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This invention is a high-power transmitter with a transmission capacity of 180 dB re 1 μPm or
more in a low frequency (mainly 3 kHz or less) 1 band used for long distance sorting, marine
resource exploration, etc. It is about (Prior art) Since low-frequency ultrasonic waves in water
have fewer non-shipping boundaries than high-frequency waves and can reach farther distances,
they are low in sortee, marine resource exploration, ocean current survey, etc. The use of high
frequency ultrasound has many advantages. 2. Description of the Related Art Electrodynamic
transducers and EjElm) lance transducers are known as transmitters that emit high-intensity
ultrasonic waves while in the water. Electrokinetic type transformers, because of the small antimHt + force that large displacements can take, it is difficult to obtain small-sized, low-frequency
impedances through low frequency. In contrast, lead-zirconate titanate-based piezoelectric
ceramic crucibles are used as electroacoustic conversion materials for piezoelectric transducers,
and since the piezoelectric ceramic has an acoustic impedance that is about 20 times greater
than that of water, the generated force is Although it is very large, the medium displacement
(acoustic radiation) K is necessary and displacement can not be taken. In view of the fact that the
acoustic radiation impedance per unit radiation area becomes extremely small as the frequency
becomes low, in order to perform efficient acoustic radiation at low frequencies, the busy spreads
the displacement of the piezoelectric ceramic further to carry out the acoustic radiation. There is
a need to do. The following about the conventional piezoelectric transducer. explain. It is well
known that a bolt-clamped Langevin transducer is actively used in a frequency band of 3 kHz to
several tens of kHz as a transducer for transmitting high intensity ultrasonic waves in water.
However, if this transducer is to be operated at a low frequency of 3 kllz or less, the weight size
is too large and too large for practical use because it does not have a displacement expanding
mechanism, and it has a defect when it becomes fi. Therefore, transducers that can be
miniaturized at low frequencies and 1.7, for example, R, 8, Woollett, “Trend and Probrem in 8
onar Transducer Design,” 11 ij EE Trans, on Ultrasonlcs Engineering. G. Brigham and B, Graas,
"Present 8 tatus ln Flextensional Transducer," as described in ppH 6-124 (196'3.11), using the
flexural vibration of the disc shown in FIG. Technology ”, JeAcoust + 8 oc, Am.
A flex-elongation transducer is known which uses an oval shaped shell designated 21i JK as
described in Vol-68, No-4, pp-1046-1052 (1980, 10). (Problems of the prior art) A bending
transducer using a circular flat plate shown in FIG. 1 uses a circular bi-self oscillator as a
transmitter as is well known. In FIG. 1, lO is lead zirconate titanate. A system piezoelectric
ceramic plate, 11 is made of nickel, stainless steel, or any other metal plate, and a bimorph
oscillator is composed of 10.11 [7, 7] (2 immorph oscillator itself is an acoustic radiator. また、
12はキャビティ、13は)−ウジングケースである。 However, since a large-area piezoelectric
ceramic plate can be obtained as a piezoelectric ceramic plate of 10, a bimorph oscillator can be
obtained by K bonding a large number of segment ceramic plates to the metal plate 11 in a
mosaic manner. Is the current situation. For this reason, the medium exclusion capability of the
transmitter is not sufficient, and it is not suitable for high power transmission. In addition, the
large area piezoelectric ceramic plate is not expected to have a large medium removing ability
due to the bending compliance of the insulator. A type of displacement expansion which
uniformly shrinks with several times displacement of the ttcm-like body 20 as shown by
pressure-porcelain columnar body 20j ^-'direction type arrow, as shown by pressure-porcelain
columnar body 20j ^-' direction type arrow. The displacement of the piezoelectric ceramic
columnar body 20 is magnified several times so that ultrasonic waves are transmitted from the
outer surface of the shell, and the structure is called “Michel”. Since the upper bimorph disc
has a greater rigidity, it is considered to be a transducer that transmits power t.sub.tchh
compared to the transducer "K" shown in FIG. □ However, from the point of view, the strong
shape dependence of the elliptic loop is returned to the performance of the bending and
elongation transducer shown in FIG. The major axis tk ratio, the minor axis a, is small, in other
words, the eccentric shell with a large flat square shell, but theoretically it has good acoustic
consistency and good acoustic radiation efficiency. Unfortunately, however, the oval shell can not
take any shape because of the following reasons. First, at 1 K, as the shape becomes flatter, the
stress is concentrated on the portion j − where the curvature is large. Second, it is necessary to
use a pressure storage column or an electronic storage space (if it is necessary to use a second
storage space, the ratio of a / b to the major axis may be practically used. It is impossible to make
it 0.3 or less.
Therefore, the maximum displacement of the elliptical shell with respect to the displacement of
the piezoelectric ceramic columnar body 20 is the short axis portion, and this portion generates
at most 5 to 7 times; Furthermore, as shown in FIG. 2, since the front side transducer has
characteristics close to bidirectionality or neglectability, it is suitable as a neglective transmission
device, but it has a specific one-directionality. It is impossible to do a Phased Array or a
Conformal Array. (Object of the Invention) The present invention eliminates such drawbacks of
the conventional transformers and provides a small size transmitter having high power
characteristics in a low frequency band · ε and k. According to the present invention, the active
columnar body of $ 1 capable of generating longitudinal vibration and the active columnar body
of the cocoon 2 in which the displacement is opposite to this active columnar body are arranged
in parallel. The structure is formed with a convex shell or a cosicap-shaped shell, which is
disposed at the end of each of the nactave columns and connected to the lever through the
hinges at both ends and further expands the displacement of the lever at one end of the lever. It
is a low frequency underwater ultrasonic wave transmitter characterized by having equipped.
(Detailed Description of Configuration) If the transmitter of the present invention is configured to
have the above-described two-stage displacement enlarging mechanism, the gap between k and
the prior art is improved. The following description will be made with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 3 is a bottom view of (b) of the present invention which is a perspective view of the convex
shell. The operating principle of the transmitter of FIG. 3 will be described in detail. In the figure,
3.1 and 31 'are active columns formed of a piezoelectric ceramic ring, and when one column
extends, the polarization of one porcelain is performed so that the other column shrinks. The
direction and how to shoot the electric terminal are devised □. Here, for the sake of simplicity,
the active columnar body 31 ° 31 ′ is completely the same, and the displacement is also equal
to the active columnar body 31.31 ′, and the bar 34.34 ′ is inward. The angle is rotated by 〇
and the lever is enlarged at one end P, P 'point and nine displacements ξ! Occurs. For example,
using a high tensile strength steel = =) steel L / / <-is almost rigid mti ;, VC near motion, hinge 32.
33 or 32 ',: l 3' distance tJs , Hinge 33 P, or the distance between hinge 33 'and P'! Then,
geometrically enlarged displacement ξtFi 21 t + ll.
M-m-1ξ110. , (L), for example, 1. = J, and so on. Then, a 3-row spread * '1' displacement occurs
at the points P and P '. Furthermore, if you move the point 35 to the point K P and P ', and move
the displacement 35, the shape effect of the convex shell will make the displacement by several
times more than ξ * I / e due to the shape effect of the figure. It is given as indicated by the
double arrows. Because of the above-mentioned displacement amplification mechanism of the
cloud step, the present invention) / speaker of the present invention has a very large variation in
acoustic radiation, and is small in size and excellent in acoustic radiation capability. I can say
that. At this point, although simple rounding is performed using the round columns 31 and 31 ′
′ of the same shape, even if the shape of the round pillars is different and the output
displacement of the round pillars is different, the present invention It is a matter of course that
the power is a hindrance to the operation of G. Also, 36 indicates a small protrusion on the lever
to improve the rigidity of the lever, so that 34.34 'rotates by an angle 0. Also, the hinges 32, 32 ',
33, 33'-, which abut against the lever, cause a main deformation by an angle 0, and a
deformation occurs in the portion of the columnar body 31.31'. The magnitude of the deflection
moment is small and large for the deflection of the hinges 32, 32 ', 33, 33'. Therefore, the total
amount of pink is 6 pigeons, the vertical compliance is "small", and the deflection compliance is
larger when using pink (for example, a hand-plate hinge). Furthermore, an example of the active
columnar body used for the transmitter of the present invention is shown in FIG. The active
columnar body will be described in detail with reference to FIG. In FIG. 4, c '41 is a piezoelectric
ceramic ring, and adjacent piezoelectric ceramic pieces are arranged so that their polarization
directions become opposite to each other and they are electrically connected in parallel. 4 and 2
act as a pump and 43 act as a static and apply a compressive stress to the piezoelectric ceramic
ring 41 with a nut. The reason is that piezoelectric ceramics are used to prevent piezoelectric i ′
′ ring 4iK tension at excitation 9 when the mechanical strength against pressure is 麿 i when
the mechanical strength against pressure is large. Oh. As a result, it is possible to drive several
times the piezoelectric ceramic's inherent force limit. The active columnar body having such a
weir structure can be uniformly stretched and shrunk as a result of the directions of polarization
and electric field vectors being in phase or antiphase in all the piezoelectric ceramic rings 41. .
In the case where two pairs of active columns shown in FIG. 4 are used, and one of them
stretches so that the other will shrink, the configuration as shown in FIG. 5 (a) # (b) is adopted.
good. As shown in FIG. 5 (1) K, if the polarization directions of the two columnar bodies are
completely the same, it is better to insert an insulation ring 44 and connect in series. Also, it is
better to wire two active connections in parallel as they are. As shown in Fig. 6 (a) and (b) K, one
waver using a shell 35 'in the shape of a squeezed cap is shaped as a double arrow as shown by
double arrows. λ is the phase of the acoustic radiation only swears, and it is obvious that the
same operation is performed. 'Here 31 ° 31' is the active column, 32.32 ', 33, 33' is the hinge,
34. 34 'is the lever. (Embodiment) An underwater ultrasonic wave transmitter using a convex
type shell according to an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference
to FIG. The transducer using the convex shell shown in FIG. 3 is housed in a thick 9C11 PR, pHli
housing case 71 to prevent acoustic coupling between the transducer and housing and to
prevent the rotational movement of the lever. In order not to do so, an acoustic decoupling
material 72 mainly made of cork and synthetic rubber is disposed on the side and bottom of the
lever. The convex shell for emitting acoustic radiation has a radius of curvature larger than that
of the outer diameter. In this case, the planar shape is a rectangle of 500 RX 4 and Q cIL, but the
shape is limited to this. The thickness was 1.5 to 2.0 scratches. The lever, n'hi and hkon peck δ
shell are all made of high strength steel. The resonant frequency of this transducer stroke is 850
Hz, mass 58-. A displacement of 12 times is obtained at the central portion of the convex shell
with respect to the displacement of the active columnar body. I used what I used for a while. The
sound pressure was measured 1-away from the acoustic radiation end, and the characteristics
shown in FIG. 8 were obtained. In addition, when trying to realize a high frequency wave
transmitter with an oscillation frequency of 850 Hz by using a conventional bolt-clamped ranch
and a linear oscillator, theoretically, at at least 300 KP or less (the effect of the invention) In the
present invention, the displacement of the active columnar body is multiplied by n at the acoustic
emission end (, n ′ >> 1. ) Q displacement huge! The row amount is n! When converted to the
active column side. 1) In the present invention, 2 ′ ′ di 予 = ト ラ ン ス is a transducer that can
perform low-frequency operation, miniaturization, high efficiency, simultaneous K1 and easy
busy operation. Ru.
In the wave transmitter of the present invention, it is also possible to use a high-performance
magnetostrictive material containing rare anise element as a component of the piezoelectric
ceramic as an active columnar body, as far as it is possible to say that it is a butterfly.
Brief description of the drawings
Figure 1 shows a conventional flexing transducer, and Figure 2 shows a conventional flexing and
stretching transducer ', p3 back (a) and (b) use a humpex shaped shell.
Figure showing an example of a wave transmitter, figure, #! Fig. 4 shows an example of an active
column used in the wave transmitter according to the present invention, Fig. 5 shows a
configuration of the active column, Fig. 86 (a), (b) a Fi-cone-type sheer 9 from this / using / /!
Fig. 7 shows an example of the wave transmitter of Fig. 7, Fig. 7 shows a P-wave according to the
present invention, Fig. 8 shows an example of the output sound pressure characteristic of the
wave transmitter according to the present invention. . In the figure, 10Fi piezoelectric ceramic
plate, 11 is a metal plate, 12 is a cavity, 13 is a housing 4-s, child 0 is a piezoelectric ceramic
columnar body, 21 is an elliptical shell, 31.31 'is an active columnar body, 32. 32 ', 33, 33'
[Divine, 34, 34 'is a lever, 35 is a convex shaped shell, 3' 5 'is a conformed shaped shell, 36 is a
small projection, 41 is a piezoelectric ceramic ring, 42 # i bolt, 43 Is a nut, 44 is an insulating
ring, 71Fi housing case δ, 72tj acoustic decoupling material, arrows are polarization directions,
double arrows are transformation directions.
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