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The present invention relates to a mounting structure of a piezoelectric element for pickup which
outputs a musical tone of a musical instrument such as a guitar, a violin, a pansy or the like
having an acoustic body to the outside as an electric signal. Conventionally, for example, a
plurality of piezoelectric elements for pickup are mounted with a width that can be
accommodated in the saddle at a position corresponding to each string in the saddle, or a metal
corresponding to the length of the saddle at the lower position of the saddle Although there are
multiple piezoelectric elements attached to a U-shaped cross-section case, the basic idea is to
damp the vibration of the strings, so that the lower part of each string where the vibration of the
strings directly faces, A plurality of tubes are arranged along each string or each string of one or
two strings, and the individual piezoelectric elements are also intended to damp the vibration of
the strings almost directly above, so that individual Piezoelectric elements are generally formed
in a rectangular chip shape, although the width is narrow and the length is relatively short
depending on whether one or two chords are targeted, but in this case, the chip of each
piezoelectric element Pressure due to the tension of the strings applied to each In addition, since
the sensitivity of each chip is uneven depending on the position of the chip, etc., in order to make
this sensitivity characteristic uniform, any medium for making the sensitivity uniform between
the piezoelectric element and the saddle should It must be intervened, in which case pi, kua.
Production costs are high, sound fidelity is degraded, and no matter how good the pickup is, it is
necessary to adjust the sensitivity for each string at the time of actual installation on an
instrument. In addition, there is a disadvantage that this sensitivity adjustment requires
considerable technology and labor. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present
invention is to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of the prior art by providing a pick-up
mounting structure for an instrument having an acoustic body that is simple in structure and can
easily dampen the vibration of each string. Next, the configuration of the first embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIGS. Mounted on the upper shell 1 to form
a guitar acoustic body? A circular recess 4 is formed at a position below the saddle 8 on the back
of the piece 2 and between the eighth string S3 and the fourth string S4. In the same recess 4, a
pick-up 5, in this case zirconate titanate Pickup 5 in which thin brass protection plate 7 is pasted
by conductive adhesive on bimorph piezoelectric element 6 in which silver electrode is vacuum
deposited on ceramic made of lead (Ztp) is shown in FIG. 5 via insulating sheet 8 Each core wire
of shield wire 11 attached in a state shielded by metal foil 9 shown and drawn in through wiring
hole 10 formed on top plate 1 to the same pickup 5 is soldered to each electrode of both sides of
piezoelectric element 6 At the same time, the lower surface of the saddle 8 attached to the piece
2 is in pressure contact with the upper surface of the pickup 5 under the tension of each of the
strings S1 to S6.
Accordingly, when the first to sixth chords S1 to S6 are sequentially repelled in this pickup 5
mounting structure, the piezoelectric element 6 has a large disk-like area, so that the vibrations
of the respective chords 81 to S6 are substantially equal. The sound transmitted to the
piezoelectric element 6 from the piezoelectric element 6 through an amplifier (not shown) is a
sound faithful to the vibration of the strings 81 to S6, that is, a sound with a wide range width
and a good sensitivity, but uneven in sensitivity as feeling. It occurs in the absence state. Next,
FIG. 6 shows a second embodiment of the present invention, in which case both ends of the
saddle 12, for example, the right and left self-control 14 ° 15 in the lower part 18 of the second
string S2 and the fifth string S5. The pickup 16.17 is brazed to increase the mechanical stability
of the saddle 12 and the frequency characteristics of the left and right pickup 16.17 near the
strings immediately above, for example, the first string 81 to the eighth string S8, the fourth
string S4 to the fourth. Except for the optimum formation corresponding to the frequency of the
sixth string S6, the configuration, operation, and effects are substantially the same as those of the
first embodiment. Incidentally, the recesses 5, 14 and 15 for storing the pickups 5, 16 and 17 in
the first and second embodiments are surin with the front surface shown in FIGS. Conversion of
the pickup 5.16.17 can be facilitated, in which case the pickup 5, 16 can be connected by
inserting the connection between the pickup 5, 16. 17 and the external wiring without soldering.
.17 can be further easily attached and removed, and a volume or tone control dial for pickup 5
16.17 output is attached to the left and right position surface of piece 2 18 and a small jack on
the right side of piece 2.18 By mounting the main unit without any secondary processing of the
instrument body, even if there is a failure, all external output devices including an electric circuit
should be replaced only with the replacement of pieces 2 and 18. In addition to the above, it has
the great feature of giving no change to the raw sound without using an amplifier in all of the
above cases, and generating electric power closer to the vibration source strings S1 to S6.
Because the piezoelectric element 6 as a body is attached, even if the musical instrument is close
to the amplifier, howling is less likely to occur, and since the piezoelectric element 6 has no
substantial dimensional restrictions in its attachment, the material and shape of the piezoelectric
element 6 Etc. can be set arbitrarily corresponding to the frequencies of the strings 81 to S6.
Next, FIG. 10 has a connector attached to the tailpiece 24 with the pick-up 28 using a wide
piezoelectric element as described above between the head 22 and at least a portion of the leg of
the banjo 20 at least a portion shown. An eighth embodiment of the present invention in which
the vibration of the strings S7 to 810 is output to the outside through the tone circuit block 25.
In this case, a thin and strong pickup 28 is a piece that transmits the vibrations of the strings S7
to S10. Since the tension of the strings S7 to 810 is pumped between the head 21 and the head
22 that resonates with the vibration, the SN ratio is large, the sound quality is good, and the raw
tone is completely perfect without worrying about howling. It has the feature of being able to
reproduce in a state close to.
Next, in FIG. 11, a thin and strong pickup 29 is attached to the tailpiece 80 as described above,
between at least a part of the legs of the piece 27 of the violin 26, in this embodiment between
the two legs and the upper plate 28. The fourth embodiment of the present invention in which
the vibration of the strings 811 to 814 is output to the outside through the attached tone circuit
block 81 with a connector, and in this case as well, the raw tone is almost completely similar to
the above. It has features such as being able to play In each of the above embodiments, the
pickup is attached to the surface of the upper surface of each musical instrument, but as shown
in FIG. 12, the bracket 84 is attached to the hardwood 38 on the back surface of the outer
surface 82. Even if the pickup 87 of the piezoelectric element is pressed against the back surface
of the outer shell 82 by the vertical movement of the clamp plate 86 via the frame, the frameshaped bracket is attached to the outer surface of the outer shell or the head 88 as shown in FIG.
Even if 39 is attached and the pickup 42 of the piezoelectric element is pressed against the back
surface of the head 88 by moving the clamp plate 41 up and down via the screw rod 40 to the
bracket 89, substantially the same effect as each of the above embodiments is obtained. Can.
Next, the effects of the present invention will be described. In the present invention, in an
instrument such as a guitar having an acoustic body, the pressing force due to the tension of the
string is a string support such as saddles 8 and 12 and a top plate of the acoustic body via a
piece 21.27 A pressure receiving area which can detect vibration of a string other than a string
immediately above the partial pressure receiving portion on the partial pressure receiving
portion line of a part of the pressure receiving portion of the front plate applied to the head 22
as well as vibration of a string immediately above the partial pressure receiving portion A pickup
mounting structure of an instrument having an acoustic body attached with a piezoelectric
element for wide pickup. By this, the present invention has the effect that the structure can be
simplified and the vibration of each string can be faithfully followed 0
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a front view of an essential part of the first embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
plan view thereof, FIG. 8 is a broken side view thereof, and FIG. 4 is an enlarged broken side view
of the pickup 5; 6 is a front view of the second embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 7 and
FIG. 8 are front views of another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 10 is a
perspective view of the eighth embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 11 is a perspective view
of the fourth embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 12 and 18 are cut away planes of
another embodiment of the present invention. FIG.
1, 28.82: Front side: Cross piece 8.12: Saddle 4.14.15: 8 only 5, 16.17.2 B, 29.87. 42
... pickup 6 ... piezoelectric elements 18.19 ... slit 22,88 ... head S1 to S14 ... Tsurutokukine
applicant piece 1) Hitoshi
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