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The present invention relates to the orientation of an underwater target, etc., the discovery of a
target according to the invention), or a precise measurement sonar system for accurately
measuring water depth etc. In the interior of the sonar dome in the sonar, a suitable medium is
usually used. In this case, it is known that, from the physical point of view, when a medium
having a different sound velocity is present, the sound wave is refracted at the interface and a
refraction phenomenon occurs between the incident sound and the transmitted sound. This
refraction phenomenon is an undesirable phenomenon for the sonar system aiming at accurate
measurement in terms of the azimuth accuracy of the target. Therefore, when using a sonar in
seawater, most of the prior art uses seawater as a medium in the sonar dome. However, if
seawater is used in the sonar dome, the equipment in the sonar dome is significantly corroded by
the seawater, and its maintenance is difficult. So, on the other hand, there is also a method of
putting fresh water into the inside of a sonar dome, especially a large sonar dome and using it.
However, using this fresh water causes refraction as described above due to the difference in the
speed of sound between the seawater on the outer surface of the sonate and the fresh water in
the sonar dome, and the realization of the n measurement sonar system is It is a layer. The
purpose of the present invention f11 is to provide a sonar system that overcomes the drawbacks
of the prior art as described above, and to cause corrosion of equipment within the sonar dome
as when using seawater in the sonar dome In addition, it is an object of the present invention to
provide a runner system in which a 1-m bending phenomenon at the boundary surface inside
and outside the sonar dome is mitigated or removed. That is, the present invention uses an ethyl
alcohol solution as a medium to be put into the inner dome, and has an appropriate
concentration to match the speed of sound with seawater outside the outer dome, thus the
diffraction of the sound wave generated by the difference in the inner speed of the inner dome. It
exists in a sonar system characterized in that the refraction phenomenon due to the effect is
reduced or eliminated. The invention will now be described by way of example, which will be
described with reference to FIG. FIG. 1 is for explaining one embodiment of the present invention
2>! , J11fI! As J, an ethyl alcohol solution is used and an ethyl alcohol aqueous solution is used 1,
and the relationship between the speed of sound of this product and its concentration
dependency is shown graphically. As shown in 1 m, the sound velocity of ethyl alcohol aqueous
solution is, for example, 1180 ml at 20 "C, depending on its concentration. It changes from 1656
to i0.
On the other hand, the sound velocity of fresh water is 1470 ffi / ;, at 206C. Also, the speed of
sound of seawater is 1520 at 20 ° C. Therefore, it should be considered as a precise
measurement system that sound speed in seawater should be basic, and ideally the sound speed
should not be different until it reaches the passing surface of sound waves. However, sonar
domes are indispensable as commutation for running ships of ships, but it is preferable to use the
same kind of seawater as described above in order to try to equalize the speed of sound inside
and outside the nonner dome. However, whatever metallic material is used for seawater, it causes
corrosion and a great deal of disturbance is required. Also, even if fresh water is used, it is the
above-mentioned passage that the sound wave is refracted at different interfaces of the medium
and it is not preferable for the precise measurement sonar system. In the present invention, an
ethyl alcohol aqueous solution as shown in the embodiment is used as a medium in the sonar
dome and, for example, at a temperature of 20, a 5 inch aqueous solution is used as shown in
FIG. And the sound velocity of the medium in the sonar dome is eliminated, and it is possible to
eliminate the large number of equipment in the inner dome, that is, corrosion. In the present
invention, the speed of sound can be appropriately controlled by ethyl alcohol 1a degree, and the
adaptability to control of the speed of sound of ethyl alcohol is extremely large, and further, the
physical stability is also very good. There are 28. Thus, according to the present invention, by
considering the medium in the nner dome, the sound velocity with the seawater outside the nner
dome is matched, and the curvature of the arrival direction accompanying the diffraction effect
caused by the sound velocity difference of the incident sound reduces. It is possible to provide a
precise measurement system that is suitable for the present invention, and the precise
measurement sonar system can be easily realized by being able to be free from the refraction and
corrosion of the sound wave in the medium in the sonar dome.
Brief description of the drawings
The graph 俯 → is a graph showing the sound velocity concentration dependency of the ethyl
alcohol aqueous solution.
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