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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a luggage device for a vehicle.
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION A prior art car wedge device is shown in FIG. An air pipe 2
for sending compressed air is connected to a whistle 1 which is ringed by air pressure. In
addition, a soot valve 3.3 'capable of turning on and off the air circuit is provided at the tip, and
the tip is connected to an air reservoir 4 which is an accumulator of compressed air via the air
pipe 2 at the tip. There is. A compressor 5 for accumulating compressed air in an air reservoir 4
is connected by an air pipe 2. Now, in order to prevent the danger of vehicles etc., in order to
make the whistle 1 ring, the compression stored in the air reservoir 4 by operating the whistle
valve 3, 3 'provided in the vicinity of the engineer and assistant Since air is supplied to the pipe 1
through the pot valve 3 or the pot valve 3 'and the pot 1 rings, it is used to prevent danger while
the vehicle etc. is traveling, so the engineer is an engineer , It is necessary to arrange in the
vicinity of the assistant ・ It is common to arrange on the upper surface of the cab table or the
like. Therefore, the air pipe 2 is connected to the valve 3 and 3 ', and the engineer and assistant
man tool air pipe is piped up to the upper surface of the cab table, which makes piping work
difficult, and in recent years, the cab table is a digitizing meter It has become smart by the etc.,
but by providing the valve 3.3 ', there was an intermittent problem such as poor appearance.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An object of the present invention is to simplify piping work and
improve the appearance of a cab table by replacing the valve with a solenoid valve and a switch.
An embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 笛 l is usually
mounted on the upper part of the vehicle body and connected to the solenoid valve 6 by the air
pipe 2 and the other is connected to the air reservoir 4 by the air pipe 2 and compressed air
from the compressor 5 to the air reservoir 4 Has been sent and stored. Further, a switch 8.8 'for
connecting the solenoid valve 6 is connected to the solenoid valve 6, and a storage battery 7
serving as the power source is connected. Now, when it becomes necessary to ring the whistle 1
such as feeling danger ahead of a vehicle etc., the engineer or assistant turns on the switch 8.8'e.
As a result, the solenoid valve 6 is pressurized by the -1 W battery 7, and the air circuit of the
solenoid valve 6 is opened. Accordingly, the compressed air stored in the air reservoir 4 passes
through the air pipe 2 and enters the weir 1 so that the weir 1 rings. Thus, since the weir 1 is
ringed by the compressed air, the weir 1 and the air reservoir are When the distance 4 is short,
the response speed of the crucible 1 is increased, and at the same time, the distance of the air
pipe 2 can be reduced, and the piping operation becomes easy. In accordance with the present
invention, the solenoid valve 6 can be disposed at any position of the shortest distance between
the weir 1 and the air reservoir 4.
In recent years, the driver's cab is becoming a smart driver with a good operability due to the
development of electronic technology and the improvement of the environment such as engineer
and assistant. Now, the switch 8 for switching the solenoid valve 60 is disposed in the vicinity of
the engineer, assistant, etc. in consideration of operability. When the spike valve 3 is arranged,
two air pipes 2 are connected to the spike valve 3, the driver's cab area becomes complicated,
and a smart cab can not be provided. However, according to the present invention, the switch 8
may be arranged in the driver, and only two electric wires may be used. Also, the switch 8 may
be of any type as long as it has the function of turning off the person. It is possible to select a
switch 8 matched to the cab, and provide a modern cab. According to the present invention, it is
possible to provide a smart cab with good operability, with only gold switches attached to the
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a view of a conventional scissors device. FIG. 1 is a diagram of a scissors of the present
1 ... 笛, 3 ... solenoid valve, 8.8 '... switch. Agent Attorney Takahashi Akio
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