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1 、 Name of invention
: Ultrasonic transducer
3. Detailed Description of the Invention An ultrasonic transducer generally used for a fish finder,
an echo sounder or the like has a structure in which a barium titanate vibrator or a ferrite
vibrator is usually molded with neoprene rubber or urethane rubber. An ultrasonic transducer
with such a structure is installed on the bottom of a fish boat, but when the ship is anchored for a
long period of time, a phenomenon is observed in which attached organisms such as algae and
scrapes adhere. If such foreign matter remains attached, the radiation efficiency of the ultrasonic
wave is lowered, and the reception sensitivity is deteriorated. In an experiment of an ultrasonic
transducer molded with urethane rubber, diatoms and clams start to adhere after about one
week, and after one month, it becomes a state which can not be easily removed by forming a
layer. In the present invention, the radiation surface of the transducer is provided with a round
hole at the center of the bottom of the herbicide or insecticide. Reference numeral 2 denotes an
ultrasonic transducer, and for example, barium titanate and vibration S are molded with neoolane rubber and urethane rubber 4. A sound wave reflection material 5 such as a cork is
adhered to the back of the vibrator 5. The boss of the transducer 2 is connected to a cable 6 for
supplying driving power to the vibrator 3. The wiring 7.7 in the cable is connected to the
electrode of the vibrator 3. The lower surface of the handset i is formed in a step-like shape, and
is fitted in a round hole provided on the bottom of the tank 1. Further, the upper portion of the
transducer 2 is sandwiched by a sheet metal 9 having a hole 8 through which the cable 6 can
pass at the center. Reference numerals 1o and 11 denote fixing bolts for that purpose, and 12.13
a fixing nut. EndPage: Now, according to the present invention, when molding the vibrator 3, the
step portion P is mixed with a drug which adherent organisms such as herbicides and
insecticides dislike. In the experiment, adhesion is not observed at all for about one week, and
when left for about one month, the oysters attached are separated, and it is impossible to prevent
the radiation effect of the ultrasonic waves. In addition to mixing of the chemical into the step P
and the entire mold, as described above, not only when mixing the mold but also when the comb
is highly hydrophilic such as urethane, ultrasonic waves are generated in the liquid in which the
chemical is melted. A method of immersing the radiation surface of the transducer may be used.
As herbicides and insecticides, agents such as DDT% BHC, PCP, TT can be used.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a one-part vertical side view showing an
embodiment of the present invention. 1 · · · Ship bottom protruding tank 2 · · · Ultrasonic
transducer 5 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 叶 叶 End 叶: EndPage: 2
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