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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a sodium fluoroscope for
viewing through the inside of sodium using a transducer that emits and receives ultrasonic waves
in a liquid metal cooled fast reactor. It relates to the device. Heretofore, in the observation inside
the furnace in the foreign furnace, in the view I1 of the top surface of the 4IK core, the sodium i1
has been lowered below the top surface of the fuel, and it has been carried out by a directviewing inspection device. However, with this method, the operation operation becomes
complicated because the liquid level is lowered, and the reactor shutdown period is lengthened,
and the efficiency may be degraded. Therefore, equipment that can perform in-furnace
observation without a single liquid level. Development was desired. In order to solve this
problem, Klf1 emits ultrasonic waves in sodium, and it is emitted at the top of the top of the fuel,
and the echo is received. It is a sodium fluoroscopy device to detect. FIG. 1 shows an enlarged
cross-sectional view of the transducer portion of a conventional sodium fluoroscope. Na) In IJ-um
fluoroscope, a transducer that emits and receives ultrasonic waves closely contacts the
transducer (1) and the transducer, and protects the transducer from sodium by transmitting a coKfm motion into sodium The tube (2) and the signal cable (61) are fixed and the support base (7)
full. The ultrasonic wave (8) emitted from the transducer is reflected at the fuel top (reflected at
4 and received again by the transducer, so that the position of the fuel top can be confirmed. The
coolant (5) flows in the direction indicated by the arrow in the figure. However, since the
protective tube surface of the conventional transducer has a flat plate shape, the impurity (3)
EndPage: 1 in sodium is likely to be attached, so that the wettability with sodium is bad,
ultrasonic vibration is propagated and K < Therefore, the echo reception level may be reduced,
and the function of the fluoroscopic device may be impaired.-A transducer with a K-shaped
structure with impurities attached is desired. In order to eliminate the above-mentioned
drawbacks, it is made of a metal which has a target which is hard to attach impurities on the
surface of the holding tube in sodium and which has a transducer which does not attenuate echo
levels. It is used for a period of time and has a removal mechanism when impurities adhere to the
transducer. It is about obtaining a sodium fluoroscope. An embodiment of the present invention
will be described below with reference to FIGS. 2 to 5. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view
showing the reactor structure of the 6 'fast reactor which is the application place of the IJ
aluminum fluoroscope equipped with the transducer according to the present invention @
Relative to the top surface a of the top of core (1) A sodium fluoroscope a4 equipped with a
transducer a3 is attached and supported by a simple plug aeK, which serves as a lid for the
furnace container.
FIG. 3 is a structural view of a sodium fluoroscope according to the present invention. The
transducer a 謙 is mounted on a transducer support QQK and attached to a 諌 support * na arm
@. The arm (2) is a sodium fluoroscope housing a! The arm (2) is supported by the IK pin (d), and
is mounted to the operation lot (2) via the transfer arm (d) at y (i'l). The operation lot @ is
connected to the ball screw @ and moved up and down by the motor (2) and the transmission
gear (7), whereby the arm (2) moves up and down around the pin (2). An MI cable cl-speaker
which derives the signal of the transducer 0 is pulled out through the drive housing (d) and
displayed through a signal processing circuit (d). FIG. 5 is an enlarged sectional view of a portion
of the sodium fluoroscope according to the present invention. The transducer (II is composed of
the vibrator (1) and the retaining tube (2) as before, but the surface (41) of the protective tube
(2) should be a 0 spherical surface processed into a convex spherical shape The beam of
ultrasonic waves is diffused, but this is not a problem by determining the curvature from the
maximum allowable value of the beam width on the upper surface of the target object. The same
effect can be obtained by forming a convex smooth surface such as an elliptical surface. The
transducer α field receives the echo 'reflected from the upper surface of the core, and by
displaying it through the signal processing circuit, observation of the upper part of the core can
be conducted. The operation of the sodium fluoroscope according to the present invention will be
described. The sodium fluoroscope configured in this way is a transducer lI! Even if an impurity
is attached to the transducer in sodium. The surface shape is different from the original flat plate
shape, and it is rounded into a spherical shape, and is dispersed around the surface by grinding.
Therefore, the adhesion of impurities to the surface of the transfer user is greatly reduced. 3. If
the transducer surface KAA etc. occurs during long-term use, or if the purity of sodium is poor
and can not be removed due to only one spherical shape, rotate the motor (as shown in Figure 4).
The operating rod (up) is moved up and down in the direction A in the drawing, and this
movement is moved up and down with the pin (stock) in the direction shown in the drawing BK
via the transmission arm (up). When the Y-lithium is operated as described above, it flows
through the transducer surface (41) to produce a washing effect, so that the impurities attached
to the transducer and the user surface (41) can be removed.
As described above, since the improvement of the surface shape of the transducer and the arm
raising / lowering mechanism are combined, the transducer surface can always be protected
against any number of impurities in any state, and it is stable. It is possible to obtain a highly
reliable sodium fluoroscope because it becomes possible to obtain a fist with a high echo level.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 company's prior art) an enlarged cross-sectional view
of the transducer portion used in the IJ aluminum perspective package, FIG. 2 is the original
EndPage: 2 to which the sodium fluoroscope of the present invention is applied 3 is a structural
view of the IJ um fluoroscope of the present invention, FIG. 4 is an operation view of the IJ um
fluoroscope of the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a sodium fluoroscope according to the present
invention. FIG. 5 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the transducer portion of the device. fl) ...
vibrator (2) ... Homakukan (3) ... impurity a preparative .. Romigiwa ... core top α terrible ...
transducer a4 ... sodium fluoroscope (2 Rare ・ ・ ・ Support stand 2 (21 ・ ・ ・ Arm 3 ー ・
・ ・ Housing (goods) ・ ・ ・ Bin (2) ・ ・ ・ Transmission arm (至) ... Operation rondo (至) ...
Ball screw (2) ... motor (7) ... gear 6Upushiron ... MI cable (optimum) ... drive unit housing Jour ...
signal processing circuit - ... transducer surface (7317) Attorney Attorney law佑 (ほ か 一名) 第
1121IIEndPage: 3 第 5−- 14-EndPage: 4
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