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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1a, b and c are structural explanatory views of a
pickup according to an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a conceptual view, FIG. 3 is
an assembly explanatory view and FIG. Fig. 5 shows the needle housing, Fig. 5 is a cross-sectional
view of the main body of the replacement needle, Fig. 6a and 6b illustrate the transducer position
at needleless pressure, and Fig. 7ayb illustrates the transducer position at needle pressure
application. FIG. U mover, 4 ... pressure-sensitive element. 1 (6) (1%) (C) FIG. 1-15902 (2) FIG. 3
FIG. 10 FIG. 4 FIG. 5 FIG. 6 FIG. 6 @) (6. ) 1 6-55 1-15902 (3) Fig. 7 (8)-7 =
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is an improvement Kll of the pickup 0)-In
the case of the electric 1 bitter ag attach the needle, the force receiver 2 and the magnet in the
same housing, so-called exchange needle 0 III type ○ The reason for squeezing is that the
cantilever KJ & attached magnet generate power without contacting any other part, ll! The
reason is that it depends on the shape 11 of the pickup main body and the replacement needle
case. On the other hand, in the piezoelectric type pickup, the motion generated at the needle tip
is transmitted to a vibrator (generally referred to as an amateur) made of an elastic body via a
cantilever, and further transmitted to the piezoelectric plate in many cases. Therefore, the tactile
pattern S between the vibrator and the piezoelectric element is a factor of 11 that determines the
characteristics. Of one point of contact that determines this boneness! In rounding to maintain
the 1111 shaped opening, there are many cases where so-called exchange needles adopt the
exchange system of only cantilevers. An amateur in the middle of the cantilever for that purpose
&! I#する。 In this way, the power generation efficiency is good, or some other meat comes
with some sacrifice in characteristics. In other words, due to the grafting situation of the
cantilever, it is compelled to agree on a dimensional accuracy like this. WLfl) It was not a
situation that should always be considered as an idea in terms of life. II? KIl! 櫨 Impadeep wicking machine-Requires structural modifications to reduce strain and convert Z-that is, a
structure in which each tube piece is precisely attached to the desired position Fi when needle
pressure is applied is desirable Be The present 2fF provides a high-practice reproduction pickup
in which the occurrence of crosstalk distortion is small when bending stress is applied to the
pressure-sensitive element to obtain electric output, and the change in eaves year is small. The
following is an explanation of the main industry along with color. The 11th Fi presents a pick-up
that is one real & example of the system. Fig. 1111 <ajUIll, (b) shows positive fit, (C) shows 徽 1.
In addition, in (W), the condition S in which the narrow cover 1 o is removed is shown. In the
figure, 1 is a sword tip. 2 is a cantilever, and S is an ammo consisting of an elastic body.
Reference numeral 4 denotes a pressure-sensitive element, which is installed via a pickup main
body aK and a llK1lll1m child S, S and is opposed to the soundlessness of the record. Workers 6
and 6 are made of stack elastic material 9 and a # i method 11 of movement, 6 is a rear restraint
and exchange, and fixed to the pickup main body 8 by the exchange needle rod 12; As a result,
the vibrator 3-line accuracy is reduced by one. 7 is an output lead @ + S is an output end, and 11
is a fulcrum protrusion.
The figure will be described. The ISi sensor 3 which is attached to the end of the cantilever 2
protrudes from the cantilever 2 and the M-angular direction in a disk shape, and the protruding
external 11-pressure-sensitive element 4 is stressed by bending. It is a mechanism that generates
electricity. In that case, the pressure sensitive element 4 dv chord sound and sound # # are
arranged corresponding to one direction, and the same as the sound # I one direction I! The
structure has a structure that contributes to the dynamic acid component C1 and the amount t.
Therefore, as shown in amam, the pressure sensitive element 4 is oscillated in the oscillator a and
the Oka-hira 1 to press and touch the outer j11 of the vibrator 3, or 46-48 corresponding to the
sound #IK. In the case of No. 48, two are provided. According to this JIII formation, only the
theory of the tone scale component contributes to the power generation 9, and for the cloud 1 Ib
K in the right angle direction for the pressure sensitive element 4, the torsion component 1 and
the stress for the pressure sensitive element 4 It does not contribute to power generation. 疵 疵 6
6 6 this invention! Ill construction reduces crosstalk and reduces unnecessary distortion. FIG. 3 is
an assembly explanatory view of a specific pickup according to the present invention. As
apparent from the 3rd v, the pressure sensitive element 4 is placed on the brakes 6, 6 and I! It is
fe and fixed by the cover 10. On the other hand, the needle 1. The cantilever 2 ° oscillator 8 is
attached to the fulcrum bump 1111 to form an exchange needle. The housing 12 has a central
leg and left and right beta-id legs as shown in FIG. 4, and one body is stored in the main body 8
Q: FIG. C body 12 which is a section m explanatory view showing the condition has a stopper for
preventing taking out after being put on the main body 8, and the central leg F1 guiding true role
t-coming 5. For seven, the relationship between the pressure sensitive element 4 and the orbiting
position of the plunger 3 is strictly constant, and furthermore, the outer edge of the peristaltic
element is F: 1 iron shape, so the dimensional accuracy t is the highest.晶 轢〕〕 構造 構造 構造
構造 構造. In this case, as shown in FIG. 7 ((2), the vibrator 3 and the pressure-sensitive element
4 are crimped only when the needle pressure is marked JD, and in the other cases, it is shown in
FIG. The main reason for this is that, in general, it is a bullet @, and it is used as a material. If
rubber is used for Cm17, or if it remains fixed as shown in FIG.か 洛 LC LC LC イ LC LC · LC と イ
易 易 易 易 賃 金 不要 不要 不要 不要 不要 不要 不要 不要 不要 は は は は は 異常 異常 異常 異常
が 異常 異常 が が 異常 異常 異常 発 生 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常
異常 異常 異常 異常 異常 異常In addition, there is a case where it is destroyed at t = j.
Therefore, in keeping with the best regeneration status, the horse proposal is alic convenient.
According to the above # & M in light, the main consideration &-A large earthquake is simple,
and it is inserted without giving 4 starvation to IIl, and as shown in Fig. 3, the assembly
productivity of II4 is easy and rich. You can make a record of P + with a small amount of
occurrence, a small amount of memory, a small amount of mechanical interference, a small size,
and a small size.
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