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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of an indoor speaker according to
the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a left side view thereof. 2 ...... speaker box, 20 ...... woofer (low
'sound reproducing speaker), 28 ...... squawker (medium treble: Play for the speaker). □
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a speaker for use at a
high place indoors of a building such as a gymnasium. Heretofore, in gymnasiums and the like
having a long reverberation time, it has been lighted to improve the clarity by attaching a sound
absorbing material to the inner wall of the gymnasium and shortening the reverberation time.
However, this sound absorbing material can be attached to the floor or the customer 2 who is
playing a game (cannot be attached to the seat, so the big suction +1) ''? ' It was necessary to
attach a sound absorbing material with a rate of sound on the inner wall 2 and it was quite
troublesome to do so without damaging the interior of the gymnasium. It is an object of the
present invention to provide an indoor speaker capable of obtaining excellent clarity even
without using a sound absorbing material having a large sound absorption coefficient, because
the reverberation time is relatively high. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described
based on one illustrated embodiment. In FIGS. 1 and 2, 2 is a speaker 4, 1 box formed in a box
shape having a pentagonal side shape, and the plate-like back wall portion 4 is embedded with a
bolt c), for example Mounted on the vertical wall of the The upper wall 6 is attached to the upper
end of the back wall 4 at an angle of about 80 '. The lower wall 8 is accommodated at the lower
end of the back wall 4 at a right angle to the lower wall. 1O110 is a side wall portion, and a back
wall portion 4. l) Attached to both sides at right angles to this, and as shown in FIG. 2, the Lw
portion 12 on the nil side is formed so that the inclining angle 0 becomes about 10 ' (2) -1) is
formed so as to be about 25 °-this speaker box 2 is divided into 1-lower 2 stages bordering the
extraction point of the upper side 12 and the lower side 14 . The stop surface of the -L step
portion is opened, and the front surface of the lower portion is covered by the front wall portion
16 three times. In the front wall portion 16, two windows 18 and 18 for projecting the day of
squawker, which will be described later, are bored in 10F. In the upper part of this speaker box 2
[J diameter, f4J38c1n woofer 20 for playback of bass, or two on the front upper side 1 (mounted
at right angles to the two sides 12, that is, the inclination angle is about 10 ° ing. A Ho 7 plate
22 shown in FIG. 1 is attached to both sides of the woofer 20.20 so as to extend outward.
Reference numeral 24 is a ball-stop, and the upper part is fixed (I'Ij 51.26 attached to the upper
and lower direction at predetermined intervals is a net, and is stuck to the ball's 24 ('1' side) .
28.28 is a medium / high-pitched sound reproduction squawker, which is ll'11fj with respect to
the side wall part 14 in the lower part of the speaker box 2;
21 solid l [, up and down so that the bow angle is A25 '! Attached JR Jade. 71. Sound emission
"1 is protruding from the window 18. 18 of the front wall portion 16; 3). The 30.30 shown in
FIG. 1 is the woofer 20 and the network for the squawker 28, and the 32.32 shown in FIG. 2 is
the cover plate for the window for attaching and detaching the woofer 20 and the squawker 28;
This is an eyelet used when the speaker box 2 is suspended from a ceiling or the like. In the
speaker configured in this manner, the interior of the loudspeaker is directed diagonally
downward from the indoor high place, ie, so as to reliably include the broadcast transmission
range (the competition river floor and the audience seat) indoors, ie, the squawker 28 In this
embodiment, since the speaker box 2 is attached so that the inclining angle is about 25 °,
middle to high sound that greatly contributes to the intelligibility can be directly supplied to the
transmission range, and the intelligibility is improved. Furthermore, since the woofer 20 is
attached to the speaker box 2 so that it points 11 above the pointing direction of the squawker
28, ie, in this embodiment, the dip angle becomes fJ loo, the game floor or the like to which the
sound absorbing material can not be attached The reverberation sound in this transmission
range can be reduced since the reverberation time which is relatively long is not supplied to the
audience at the broadcast transmission range, which is relatively large, in excess of the necessary
amount. Therefore, by using this speaker, even in a gymnasium with a relatively long
reverberation time, good clarity can be obtained without using a sound absorbing material
having a large sound absorption coefficient. In the above embodiment, the inclination angles of
the woofer 20 and the skoka 2ε are set to 100 and 25 ° respectively, but the angle is not
limited to these angles, and the angle by which the squawker 28 differs above the woofer 20 In
order to maintain the turtle% 2 small boat relationship which is directed by the size of the
gymnasium etc., it may be changed by LL. Also, although this speaker is described as being
attached to the wall surface 111, it may be suspended from the ceiling by using an eyelet 34.
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