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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an embodiment of the
present invention in which the = part is removed and the elastic piezoelectric elements 2 □ and
22 and the electrodes 3 □ and 33 are exposed. And FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a pink
amplifier device using the pink amplifier of the present invention, FIG. 4 is an electric circuit
diagram of the main part of the output circuit of the device using the pink amplifier of the
present invention, FIG. Fig. 2 is a partially cutaway perspective view of a conventional pink
amplifier: 1 · · · Center electrode, 2, 20, 22 · · · Elastic piezoelectric body, 3.31.32 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· Protection insulation Object 5 5 Frame 6 Base 7 7 Chords 8 Chord members are members 9.10
Fixed resistance 11 Variable resistance 12 Amplifier , A: pink amplifier, B: mixing circuit.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the pickup of an
electric musical instrument such as an electric piano. In the conventional pickup for an electric
musical instrument, as in the fifth factor, the center electrode (1) is i! ! Then, IJ-shaped
piezoelectric material is molded, and a sheath-like outer cover electrode (3) is provided on it, and
further, an insulating material for water retention (spring covered with an elastic material such as
urethane rubber b) There is something. However, this pickup is mounted on the frame through a
direct mount or a pedestal, and a pickup i with a string attached to it via a [111 or 1-t # Lqt
mounting member! 1I 11 ri, I can not obtain the electric signal of the waveform to make the
electric R-bond or the desired (1), y, (', 7) faithful to the shooting III of the string. Therefore,
although the variable amplifier and the variable filter were intervened in the circuit leading to the
output signal of the pickup all speakers, there is a disadvantage that a complicated electronic
circuit is required F. The present invention is intended to obtain a signal having a desired
waveform with a waveform or a harmonic component faithful to the vibration of a string without
using a complicated electronic circuit as in the prior art. A plurality of elastic piezoelectric bodies
and electrodes are alternately coated concentrically alternately with respect to + sti and formed
into a pillar shape, and the elastic piezoelectric body is subjected to polarization processing to
form C. An example of the present invention will be described below with reference to the
drawings. In FIG. 1, (J) + 2tJ is an elastic piezoelectric body formed alternately in a cylindrical
shape with a center electrode il +, for example, an electric piezoelectric body & t31) (3 *) with a
mesh, and this elastic piezoelectric body ( 2) and (21) mix 11L magnetic suspension powder and
vulcanizing agent or cross-linking agent into the water molecule material of the rubber and mix
it, shape and cure or crosslink, direct current of 3000 ~ 70000V between both electrodes Apply a
voltage to each other Ki! It is something which has been treated to other people every day. (2) In
the figure, each of the elastic piezoelectric members Ill, (2) and the electrodes (sl) (Sm) is 211,
but it may be three or more. Fig. R shows a pickup device using this pickup. The base II (6) is
placed on the frame (5), the pickup A is fitted in the groove, and the string (te) is stretched
thereon. It is t%. This is advantageous in that since the stringer does not use a member,
displacement of the position between the stringer and the pickup or the stringer does not cause
unevenness of the output signal due to the twist of the member or the like. FIG. 3 shows a pickup
in which a protective insulating material is formed into a prismatic column, and the pickup A is
juxtaposed to 3 m, and the string receiver has a string support having a string (7) stretched via a
member (8) 3-pick up line A, from a string (7) to wake up a constant angle of force from the
vertical direction, so it is not the same as the conventional tFi event to be output to each,
therefore each split me In mixing in minutes, it is easier to see a waveform that is faithful to the
movement of the Eri string (7) and the ease and confidence of the desired waveform.
This pickup may be one. (8) FIG. 4 is an electric circuit diagram of the output circuit of the upcase of 1111 of each of the above embodiments. The output signal obtained from the jacket
electrode (3,) contains a large amount of vibration 011t @ wave component of the string (), while
the output signal obtained from the center electrode (1) is the string (7) and the elastic
piezoelectric body (2 ,, And the harmonic wave component of the vibration is absorbed by this,
and the fundamental wave component is a strong shoulder signal, and these O signals are fixed
resistance (9) Mixing at an appropriate ratio in a mixing circuit 1 consisting of a variable
resistance b) and amplification in a suitable ratio W to obtain a tone signal of a desired
waveform. As described above, according to the present invention, one elastic piezoelectric
material and electrodes are alternately coated concentrically alternately on the center electrode
to form a pillar, and the elastic piezoelectric material is polarized to form a pickup IIIII Therefore,
it is not necessary to use a filter circuit as in the prior art, and it is possible to obtain a fl-shaped
or desired waveform musical tone signal faithful to the movement of a string simply by using a
mixing circuit. (4)
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