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Description 1, title of the invention
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a phased array
sorter. In the phased array sorter, a play transducer is used to transmit and receive ultrasonic
signals. The play transducer is a set of a plurality of electrostrictive elements, and these elements
are used for the emission of ultrasonic waves and the reception of reflected waves in accordance
with the transmission and reception spectrum. In the conventional array transducer, an
individual electrode group for each element is provided on one side of the electrostrictive plate,
and a common electrode is provided on the other side, and the individual electrode groups are
arranged according to the schedule of transmission and reception. On the other hand, the
application of the transmission energy or the detection of the sensitization signal is performed, at
which time the common electrode company is permanently grounded. In such a state, it is
determined by the arrangement of individual and separate electrodes in the transmission and
reception characteristic line play transducer, but since the arrangement of individual electrodes
is one, the electroacoustic characteristics of transmission and delivery are At least the elements
related to the structure of the array will be identical. Therefore, the characteristics of
transmission and delivery are both good and bad, and it is impossible to improve the overall
characteristics by compensating one defect by the other by the structure of the array itself.
EndPage: The object of the present invention is to provide a 7-aided play sonar capable of
improving the overall directivity characteristics by making the characteristic transmission and
delivery characteristics of the array transducer different. According to the present invention, the
electrode group of the unique arrangement is provided on both sides of the electrostrictive plate,
and an array transducer having one for transmitting and the other for delivering is used.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is of
the present invention! ! It is a notional block diagram of the array transducer which forms a
ridge. In FIG. 1, an electrostrictive plate manufactured by one company is provided with
electrode groups 2 and 21 at unique pitches on both surfaces thereof, and leads 3.3 'are
provided to the respective electrodes. A groove may be cut to an appropriate depth between the
electrodes 2 and between the electrodes 2I. 0 In the play transducer thus configured, for
example, for receiving the electrode group 2Vi on the upper surface, The lower electrode group 2
'is used for transmission. Here, when the electrode group on one side is used for the application,
the electrode group on the other side is grounded (S). As a result, transmission and delivery are
performed according to the characteristics determined by the respective electrode arrays, so that,
for example, the directional side ropes and zero points of the transmission or reception by K can
be obtained. If they are mutually offset, it is possible to obtain a comprehensive directional
phased array sonar.
A conceptual configuration of a nine-phased array sonar using this more array transducer is
shown in FIG. In FIG. 2, TD denotes an array transducer, and the transmission electrode group 7
of 7 is provided with a drive pulse from digital timing generation @TM through a drive amplifier
group, and a delivery electrode. The group 2 is connected to a reception amplifier Ar via a
variable delay line group DL. The digital timing generator TM and the variable delay line DL are
controlled by the control circuit cwr based on the transmission / reception schedule. The drive
amplifier group is sufficiently low in output impedance and sufficiently low in noise. By this, after
the transmission (4), the transmission electrode group 21d is substantially grounded by 0, and a
flange circuit group CL using a diode is provided at the input end of the variable delay line DL.
The clamp circuit-CL is dedicated when the drive amplifier ~ applies a drive pulse to the array
transducer TDK, and grounds the input end of the delay line group DL, ie, the delivery electrode
group 2 with low impedance. Thus, the receiving electrode group 2 is substantially grounded at
the time of transmission. Such grounding means may be configured using a semiconductor
switch for each electrode. The operation of the phased array system thus configured is in
accordance with the command of the 0 control circuit CNT as follows. The digital timing device
TM applies the drive pulse array transducer TO through the drive amplifier group. , Emit an
ultrasonic beam in one direction. At this time, the receiving electrode group 2 is substantially
grounded by the function of the clamp circuit $ CL. Next, when the reflected wave to the
ultrasonic beam is sensed by the play transducer τD, (5) the sense signal is picked up by the
delivery electrode group 2 and delivered from the variable delay line group DLK. The wave front
to be directed is directed, and the reception amplifier ArK synthesizes the reception signal.
During this time, the transmission electrode group 2I is uniformly grounded, and the
characteristics of transmission and delivery are determined by the arrangement of the electrode
groups 2I and 2, respectively. However, the arrangement of both electrode groups has a
drawback of each other. Since it is made to compensate-comprehensively good characteristics are
obtained. When transmission / reception in one direction is completed, the control circuit CNT
controls the digital timing generator T and variable delay line yDL to transmit / receive in the
next direction, and so on. Transmitting and receiving waves 発 明 Thus, the present invention
provides electrodes of a unique array on both sides of the electrostrictive plate, one for
transmitting and the other for delivering and using an array transducer. I made it.
For this reason, by making the characteristics of the transmission and reception of the play
transducer different from each other, it is possible to obtain a phased play sonar having an
improved overall directivity characteristic. (6)EndPage: 2
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a conceptual view of an array transducer,
which is an essential part of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a conceptual block diagram of an
embodiment of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Electrostriction board, 2.2
+ ... Electrode group, 3, 3 -... lead, 酎 ... Digital timing circuit, ...... Drive amplifier, TD ... Array
transformer Usea, DL ... variable delay line, Ar ... reception amplifier, mouth ... control circuit.
Patent Assignee Yokogawa Electric Works Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Nobusuke Ozawa 1 person
(7) 垢 1 圀 Z 圀 EndPage: 3
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