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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of an electronic bushing
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view thereof, FIG. 2 is a schematic
explanatory view showing molding of an outer casing, and FIG. It is an expanded view of a 1st
illustrated browser. 1: Outer casing, 1b: bottom of outer casing, 1d: stepped portion of outer
periphery of outer casing, 2: winding, 3: iron core, 4: diaphragm, 7: capping.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electronic
buzzer which picks up a metallic imaging plate by the interaction of an alternating magnetic field
and a direct current magnetic field and generates an oscillating noise. Conventionally, as an
electronic blazer of this kite, an iron core provided with a winding is erected at the center of a
disk-like yoke, and a cylindrical permanent magnet is magnetically taught on the edge between
flats of the yaw. In addition, there is one configured to suck and place a metal imaging plate at
the open end of the permanent magnet. However, in this electronic bushing, the number of parts
required to machine the yoke and the permanent magnet individually is large. In addition, the
standing role of the iron core for yawing is to form all screw holes at the center of the yoke and
screw the lower end of the iron core formed with threads into this screw hole, or provide a
through hole at the center of the yoke Since the lower end of the iron core is press-fitted and
crimped, there are a lot of man-hours for assembling 9 and the cost increase is avoided.
Moreover, in an electronic blazer, a good shooting noise can not be obtained unless the distance
between the iron core and the shooting plate is set to a given size. However, when fixed by
screwing to an iron core yoke The screwing amount of the screw 711 of c: 1-y- must be adjusted,
and the assembling is troublesome and the reliability is lacking. In the drum, the present
invention aims to reduce the number of parts and the number of steps to eliminate such
drawbacks and to provide a reliable electronic browser which is easy to assemble and is reliable.
That is, in the electronic browser according to the present invention, the iron core is fixed at the
bottom center of the outer casing. In this electronic bouza, since the iron core is embedded and
erected on the bottom of the exterior casing, the number of parts is increased. The number of
man-hours is reduced, and if the iron core is injected in advance into the mold when the outer
casing is molded by molding, it is possible to control the adhesion of the iron core for planting
and its height at its cavity surface. It is possible to uniformly and easily obtain a structure that
generates various images before shooting. Also, when forming the outer casing with ferrite
magnetic material, a hole is formed at the center of the barbed when forming the butterfly, so
that the A% Chichi core is observed and fixed by means of press-fitting. it can. Even in that case,
the gap between the moving plate and the iron core can be similarly regulated at 1 o'clock.
Hereinafter, this will be described based on the illustrated embodiment as the following
notification. The illustrated electronic blazer vibrates the imaging plate 4 made of metal by the
interaction of each magnetic field produced by the outer casing-formed with a magnetic material
and the iron core 3 to which the winding d 2 is applied or L-) @ It is configured to generate a
courtesy noise. The outer casing 1 is a bottomed cylindrical one having a circular bottom 1b
integrally formed at the lower end of the cylindrical body 1a, and has an N pole at both ends in
one axial direction. The bottom side is magnetized so as to be charged to the S pole and is shaped
to act as a permanent magnet.
As the magnetic material, a material of mixed ferrite and magnetic material is used, and the
magnetic material is put in the cavity of the mold and pressed under heat to form a bottomed
cylindrical book. Ru. The mixing ratio of the plastic to the magnetic material is about 20:80,
which is appropriate 5'r '. When the outer casing is molded, the lower end of the mold AIC shaft
may be protruded from the cavity surface, and the C core 3 may be preloaded. In that case, the
iron core 3 is set with ease such that the tip end portion is slightly inward of the inner surface of
the cavity forming the cylindrical body portion 1a of the exterior case 1 /. A magnetic material is
supplied into the yarn of the mold B by this wiping and compression molding is performed. At
the same time, the iron core 3 is planted and fixed to the center of the casing bottom 1b
simultaneously with the formation of the exterior casing bottom. At the time of molding of the
outer casing, a through hole IC for penetration of the terminal bin 5 and a fitting step portion
1d4 of the capping 7 which will be described later are molded. In the outer casing thus obtained,
the terminal bin 5 fixed to the printed circuit board 6 by a desired number of lines is fitted and
arranged so as to project outward from the through hole IC. A hole 6a for inserting the iron core
3 is formed in the printed circuit board, and it can be seen by inserting the iron core 3 into the
through hole. In the iron core 3, a winding 42 previously formed in a coil is inserted and blended
to form an electromagnet. The lead @ 2a of the winding 2 is connected to the root of the terminal
bin 5 protruding from the lower surface of the substrate 6-the winding 2 is excited by the AC *
current supplied from the terminal bin. The pivot pin 4 is made of metal formed in a disk shape,
and is adsorbed on the opening peripheral edge of the outer ring casing which is a permanent
magnet with a fixed distance from the iron core ternary end of the electromagnet. In addition, the
opening @ of the outer casing can be covered by fitting a capping 7 made of resin of the step
portion 1dK, and a through hole 7a through which a whistle noise passes is formed at the center
of the key → tubing 7. It is formed. 11, when an alternating current is applied to the winding 2 in
the electronic blazer configured as described above, the interaction between the alternating
magnetic field generated in the iron core 3 serving as the magnetic core and the negative flow
bias magnet of the outer casing- The plate 4 vibrates up and down to generate vibration noise. At
this time, since the DC magnetism bias is applied to the current flowing through the winding @ 2
by the permanent magnet of the outer casing, the current can be sufficiently small with a small
current. Also, the vibration noise generated is the iron core of the electromagnet 3. Since each of
the character pinks 7 is kept at a constant interval so as not to collide with it, it is possible to
have a good sound with little distortion depending on 1M @ of the diaphragm 4 and 1-.
Furthermore, when the outer casing is formed of a mixture of plastic and magnetic material, the
bottom is relatively flexible and resilient, so that the / / acoustic damper for the diaphragm It
acts as a material and absorbs the high-wave φ contained in the vibration sound, and it can not
generate the peristaltic sound of a rose. As described above, according to the electronic buzzer
according to the present invention, it is possible to reduce the cost of paper cutting by reducing
the number of parts per assembly and the number of assembling steps as compared with the
conventional one. The product's trustworthiness is improved by
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