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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of an electronic bushing
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view thereof, FIG. 2 is a schematic
explanatory view showing molding of an outer casing, and FIG. It is a sectional side view which
shows another Example which comprised the terminal pin integrally with the core. 1: Outer
casing, 1b: bottom of outer casing, 1c: stepped portion of outer casing, 2: coil, 3.3 ': core, 4:
diaphragm, 5.5': terminal pin, 9: capping.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electronic
procedure for generating vibration noise by capturing the peristaltic plate of a metal layer by the
phase q action of an alternating magnetic field and a DC magnetic field. In the prior art, the seed
electronic blazer has the iron core of the electromagnet screwed into the center of the disk-like
yoke or press-fit, the cylindrical permanent magnet is adsorbed on the planar peripheral edge of
its yaw, and the plastic substrate The terminal bin vertically fixed to the housing is placed outside
the through hole formed in the yoke so as to protrude outside the through hole formed in the
yoke, and the pre-coiled winding is attached to the iron core. It is usually constructed by
connecting the lead wire to the terminal bin and squeezing and mounting a metal movable plate
at the open end of the remnant permanent magnet, but this is why the number of parts is There
are many and many assembly man-hours! Is disadvantageous in that it requires high cost, and
the jF is unreliable, which is complicated in structure and complicated in assembly. SUMMARY
OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide an electronic browser
which can be easily assembled with a reduced number of parts and can be improved in reliability.
That is, in the electronic browser according to the present invention, the mounting is integrally
fixed in the core of the electromagnet without mounting the terminal bin on the printed circuit
board. Therefore, in this electronic blazer, the printed circuit board supporting the terminal bin is
omitted -C, and it is possible to save time and effort for separately assembling the terminal-hin 9turn core tube separately, thereby achieving cost reduction-- When the outer casing made of can
material is molded with the core of the core, the terminal bin made integral with the core is
erected in the magnetic material to form a joint between the magnetic core and the magnetic
material. Therefore, it is possible to make a highly reliable assembly possible by further reducing
the number of steps and the rule on the mold cavity surface, which will be described based on
the example of the hot water. The illustrated electronic blazer operates the metal diaphragm 4 by
the interaction of magnetic fields generated by a magnetic external material and a coil 2 and the
magnetic field generated from the nine-turn core 3 to generate vibration noise. (See FIG. 1). The
outer casing 1 is a bottomed cylindrical one having a disk-like bottom 1b integrally formed at the
lower end of the cylindrical body 1a, and if it is folded at both ends in the 1114 direction, the N
pole pressure or the bottom side 1 (In this case, the magnet is magnetized so as to be charged to
the S pole, and it is molded as a permanent magnet-(function. As the magnetic material, a single
ferrite magnetic material or a mixed magnetic material of plastic and plastic is used, and in the
case of a plastic magnetic material, the magnetic material is put in a cavity of a mold and pressed
under heat to form a bottomed cylindrical shape It is molded.
The mixing ratio of the magnetic material to the plastic is preferably 2o: 8o. A cylindrical iron
core is used as the winding core 3 and a terminal bin 5 of a desired number and two other ID's
are attached to one axis of the iron core. The attachment of the iron core can be performed
simultaneously with the molding FR shadow of the exterior casing-. In that case, the terminal bin
5 is bridged 1 with the root side projecting from the cavity surface with the root side partially
protruding into the bond hole a of the mold Ag 4 while the iron core is in the receiving hole on
the mold B side. It is possible to insert the shaft of 3 and form a space corresponding to the
exterior casing 1 vc between cavity surfaces of the respective molds. In this mold! d, the amount
of planting of the iron core 3 is set by inserting the terminal bin 5 into the drop hole a of the
mold A, and the tip portion thereof is the tip of the cylindrical steel portion 1a of the outer
casing- It is always regulated to the specified interval which is located in the inside of the crew.
□--r In this state, the terminal bin 5 is embedded in 1qIb of the outer casing-and at the same
time its center at the same time when compression molding all can material 1-7 compression
molded in the cavities of the molds A and B The iron core 3 comes to be observed in a certain
manner. In addition, at the time of this casing formation, a fitting step portion IC of the capping
described later is formed (see FIG. 2). one! As a matter of fact, the winding core 3 'can be formed
of a ferrite magnetic material, and in the case of a crucible, a through hole is provided in the core
at the time of 1'1 winding core forming, and the terminal vias 5 are inserted by phi. Can be
configured to The large bar groove 6 of the terminal via 5 'is buried by being filled with a
synthetic resin as appropriate later (see FIG. 3). In this way, a through hole for receiving the droll core 3 is formed at the center of the coil 2 into which the coil 2 wound in advance is inserted
and disposed, inside the outer casing − which is → → n. Due to the winding, the winding core 3
constitutes' Ilt stone. Carp A2 paste-@ 8 is connected to terminal bin 5, but its connection! 'I can
be set at the end of the terminal bin to be protruded from the side of the winding core. Since
alternating current is supplied to this terminal pin to excite the winding 2 and the terminal bins 5
of the nodes are buried in the S-type material excellent in electrical insulation, the alternating
current is Even if it flows in, it does not cause a short circuit phenomenon. 1Ao4ii The moving
plate 4 is a disk-shaped gold 1iIlll! The space between the core 3 of the electromagnet and the tip
of the core of the electromagnet is fixed, and a force is applied to the opening periphery of the
outer casing which is a permanent magnet. The opening IIl of the outer casing can be
complemented by a capping 9 of a jumbeum that is fitted to the step portion IC, and in the center
of the capping 9 a through-hole 9a through which a root movement noise is passed is formed 1
In this way, with an fct cubator configured as described above, when an alternating current is
supplied to the coil 2, the magnetic field, the alternating magnetic field generated in the winding
core 3 of U and the 1H flow bias magnetic field of the outer casing- The moving plate 4 ヒ is hi.
The camera shoots to generate a peristaltic sound. Here, the current supplied to the coil 2 may
be a direct current bias bias by a permanent magnet of the outer casing-and may be a very small
current. Also, as for the shooting sound generated by the shooting plate, the movement plate has
a core of the electromagnet 3. Since each of the cappings 9 maintains a gap and collides with
each other 6, noise is not mixed other than the vibration of the imaging plate 4. Furthermore,
when the outer casing is made of plus magnetic magnetic material, vc can act as a damper
material, and it is about 21 V, which is relatively flexible or elastic D is also I. It is generated as a
shooting sound of the eyebrows by absorbing harmonic distortion, which is included in the root
noise. . As described below, according to the present invention, according to the present
invention, cost reduction is made possible by reducing the number of parts by 9 assembly work +
filtration compared to the conventional one, as well as reducing the finished volume By
enhancing it, the product's <= @ property is being promoted. An explanatory drawing 41 of 1 [[]]
shows an embodiment of the electronic blazer according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a
cross-sectional view thereof, and FIG. 2 is a schematic explanatory drawing showing molding of
an outer casing. Fig. 3 · · · is a side cross-sectional toss I showing another embodiment in which
the electronic pino is integrated with the core with the winding core. l: Outer casing, lb = bottom
of outer casing, 1c: stepped portion of outer casing, 2: coil, 3, 3 ': winding core, 4: imaging plate,
5, 5': terminal bin, 9: character (Chara ( The Utility model applicant applicant Tokyo Electric
Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Attorney patent attorney Kazuo Takeshita Figure 1 989a4 /-3 \ U-51
Figure 2 C1 \ \ 、 8 ・ \ \, 、, しa / -H / "-"-1-1 Fig. 3 7 Δ, / 3 ′ '/' / Tokyo Electric Chemical
Industry Co., Ltd., m + ,,, 5 'i in T ゎ t6, other than the above The inventor, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-13-13,
No. 1 Tokyo Electric Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Yusuke Sasaki same place Mitsue Kashiwagi
same place t '8 Jl +. 5 / ρ
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