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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of an embodiment of the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a plan view of an iron core, a yoke and a flange portion.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... iron core, 1a ... iron core front-end | tip part, 2 ... yoke, 3 ...
flange part, 4 ... drive coil, 6 ... diaphragm, 8 ... groove | channel.
[Detailed description of the invention] There is a problem with the sounding device that is used
as a power source for the alarm clock even if it is one. Anti-US electromagnetic fuser h1 yoke
through the iron core in the middle of the yoke, the real heart with the drive coil τ wound Hohin
f fitted, and this Hohin out the magnet M1 distributed, name tic I placed the vibration similar to
tk 趨 111 I of the iron core in an interrogative manner, and it is a 罠 シ) シ シ に よ に よ 1− 1−
1− 1-. 4Q Q 9 ′ ′ ′ requires a hovin as an independent part, and if the number of parts is
increased by using r k rvc or V, coil τ hobin is wound and r L L can be fitted to this hobin τff c I
v There is a drawback that it takes time and effort to fall into one or two sets of M. There is also
an example in which an attempt is made to improve 久 e = 欣 by imprisoning the animal's mind,
hovin and t super-permeability material 1 in one, or ρ); Q corresponding to O part) Magnetic
flux is not concentrated in the beast heart in the magnetic flux concentration in the magnetic flux
density in the working heart O The purpose is also a product, with a small number of Q-factors 1a simplified assembly 5 together with a simple assembly 5 to increase the driving efficiency D 0
O 1) One example of non-invention In Fig. 3 in the figure, 1 is a free-cutting iron core which is a
dull-cut iron core]], one end of this iron core (rear end extraction E11 + ++ vt is a yoke) In the
attack on the 4th half of the arrow) the attack is made by winding 7 coils between the yoke 2 and
the flood 6 to the iron core 1 with the flange 7 3rJC γ and the iron core 1 Part 4 a and 4b are
drawn to the outside from the drawing hole 2a of the yoke 2 at a point where the yoke 2 is
provided V by press-fitting to the iron core 1 in this example, There are a couple of five. The
magnet 5 is seen at the yoke 2 @, and the inside of the iron core 1. The magnetic force TL of the
outer peripheral edge τ of the vibrator 6 is observed at the upper end of the Oo magnet 5 that
has been burned in the flange portion 5 and the drive coil 4 (167 is the upper surface of the
vibrator 6 is also finally dissolved) It is a mass of dust and a collision impact amount. Flange
silicon 6 is integrated with the iron core 1 in the front part 1a 911 I of the 7 · · field (diameter) of
the 7 hail the vibration machine 6 [the drive coil 4T of stirling: winding winding 0 Sufficiently
dyed, so that the circular curve of the 0 flange sleeve 6 is exactly on the plate; stir f r (in the form
of a groove, in the vicinity of the boundary between the flange 5 with the housing 0 and the iron
core 1 f 8 is a ring-like Kj D 、, # 1 city 8 シ こ の 乱 乱 乱 乱 乱 乱 乱〕〕 構成 構成 本 本 本 VC
VC body 廿 襞 廿 襞 廿 襞 廿 襞 f f The number of core parts is reduced because the coil hubin is
no longer needed, and the manufactured beans are also abbreviated by V, and the light year of
the magnetic flux from the flange part 6 is reduced, and the Kiryu ii8 rice is effective for the iron
city Concentrated on the drive efficiency according to 9 、, consumption% less flow 丁-still T
'light as an independent member of yoke 2 year old iron core 1-chome It was pressed into may
be provided yoke iron core integrally.
A simple inter-station diagram of 4 · ward l [l [l indicates one embodiment of the proposed plan T
one-(, Fig. 1 is a mincho area, the second is iron JL, yoke processing flange S + 凶-(め w.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Iron core 1a ... Iron core front-end | tip part 2 ... Yoke 6 ... Fluff
capital 4- drive coil 6 ... Shaking wJJ board 8 ... A groove or more Applicants corporation Ltd.-1 /
f ') , Attorney patent attorneys best 4-Figure 1 Figure 1 1Q 836 and 12 "Figure 2 □ ~ 93799 r'T
'7" =-,' (cane X company 1 down payment 5 ') "Ear 1 top affairs
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