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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
underwater ultrasonic transducer. FIGS. 2A and 2B are longitudinal sectional views in which a
portion of the underwater ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention is cut away.
And FIG. 3 is a partially cut away longitudinal sectional view showing another embodiment of the
underwater ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention. 1a: Piezoelectric element
1b: Vibration absorbing material 1c: Insulating sheath 2. Path-like holder.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to underwater
ultrasonic wave transmission / reception aS used in sounding or fish IIK, and the drawings will be
described below. As shown in FIG. 1, a conventional underwater ultrasonic transducer is provided
with a piezoelectric element Za made of lead zirconate titanate zirconate, etc., and a piezoelectric
element Za made of lead zirconate titanate, etc. Composition to liquid-tightly noodle vibrationabsorbing material / b such as sponge-like resin or cork, etc. arranged on three outer surfaces
except electrodes of transmitting / receiving wave surface / bore, and these piezoelectric element
/ a, imaging and absorbing material / b Insulation outside resin, rubber etc. lI! ! / C, connected to
the electrodes / a ', / a' on both sides of the piezoelectric element (1) and having nine lead wires
td ', ia' and projecting on the back side (the opposite side between transmission and reception) of
the insulating sheath It consists of a coated electric wire / d which is drawn out from the
installed protective tube lC 'and which is adapted to fix the above-mentioned protective tube / CI
to a mounting rod 3 projecting from the ship body. The sound wave radiation direction is limited
to a fixed direction, usually the vertical direction of the hull, and when changing the irradiation
direction, it is necessary to project from the above hull and change the angle of the j 9th. The
present invention can be made to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and an embodiment
thereof is provided with a pair of electrode surfaces / a '// ♂ on both raw surfaces as shown in
the first figure, and nine piezoelectric elements / &, and the piezoelectric elements The electrode
/ al on the irradiation surface side of the vibration is still in contact with the inner bottom surface
of the inner S, and the vibration absorbing material / 'b that covers the other three surfaces is
liquid-tightly laminated with 1p /, s Formed on the same center line in the outer diameter surface
/ f! Small holes / CI, tCt, elastic Nergu / pair of hooks a, λ hooks (ko), 2b, cob with elasticity
fixed to the mounting rod 3 protruding from the hull at the upper end As shown by the dotted
line in FIG. B, the joint is held so as to be able to be positioned in the axial direction K11 about
the joint portion. Are connected to the electrode surface / a, /: of the piezoelectric element and
drawn out to the outside, and in the figure, there are l pairs of small holes / C arranged on the
outer diameter surface of the insulating jacket in the figure. ', The line connecting the IC' is
drawn liquid-tight from the outer diameter surface in the direction perpendicular to the line
connecting the IC ', showing nine modes are shown limited to this portion 9 Any position may be
used as long as it does not interfere with tc's recumbent position. Next, Fig. 3 shows the pair of
legs 2 & of the bus-shaped holder co. 2a is hooked at No. Jllll, and the insulating shell 10 is fixed
freely to the above holder by 7 pairs of viscos C and co C instead of cob, and the other structure
is the same as in the first drawing. However, in this case, the above pair of legs coa. -2E, V (a rigid
material can be used.
Oh no! Although not shown in the figure as means for fixing to all the alders, they are divided at
the w4 joint branch point equipped with the hooks shown in FIG. 1, and separately prepared
hooks for the hooks and the small holes of the insulating sheath by nine bolts separately
prepared. 3) It is possible to adopt many modes such as fastening in good condition. As
mentioned above, the underwater ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention can
be tilted in the axial direction centering on the holding portion by the pass-like holder with the
outer diameter of the insulating jacket in which the piezoelectric element and the vibration
absorbing material are both KiH1t. Since it is possible to freely adjust the radiation angle of the
ultrasonic waves in a wide range in summer by simple operation since it is easy to hold, it is
especially possible to detect a reef or a school of fish forward or backward during navigation.
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