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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front sectional view of a conventional
acoustic transducer, and FIG. 2 is a front sectional view of the acoustic transducer according to
the present invention. 1 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Waterproof membrane.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a single
echocardiographic toilet, and also to be a vinegar converter (/ J waterproof structure related)electromagnetic or piezoelectric or the like GIJ acoustic converter C Nigo 6, the sound conversion
unit is equipped with a dissipative cylinder serving as a resonance housing to improve the sound
pressure level, and the sound change unit @ q internal function is protected, while the sound
conversion unit and the resignation Shoko Two waterproof boards are provided, and the
soundproofing board protects the soundproofing capital from moisture that is absorbed into the
sounding cylinder 1 / J by bending the sounding hole by the waterproofing boards, and thus the
movement 11u no woman identification, durability It is common to separate sex and affectivity
etc. The first example is an i magnetic type neck 41 transducer uJ according to the prior art, and
the acoustic conversion unit 1 is (1) 9-, -1z? 7 / ? Conical inward-shaped ridge 2 Grenau trace
part outer circumference C-Internal diameter ridge-like emitting body 4 self-contained with
sound emission hole 6, H14H1 case 2t, ir opening face plate-like, sheet-like Or the film-like J
waterproof body 5 (2 closed, the waterproof body 5C 2 backs the sound release hole 6 and the
water C inside the sound release portion 4 is the sound change portion 1 It has a structure to
prevent Reno going into the interior of the house. Mouth 1] Note that the acoustic transformation
device 1 is equipped with a case 2 'JIai + UJ iron core 7 with a two coil 6 washer 1 8 1). Said spot
firefly eight ten two coils 6. A cylindrical permanent magnet 9 is disposed so as to surround a
permanent magnet composed of an iron core 7, and the end face of the upper opening of the
case C ? inside two steps 2a of the bifurcated step 2a, an air gap with respect to the iron core 7
? tip 7a The A111-J frequency 1Qtn, which has a structure in which the U-shaped vibration
plate 10 facing each other via Gl is mounted, is a central portion ? bifurcated ballast. In the case
of the sound 11 converter of the above-mentioned structure, when the coil 6 of the coil 6 is
supplied with a bi-directionally variable current 'iiK current, then ?: dragon ? I6. Magnetic inphase round action between the Hani party's paternity and the permanent magnet 9 vml flow
bias magnetic field, and (2) O frequency 10 of ten ersitivity ? 2 yo 1 ? '1! The frequency of the
coil ? ? 14 depending on the frequency-2 depending on the gap-copied in a circle-Hatsune
sound is subjected to sound emission cylinder 4 force resonance action, the quotient of the sound
pressure level from the sound emission hole 6 A good vibration noise is emitted per ear.
Somewhat, the conventional neck-to-head converter represented by this example is a step 4a
(water-made) which is formed by spreading the peripheral edge of the waterproof body 5 by the
opening end face of the sound collecting cylinder 4 of the case 2. Because it was a sideways
move by pressing and fixing between the / J end face, the integrity of the joint surface between
the waterproof body 5 and the case 2 and the dissipative cylinder 4, watertightness or badness,
sufficient waterproofness I didn't get it. Although one transmission has been tried in which the
waterproof body 5 and the sound emitting cylinder 4 or the d case 2 are connected by one wellknown "one negative side", a variety of ? NQJ acoustic converters are used. The watch-Magneto
range-Wheels, Hokes Sobels, etc. ? 2 incorporated as a part (/ J blood differences or there is
often a micropart of 10 mm or less in diameter, for example, because it is often a micropart of 10
mm or less) Distributing and assembling] In the process or the process, it causes excessive
bonding of the right-handed agent or lack of overlapping, etc., and the waterproofness (5) tquality is easily influenced by the skill of assembly, and it is reliable It was not possible to
procure and produce a high quality product.
It is an object of the present invention to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior
art and to provide a simple (one-assembly, simple-structured, waterproof membrane with stable
stability, and a pleasant (double-reliable Q) sound 11 converter. With the goal. In order to
achieve the above object, in the sound-to-product converter according to the present invention, a
case C2 constituting a first conversion unit, and a waterproof film made of a heat-shrinkable
resin are covered. The contents of the non-invention will be concretely described with reference
to the following ?F? example ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 2 2 2 2 [[[2 It is a figure. In FIG. 8,
the same reference numerals as in FIG. 1 indicate components having functional ? twosidedness. This Reno lol 211! ! In the example, the waterproof film 12 made of a heat-receptive
side oil, two open side @ II side on which the case 2t / J-pregnant kinematics 10 constituting the
acoustic conversion unit 1 are mounted. He is convicted and is taken to the right. A convex
groove 16 is provided around the four ridges of this reno field case-case 2! ! 4 groove 1 groove 3
inside 3 ? 2 1 pi If one end side of the waterproof film 12 is made to bite, it does not cause
ashes in the waterproof film 12 and it is firm i 2 right side (4) C . In order to form the waterproof
film 12 as a cover, a heat-shrinkable resin film is placed on the open end face side of the case 2heat shrinkage is sufficient, and it is possible to separate the Ur waterproofness more than ? 2
You Also, the conventional waterproofing agent does not need to be affected by the water
resistance due to the skill of the assembly, since the assembly 1 of the care agent like the
conventional Q) and the assembly and drying of the care agent are completely unnecessary. It is
a matter of producing one. ??? In the completed state, the sound film 16 is encased in the
waterproof film 12 and the sound emitting inner body 4 is mounted on the right, as described
above: The sound powder converter according to the present invention A waterproof film made
of heat astringent side oil is covered on the case to be constructed. The simple assembly,
structure, punish the smart degree of waterproofness of h degree, 1 It is possible to provide a
high reliability old-fashioned ? converter that can be mass-produced, 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? @
sigma @ sigma ] Other types (also applicable to J / J echo transducers, 4, section ?) Detailed
explanation of the year Figure 1 shows a conventional sound-to-sound converter ? j stop face 1
blood diagram, 2 ( FIG. 5a is a front sectional view of the acoustic transducer v according to the
present invention. 1 и и и и и и sound material conversion unit 2 и и и Case 12 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 12 ? 70 876 Fig. 2 + 110 12 13 13 876?Niigata new model applicant Tokyo! Ki 1 r, j-Shikuri Co., Ltd. Attorneys Patent Attorneys Re Re
beauty section eighty 240 v ? & other deviser Chi Nike t Tsukuni Hobashi address Chuo-ku,
Tokyo Nihonbashi-chome 16th No. 1 Touki four udenoki kaga Tukou Noburo Unai Tokyo Electric
Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Gakuuuji Name Migaki Yuji Sumika Change Office 4 Kahashi Zen
Noro Name Yakuya Nibetsu Office Co-locus Hurusetokio Name Furuse Atsuo ()-и и /
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