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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the shock absorber
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a schematic plan sectional view of the main part in a
normal state, and FIG. 2 is a schematic plan cross section of the main part in a collision state. FIG.
A ... car body, B ... bumper, 1 ... outer cylinder, 3 ... inner cylinder, 4a, 4b ... absorption member, 6
... support member, 7 ... absorption member. 2-i \ Gh jab 6 N 1 85 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a vehicle V slow
east apparatus for automatic control. 11 ζ ζ%%% バ ン パ ー バ ン パ ー バ ン パ ー 督 督 車 両
従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来, The bumper device has little function of
absorbing the energy at the fI collision time In, at the time of the collision 1: when there is a
sudden change in acceleration in the collision or the occupant's sled force II, the seat belt etc. It
was extremely insufficient to ensure the safety of the occupants. Nowadays, when the bumper
and its LD mounting device 1 is Shandong (dual layer deformation, it absorbs a sudden change in
acceleration of the 1st century) Although these vehicles have been widely used, they do not have
to be used repeatedly in the event of a collision because they do not have repeated use. In the
case of plastic plaster-like, its deformation Since the first resistance is large, it is impossible to
provide a smooth cushioning effect, so 1: no matter how shocking compensation is given, the
initial width of the collision = if it is not, it will cause the crew to have a conflict. Therefore, as a
safety device 1-sufficient (not achieved to achieve 0 there is to provide a 畿 IIII device which can
perform a smooth cushioning action in the present invention (: to improve the safety of the
occupant It is to try. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail based on the
embodiment shown in the drawings. In the front part of the vehicle, vN on the body part of the
vehicle is directed toward the front and rear direction. Thus, a space with a bottom is formed, and
this space core 4-inner cylinder 34 is slidable (two fitted in). The inner cylinder 3 is squeezed
shorter than the depth of the lIi'I 9th period (If the inner diameter of the outer cylinder of the
inner cylinder 2 and the inner circumference 1 of the inner cylinder 2 of the inner cylinder 2 is
sufficient: The sled 1 is set to a size such that-is formed, and the outer sleeve / I () is also firmly
attached to the absorbent sheath (-and thus to the outside @ /) in a state where it is far I. This
absorbent member da is made of a viscous and elastic (= rich material like rubber, and holds the
axial position to be applied to the bowl-shaped absorbent member 4 ta holding the inner s3 at
the center of the outer S / and the inner cylinder 3 The wedge-shaped absorbent member Qa has
a configuration in which the inner cylinder 31-the inner peripheral portion in contact with the
inner sleeve 31 is deviated to the tip side, and is formed into a shape of @ 1 non-crossing
direction 8 The cylindrical absorption member 4th is placed between the bottom of the 11
bottomed space λ and the base end surface 2 'of the cylinder 30 (two are intervened, and the
absorption member and the outer sheath / inside I!
Solidify the contact portion with 1l I3: From the outer cylinder / inside: 2 inner cylinder 3 in a
state where its tip protrudes from the outside @ / from the outer @ / floating 1! (2 fixed. In
addition, if the same adhesion of the outer S / and the absorption t4 material q (two heat-), the
absorption section to the draw cylinder / to), the solid-slip operation of the material q is difficult
(-indicates a figure curve (= Yes (2 absorbent members are fixed to the auxiliary cylinder j, then
ol) auxiliary ptH 1 for the outer cylinder 1; 2 may be fixed 0 and the tip of the inner m 3
protruding from the outside @ (: An elastic member such as a flat spring: two-pieces ギ -like (a
base end portion is fixed to a bifurcatedly formed support member, and an absorbing member 7
fixed to a distal end of the support member is a bassber Bv) u而): Sticking. In addition, the
absorbent member 2 is a viscous elastic material such as rubber (* b is made of a 2 gtp material),
and the absorbent member 2 is formed in a rhombic shape in the embodiment. The support
member d and the side member of the absorbing member 7v are inclined (two solid layers) in the
same direction at the tip of the support member. In other words, according to the fourth scheme
(in the second case, the bumper B has the absorbing member 2, the supporting member ≦, the
inner member wI3, and the absorbing member q). It is attached in the condition. When impact
energy is applied to the panpar B, the energy is respectively divided into two equal parts (two
parts are added to the support member and transmitted to the support member). Conducting this
energy (as both are compressed, the absorbing member is compressed and the deflection of the
support member (the tip is pushed and spread) based on the lateral direction (two tension, and is
connected to the base of the support member) Absorbing member Buddha that intervenes the
relationship between the inner cylinder 3 and the outer cylinder (/; because the inner cylinder 3
tries to move to the base end @ even if you watch out, 3jl forest absorption material 4 <a is after
compression Being pulled, the cylindrical absorbent member 4tb is a king. In the case of each OI
inertia part (such as in the case where the impact energy is stored while being absorbed), that is,
each flexible part is not stressed in a state where no impact force is applied. At the initial stage of
collision, energy is absorbed with a slight force at the initial stage of collision, and energy is
absorbed at the initial stage of the collision. There is no impact force like the one used for “f”,
and the collision energy increases its internal stress along with the deformation of the flexible
part, so it! -Along with that, resistance to river ridges will rise. Therefore, according to the
present invention (in the case of two such shock absorbers, the resistance negative value is
accelerated from the time of the collision, and thus the collision energy is smoothed and
smoothed. Since there is no speed change, it is possible to minimize damage to the occupant and
the vehicle Av. Also, the largest displacement portion of the support member 60 is used as the
large viscoelastic absorption member 7 (the bumper Bin is processed). One layer only, one
provided with an elastic member (it is convenient because it can improve its elastic force and
viscosity compared with the second layer, and it is convenient that the base, the V base is the
absorption part @ 4 etc. Therefore, even if a large impact force is applied to the support member,
rapid deformation or reconnaissance of the support member t does not occur even if a large
impact force is applied to the support member.
In the embodiment, the inner cylinder 3 is a medium shaft in order to reduce the weight of the
vehicle, but this is a solid shaft (: The bumper B may be mounted not only at the rear of the
vehicle body but also at the left and right. It is necessary to keep the car body safe and protect
the vehicle body with a slight amount of damage as well as keeping the safety of the occupant
with smooth (: q) maintenance of Ili shock energy generated at the time of collision. -A mouth
that can be used. Furthermore, the structure of this charging is simple, so it is inexpensive, and it
has an effect of 4 using a loose fI-dressing counter, which can be damaged and has a low
maintenance cost.
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