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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view omitting a portion of a front plate
of a speaker device according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken
along the line AA 'of FIG. Is a BB 'sectional view of FIG. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Speaker
box 2, 2 ... speaker case, 3, 3 '... mounting tool, 4 ... speaker, 7 ... upper surface board, 8 ... lower
surface board, 9 ... sound transmission Body 11, 11 '... Lid, 12 ... Hinge, 13 ... Fastener, 22, 22' ...
L-shaped fitting, 23.23 '... Square-shaped fitting, 24. 24' ... butterfly bolt. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 4} // 4A '/
0/4 II, f / 4 II-67-actual opening 51-103 929 (2) Fig. 3-68-
[Detailed description of the invention] In this invention, a pillar-shaped speaker box containing a
plurality of speakers is rotatably mounted in a case larger than this one, and the case is firmly
attached to a wall surface etc. The speaker box The present invention relates to a speaker device
that can change its directivity without changing the appearance by changing the direction of.
Conventionally, for example, a columnar speaker or the like is used to change the direction of
each speaker to change the directivity, but 1-warning, but because it is restricted by the baffle
plate, the speaker hox side wall, etc., the variable angle is increased without losing the sound
quality. It was not possible to do it structurally, and in order to do this, a complicated mechanism
was also needed. In addition, when the direction of the entire columnar speaker is changed,
fixtures, speaker wires, and the like are exposed to the outside, and depending on the direction,
the back surface of the speaker box may be easily attached to the eyebrow, thus impairing the
aesthetics. In order to eliminate such a drawback, the present invention rotatably supports the
speaker box in the speaker case having sound permeability not only on the front surface but also
on the side surface, and the direction of the speaker is fixed while the speaker case is fixed. It is
something that can be changed along with the hook. Hereinafter, the present invention will be
described based on the illustrated embodiment. Fig. 1 is a front view with a part of the front plate
left out, Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line AA 'in Fig. 1, and Fig. 3 is a crosssectional view taken along the line BB' in Fig. Is a speaker box, 2 is a speaker case, and 6 and 6
'are fixtures. In the space 2-カ ホ ホ ホ 1 1 角 1 is a wooden prismatic material, in which a
plurality of speakers 4 are vertically arranged and accommodated. The speaker case 2 is a box
having a size that allows the speaker box 1 to rotate inside, and is fixed to the frame 5 formed by
fixing the upper surface plate 7 and the lower surface plate 8 vertically to the upper and lower
ends of the back surface plate 6. , A sound transmission body 9 such as a wire mesh is sloped
with a screw 10 to cover the front and both sides. The frame 5 is manufactured by fully
processing an iron plate, and the upper surface plate 7 and the lower surface plate 8 are
punched leaving the periphery, and the lid 11 'of the lower surface plate 8 is held with the weft
number 12 so as to cover the punched holes. It is attached to the frame 5 so as to be able to open
and close by means of a tool 16. The lid 11 of the top plate 7 is fixed by a screw 14. The back
plate 6 has a Dalma-shaped hook 15 at the upper end and a circular fixing hole 16 at the lower
end, and engages with the nail 18 and the holt 19 provided on the mounting surface 17 such as a
wall or a pillar. The underside through the hole 15 and the fixing hole 16 cause the Holt 19 to
mesh with the add-on 20 to identify the speaker case 2 on the mounting surface 17. The fixture
6, 6 'comprises an L-shaped bracket 22 22, 22' formed by processing a belt-like iron plate, a
square bracket 23, 23 'and a hook bolt 24, 24'. 24. 24 'U-shaped metal fittings 26 and 26' with a
dog are fixed to the upper and lower ends of the speaker box 1 with screws, and-L-shaped metal
fittings 22 provided with holes 21 for elongated l・ Fix the other side of 22 'to the position
corresponding to the upper end of the speaker box 10 on the rear plate 6 of the speaker case 2
with a screw, and these square-shaped brackets 26 · 23 ′ square-shaped brackets 22 · 22 ′
and r Attaching the hinge bolts 24 and 24 'rotatably mounts a pair of hh-7 Zyk' and 1-hox 1s.
As described above, when changing the direction of the speaker box 1 in a state where the
speaker case 2 is fixed, the lid 11 'is opened to loosen the cover 11' and the speaker box 1 is
desired. It is sufficient to turn the upper and lower paramagnetic holts 24 and 24 'in the
direction about the axis of rotation and retighten. In addition, when changing the inclination to
the front and rear 10 ", the attachment of the sexing holt 24 and 24 'moves the position in the
elongated holes 21 and 21' of the L-shaped metal fittings 22 and 22 '. Since the side of the
speaker case 2 is also covered with the sound transmission body 9 even if the speaker box 1 is
directed to the side, the sound quality is not impaired. 4- Note that the bolt 20 of the mounting
surface 17 through the fixing hole 16 used in a pair with the hook hole 15 has a nut 20 of 1.11 ·
tpn-c% h. A) 1.1 °) ・ Sure. As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible
to change the direction of the speaker along with the subwoob capx over a very wide range of
angles without changing the appearance and sound quality while fixing the appearance of the
speaker device. Further, the speaker device can be installed in close contact with the mounting
surface, and after installation, the direction of the speaker can be easily adjusted.
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