invention, the sound groove chamber is connected to the sound pickup device main
body, and the other end of the sound conduit is attached to the interior microphone of @ sound
main body via the binding member. By connecting freely willow, recording voice can be recorded
by the sound collector and the voice groove room, and it is possible to prevent inoperability due
to contact failure and to completely block noise. It aims at providing a sound collector. Now, one
real elliptic case of a sound collector for a recording device according to the present invention
will be described with reference to the drawings. A sound collector consisting of a fllFi cylinder, a
voice groove 2-co connected to the main body of i2'u sound collector (1) It is a pipe having a
two-sided pipe. (3) is a binder made of a flexible material such as rubber attached to the @J end
of the pipe (2) 6 (4) is an interior microphone of the sound recorder (5) main body, and this
interior A binding tool (3) is fitted to the connection projection (6) of the sound recorder main
body (5) so that the pipe (2) is connected to the microphone (4). In the drawings, (7) indicates a
remote control switch, 18) indicates a connecting line of the remote control switch +71, (9)
indicates a plug, and an α-displacement jug. To describe the operation of this invention
configured as in the previous j self, after the recorder f61 is activated in the recording state, the
remote control switch (7) is turned ON, and the purpose is to record the sound collector (1)
When approaching the sound source, a resonance phenomenon occurs in which the air enclosed
in the space in the cylinder of the sound collector (1) vibrates according to the pitch of the sound
source to be recorded, and the resonated sound wave is transmitted through the pipe (2) 4) As
long as the K (K) is transmitted and the voice is recorded, the binding (3) is made of flexible
material such as rubber, so the sound recorder (5) main body is strong W It will be in a state of
being bombarded and contact failure and noise will be completely barred.
In addition, the sound recording effect can be made more remarkable by appropriately changing
the form and the size of the sound pickup device fi + according to the voice and the frequency to
be recorded. Then, when recording with the interior microphone (4) without using the sound
collector (1), the binder (3) may be removed and used, and the remote control switch (7) may be
turned off. For example, in order to temporarily stop the @ sound operation, the remote control
switch (7) may be turned off. According to the sound pickup for sound recording apparatus
according to the present invention, as in the front e), the sound conduit is connected to the sound
pickup main body, and the narrow end is detachably connected to the sound recording main
body via the binding member. Therefore, there is no possibility that the connection shield wire
will not be worn or cut off as in the conventional external microphone, and there will be no
contact failure, and external noise will be completely cut off to make a clear and heart-beating
good recording. Its practical effects are extremely large, such as being possible, providing a
simple structure with high durability and low cost.
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