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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of this invention, FIG. 1 is
a longitudinal sectional view of a microphone for a blood pressure monitor, FIG. 2 is a wave
diagram of a thin plate diaphragm, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a longitudinal sectional view of a
sphygmomanometer microphone according to another embodiment. 2, 10 и и и и и и Thin
diaphragm, 3, 11 и и и и и и Support rod, 4, 12 и и и и и Pressure-sensitive elements, 5.13 и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и 6, 14 и и и и и и Incompressible liquid. Fig. 1) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Extrapolation, self 4 and 7 Fig. 4 Fig.
[Detailed description of the invention] Name of the invention and name of the device Microphone
q phone IL scale piece registration registration request pulse of a SS artery 1! A
sphygmomanometer microphone for detecting a Korotkoff sound accompanied by IK with a
pressure-sensitive element pivotally connected to a case, the pulse of 1 being 1. Of the flexible
member, a columnar body provided at the central portion of the sensible member to transmit the
first order quantity of the flexible member to the pressure sensitive element, and the opposite of
the columnar body of the pressure sensitive element Blood pressure needle side microphone that
includes an elastic edge that contains 111KG and encloses an incompressible liquid inside. This
device is a device that can be used for blood pressure monitoring. Blood pressure 1 for use in
blood flow 1 (with accompanying Korotkoff ttl-collection of blood pressure 1 for a blood pressure
1 i italrophone. The blood pressure needle microphone using the conventional pressure sensitive
element has wide spectrum frequency characteristics, so that the Korotkoff needle and the turtle
also make out the eyebrow hair Ir, and the Korotkoff eyebrow tube 1 air fishing filter l? It was
checked W by the valve 11 by the l path. (11-B However, since a disturbance noise such as a
hum roar is mixed into the circuit of the output of the F + element and the circuit of the output of
the F + element, the circuit of the discrimination 1 requires a more complicated circuit.
Therefore, this study @ is intended to provide a microphone for blood pressure 1 which
discriminates Korotkoff sounds at locations where pulsations occur, prevents mixing of
disturbance noises, and derives stable Korotkoff sound detection signals. In the following, when
one execution-1 of the present invention is described based on the drawings, in FIG. In addition
to being squeezed with one end of the support rod 3 in the inner plate of this thin plate 1iIl
board 2, the other end of the multi-p # rod 3 ? element of the piezo collector Close to four. The
rubber a% is interposed between the back of the pressure element 4 and the case l (D bottom
portion, and this rubber &! IFIK * also introduces incompressible liquid 6 such as company oil. In
the figure, ?Ma? is a pressure-sensitive real child 40 lead. The blood pressure needle-side
microphone training phone thus bridged is used by contacting noodles, (? 0 иии) Q и plate 2 with
the generation part of the artery. The wave of Korotkoff sound A and one lung pressure wave B
shown in progress Th 2 ? # xl K: is applied (although it is an artery 1 ? B low frequency signal,
so pulse lo ? position is The support bag is absorbed by arcing the rubber bag S through the
pressure sensitive element 4. On the other hand, since the Tokoff sound A is a high-pitched wave
number, it is absolutely impossible to put out the outer diameter of the rubber cage 5 by the
amount of t, and therefore it is shown to the island pressure insulator 4 as ? ji3kl, C) Lightning
A is applied.
In the past, a pressure sensor 46: 1 Lottoko 7 A will output a detection code given. Fig. 4 shows
another embodiment of the invention, in which one case 8 of the case 8 has a silicone rubber 9
outside (8) 1 ? 1 ? 1 mourning & l l 1 l 111! It is assumed that ilO is attached and the inside of
the support $ 11 ? is in close contact with the other end, and the other end 1 of the O bar
holding rod 11 is in contact with the other end 1 and the collector 12 is t. Shimada Seko 12 back
face and case 8 (L four-phase rubber with rubber bag 13 intercalated in t K non-Hp property side
t-inside t, inside? ?), 2] 4 is enclosed. The microphone for suppression 1 counted in this way can
pile only Korotkoff F in the microphone of FIG. 1 and like 1t14, and by the presence of the
silicone rubber 9, due to the contact with the external room * voice and chest. Sidetones are
absorbed, and a higher Korotkoff sound of fr% wholesale is obtained. As shown above, when
using the sphygmomanometer-weight microphone of this award, as the squeezable rod is
supported by a squeeze-pressurized liquid at a red liquor pressure with a mere neutral ?, m
Pulse pressure waves and other low sf and six-legged legs can be absorbed in a bag, and
Korotkoff neck can be used only for chopsticks, or it can be cut into pieces. Since the detection of
only Koto Tokot in Ne et al. Is carried out by the mechanical construction comprising an
incompressible liquid and consisting of an fc compressible bag, the prevention of the external
noise is a rod without making the phone a registration mark. It can be a dormitory, and the
bridge construction is also a great horn. 4 Effortless drawing # P +-iQ (4) Q, 1. . Gen S1, S ? и ?
show one back work 9h of this device, #! l Sleep is the #PI of Ma и f Kuhon for
sphygmomanometer. JT ?, 8 8 8 e eIF Figure 3, ? ? ? ? ? 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 11 11 11 11 11 11
11 11 11 11 11 Oh. ???????? I rice vibration bowl 3, 11.0. Support bowl 4.1, * *
Insulator S, is, Rubber p 6.14, ... Non-compressible liquid agent Patent attorney ice 1) Yoshiaki (-n
(3): "-",-- "":! J-'J11 figure' 3 '? y-11 animal ? HA, 2m 113 Fig. AA) s 4 Fig. 9 II 2 ? ? 8 /, 1 ?m
41 488 agent patent attorney-to ?-5 '? G other than the above resident's residence Kyoto
Prefectural Oka ? ? ? ?Tera Ikuji 20 Address Tateishi Electric Co., Ltd. Central Research
Institute Name Shigeki Kobayashi
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