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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of a conventional example, and
FIG. 2 is a plan view of the present invention. Fig. 1-187-Japanese Utility Model Application
Publication No. 49-149978 (2) Fig. 2-iss-
?Detailed description of the invention? ? = 14 name of the proposal-Sanuki Sinouchi 4
operation prevention 4: 1 point 42 utility model ? green ? seek-15 transducer attachment
location dovetail and do not face opposite и 1J? Satsuhisa hurts 6 so as to be disposed ?I Ling
and r Ru ии F Togawasu that t, the life of ?? operation prevention structure 83 devised ?,] a
Sachi punishment, Q Akira 4 Honkooku tt The counter used for @a door etc. is the mistake O
work prevention of the formula super J wave S 1 inochi + 111 I construction ? this alt is four.
11 general, one # branch is a flat surface, 11 'and reflects' 1 well, because it has the nature as
shown in Figure 41, as shown in FIG. In the case of a friend, when the opposite surface is 14 ? и и
lie 1 ili C, d sound is reflected in large numbers (b) at 5 11 load + c low sound (511 or less) to
cause 5 '41, 1 1 ? ? ? a a s s s s s t???? ? ? II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II II M, s, z: -1
surface of the battle surface 1 to be transmitted or received near the fork 10 to 1 ?] r surface, C
contour formed by forming a unevenness 2,-L The body, 4 is cut with the j-dtti EZ switch body. [3
what]] "Super 4 emitted from the Iwa Suinosen main body 4! It is sent from the tfffi transmitter
and hits the opposite wall surface, and after the point 6, part i 'is contradicted by the received
wave 4. If there is a difference between the U interval and the difference in the U interval (the
ultrasonic wave @ ?? switch's envelope operates and relay etc) The automatic 91 stalks are 1
░ up and down. I mouth X ? 1 or more J: D D ?(? ? ? ? ? u u u u u u u + + f f L + 4 sound
waves outward There is an effective bow that can be diffused to make 13 generations of multiple
reflections. 144 Figure 1 One-step explanation 1, R11 lJ or conventional-plain hunger is also 4 to
3 Figure ? ? ? m ?. Practical IT plan to find out Deputy person Matsushita Electric Works Co.,
Ltd. 19 one person Attorney Takemoto Toshimaru (other two people) 111 ? 1 size. 2-1 '4 / / / /
/ rice proxy valve ? Shishi Takemoto Toshimaru two people IA997B. 6 Other than the above ?
companies, utility model registration applicants or agents (1) inventor address Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma city Ogata Mon 10 Address Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Name (2) J-new model
applicant (3) agent Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Ojimon 1st 8th Address Matsushita
Electric Works Patent Office. Name (7338) Patent attorney Sa-Seidoki '1 place @ ? ? ? ??
Address 1048 Matsushita Electric Works Co., Ltd. Patent section name () Patent attorney Patent
attorney Mikio Kawase
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