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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic
transducer in an embodiment of the present invention. z-opening, 5 ..... acoustic window.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a book which provides an
ultrasonic transducer excellent in directional #Il and 1-pressure characteristics in an open
configuration. Conventionally, from the balance of ri resolution and maximum detection distance
in underwater ultrasonic measuring devices such as small fish a detection rod, small boat, and
small chestnut rod, 2Q OCf (z kind l! A llj number is used, and a ceramic circular squeezing
vibrator is often used as the 4M motional element, and a large number of vibrators [1 to 20 to
10] are used. Generally, one large disk oscillator is required to obtain sharp directivity, but as the
oscillator t14 is made larger, more spurs appear, and it is identified which oscillation is the main
thickness resonance or stone The tendency is to reduce the coupling coefficient of vibration by 4
and 60. In the past, materials with a relatively low coupling coefficient, such as barium titanate,
have been used to reduce spurious, and ceramic materials have a large coupling coefficient. So, it
was difficult to produce a large transducer. This invention is a straight rumor writing is small 1.
Accordingly, an underwater ultrasonic transducer having sharpened directivity and high t
conversion efficiency using a transducer with a large diameter equivalently using a low-slip lice
and a disk oscillator is provided. One practical example of this study will be described with
drawings. In the figure, 1 is a disk-shaped vibrator used for thickness resonance, 2 is a parabolic
horn, and this parabolic horn 2 is an aluminum having a specific acoustic impedance which is
several times larger than water. It is 5t because it is a non-tactic form having a fixed sound j
impedance of a fraction of F or more to gold such as iron or water. Reference numeral +5 denotes
a single-layer sound 2) 3 window of the parabolic horn 2. A neoprene rubber 41 is attached to
the sound 148, and the vibrator 1 is attached to the neoprene rubber. Reference numeral 3
denotes a plane including the focal point of the parabolic horn 2 and a straight face in the middle
IIJ axis, and a vibrator 1 having a central axis coinciding with the ho / middle l17- is placed in or
near this plane. According to the configuration shown in the figure, directivity is equal to the
directivity of the piston internal work with the diameter of the horn opening 4 and with a small
diameter, it is possible to obtain sharp directivity. Improve the crush. This il proposal has the
structure as described above, and according to the prior 'a', the following effects can be obtained.
(19 Spurya · (Likely small disk-like vibrator with small diameter,-· + i directivity can be obtained(2) On-axis sound pressure is the same increase due to the directivity gain by the horn (3) Non
tactic 7 The use of an ohm makes it easy to mold
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