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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional speaker
system, FIG. 2 is an exploded perspective view of an embodiment of the speaker system of the
present invention, and FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of the same system. 5 ...... bass speaker, 6 .....:
speaker grill, 7 ...... posts, 8 ...... treble for speaker, 9 ...... rear tray. Figure 2 Figure 3
[Detailed description of the invention] D The present invention relates to a speaker system vc
provided with a bass speaker and a treble speaker, and provides a simple band system as a
loudspeaker system for on-vehicle t7 or 791 L2-. It is something to try. Generally, as shown in
FIG. 1, the speaker system for tlJ is configured such that both the bass speaker and the treble
speaker 2 can be attached to the rear tray 3 of the car. Therefore, the sound obtained by this
coarse speaker, 2 is both reflected by the rear window 4 of the car as shown by the arrows, so
that the driver and the listener of the pond also receive this reflection j To listen to the Therefore,
in the bundled speaker system, the attenuation of the high sound is particularly large, and the
high sound often feels missing. The purpose of the present invention is to eliminate the
disadvantage of processed rice of the present system σ or more, and to provide a speaker
system having a complex configuration and an i ′ ′. Below, one implementation of the speaker
system of the draft? It will be described together with the drawing of U. Fig. 2 is a run of tea
industry) + 9! 6 is a speaker for bass, 6 is a link-like speaker grille surfaced at the previous time
of force 5 and 6 is a flexible speaker rigidly attached to one end or grill 6 A post 8 is a high
sound speaker mounted at the tip of the flexible post 70. The flexible support 7 is attached to the
grill 6 so as to substantially coincide with the seven axial directions or the sound radiation
direction of the bass speaker 6, and the tube sound speaker 8 has a sound radiation direction in
the axial direction of the support 7 It is attached to the above-mentioned pillar so as to force it in
a direction almost straight to the opposite side. Therefore, according to the above-described
embodiment, the flexible strut 7 is moved upward in a straight line (in the pressed state, the
sound radiation direction of the high-pitched speaker 8 becomes almost parallel to the sound
radiation direction of the low-pitched speaker 5 . Therefore, as shown in FIG. 3 for the low
frequency speaker s2> 3, when attached to the car tray 9 of the car, the low noise speaker 8
faces forward, and the voice from the high noise speaker 8 is the driver or the listener You will
get in your ears. As described above, according to the above embodiment, the bass speaker 6 is
mounted on the rear tray 9 of the automobile ′ because the heavy tone speaker 8 is
substantially fixed to the bass sound 9 by force 5. Even if it is mounted upward, the cylinder
sound spill force 8 will be mounted toward the front, so that it is possible to obtain a sound effect
coming in both the bass and the cylinder sound.
In particular, according to the above embodiment, since the high sound speaker 8 is provided by
the flexible support 7i / (as shown by the dotted line in FIG. 2, it is also possible to arbitrarily
change the sound radiation direction of the high sound speaker 8 , Has many orientation points
that can be set between the people according to the preference. More than that? As is apparent,
according to the speaker system of the present invention, it is possible to use the low-pitched
speaker so as to turn around at the same time as the sound emission of the heavy-tone speaker.
Even if the speaker is mounted upward, it can be used to hear directly from the high-pitched
speaker because it can be heard by the listener, and it has a side-lighting that can obtain a
squeezed sound effect with little omission of the sieve.
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