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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are views showing an embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 1 is a top view, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view thereof. 1
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Amorphous
magnetic alloy thin plate vibration Board.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a magnetic
electronic buzzer. More specifically, the present invention relates to a small-sized magnetic
electronic buzzer suitable for use as an alarm or signal section. In recent years, small electronic
buzzers have been widely used for alarms, signals, etc. in combination with various electronic
devices) +-(1) 1, ? '1 Z' Z Z Z ? '1 q' 1 nix device I'm starting. In particular, an electronic buzzer
refers to an electro-acoustic transducer that emits specific audio frequencies without electrical
contacts or moving parts. The electronic buzzer includes a piezoelectric type and a magnetic type
21 @. Magnetic electronic buzzer 1, an alternating current of several hundred to several kilohertz
is usually applied to the electromagnet, the diaphragm is vibrated by the alternating magnetic
field generated by it, a resonance chamber is provided in the buzzer if necessary, and the sound
of the audible IIa wave number It is something to be released. In this case, conventionally, a
metal plate on which a permanent magnet is laminated is used as the diaphragm. However, in
this conventional magnetic electronic buzzer, since a permanent magnet is attached to and
attached to the diaphragm, its durability for long-term use is inferior, and acoustic characteristics
are different between products, and its manufacture is The present invention, which has the
disadvantages of being complicated, having a complicated structure and having a certain degree
of limitation in miniaturization, has been made in order to eliminate the disadvantages of such a
conventional magnetic electronic buzzer (2). One day; ??? ?? V Since the diaphragm made
by attaching the above-mentioned permanent magnet is not used, the durability is high, the
acoustic characteristics between the products are stable, the structure is simple, and the
miniaturization is easy, and further, Magnetic electronic buzzer with excellent performance and
features such as the sensitivity of the imaging plate to the magnetic field emitted by the
electromagnet is very good and it can be driven by a small current, and in addition, its production
can be easily and yield-efficiently. The main purpose is to provide The present invention will now
be described in accordance with the embodiments shown in FIGS. In FIGS. 1 and 2, 1 represents a
yoke. The yoke 1 has a cylindrical, generally cylindrical shape having an end face 11 at one end.
Inside the cylindrical body, the end face 11 has a projection 12 at its center. The protrusion 12 is
generally configured as a cylindrical protrusion that is concentric with the side outer periphery
13 of the cylindrical body when viewed from the top, and in this case, the height of the
cylindrical protrusion 12 is the side The height of the outer peripheral portion 13 is preferably
slightly lower (3)-))) IF. As a material of the yoke 1, a material that is usually used is sufficient. An
exciting coil 2 is wound around a projection 12 at the center of the inside of the yoke 1 and is
connected to an external power source by lead wires (not shown).
Further, in the internal recess of the yoke 1 constituted by the projection 12, the side surface 13
and the fan surface 11, one or two or more of the predetermined shape on the end surface 11, in
this case four water agstone 3.3 ', The arrangement of 3 "and f is fixed. The permanent magnet 3
is preferably configured so that its diameter is slightly lower than that of the glue portion outer
peripheral portion 13. Further, as the permanent magnet 3, a normal one is sufficient, but it is
preferable to use a strong one such as a rare earth cobalt based magnet. Furthermore, on the
upper end surface of the side portion outer peripheral portion 13 of the yoke 1, vibration
composed of a virtually amorphous magnetic alloy thin plate having the same shape as the shape
of the upper surface of the cylindrical yoke, in this case the same circular shape. The plate 4 is
bonded and fixed, whereby the diaphragm 4 is physically connected to the chain outer cylinder
13 of the yoke 1 physically (4) B-J-2N. It is in contact with the central projection 12 and each
permanent magnet 3.3 ', f, r, and is in contact with the central protrusion 12 magnetically. As this
substantially amorphous magnetic alloy, various known ones can be used, and iron-chromiumboron-carbon, iron-nickel-chromium-boron-boron, chromium in their respective forms. And the
like can be effectively used, and so-called metalloid components such as boron, shelf metal,
carbon and the like can be used in other combinations. Furthermore, as an amorphous magnetic
alloy, brittleness is improved when using a material substantially free of M /, and the life is
extended, which is preferable. These amorphous magnetic alloy thin plates can be produced by a
known method of fast quenching and then shaped. The magnetic coil or the sub-buzzer
configured as described above is formed by a lead wire (not shown), and the exciting coil 2 is
externally 1! Connect to the source and apply an alternating current of several hundreds to
several kilohertz to the exciting coil 2 to make it flow. Magnetize the magnetic flux density by the
permanent magnets 3 to r 5) 1 ? n- The thin amorphous magnetic alloy diaphragm 4 responds
to the magnetic field produced by the exciting coil 2, vibrates and emits a sound in the audio
frequency range. A resonance chamber may be provided in the magnetic electronic buzzer
having the above structure. The magnetic electronic buzzer according to the present invention
does not have a configuration in which a permanent magnet is attached to the moving plate even
for long-term flight or long-term continuous use, but uses an amorphous alloy thin plate
diaphragm, Since there is no change, peeling of the moving plate is remarkable, and this
vibrating plate is excellent in toughness and corrosion resistance, it is very durable and it is easy
to maintain the dimensional accuracy on the # layer and the product M There is no variation in
the acoustic characteristics of -1, and the sensitivity to the aeration of the imaging plate is also
good, and furthermore, the diaphragm can be made very thin, so the size is small.
4, G, s-description of the drawings Fig. 1 and 2 are diagrams showing an embodiment of the
present invention, the first weir is a top view, and Fig. 2 is a II-II cut-out view thereof. . (6) и 1 wall
1 и и и и и и и 2 ... exciting coil, 3.3 ', 3 ".
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