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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are sectional views showing
respective conventional examples of a speaker using a piezoelectric element, and FIGS. 3A and 3B
show the principle of the conventional example of a speaker using a high pressure molecular
piezoelectric material. Fig. 4 is a perspective view showing the configuration 5 and Fig. 4 is a
perspective view showing the basic configuration of the skier according to the present invention,
and Fig. 5 is an enlarged view of the main part showing -fu of the method of fixing the diaphragm
and the fixed plate. FIG. 6 is an ml view showing the operation principle of the present invention.
6 ... Support ratio 7, 8 ... Fixed plate 9, 12 ... Gear-like groove, 10 ... Diaphragm made of polymeric
piezoelectric material, 11 ... Wedge, 13 ... Frame . Fig. 2 (, 4) Fig. 1 1 97 1 実 51-I 41 544 (2) Fig.
4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6-98-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electroacoustic
transducer using a piezoelectric element, and in particular, a polymer piezoelectric material is
effectively used as an imaging plate, and a wide range of nondirectionality in both horizontal and
vertical directions is obtained. The purpose is to obtain Heretofore, as a device using a
piezoelectric element as an electroacoustic transducer, a structure as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 has
been devised as a speaker. That is, the one shown in FIG. 1 is a disk-like bimorph piezoelectric
element (with the periphery of 110 fixed and the connecting member +31 connected to the top
of the speaker cone (2) fixed to its center, electric input signal 11+ 信号) It is a speaker which
transmits the vertical vibration of the center of the bimorph piezoelectric element (1) vibrating
corresponding to the hot water 8 1 1.2 to a cone (21 and radiates a sound. 2 identifies the
coupling member (3) coupled to the top of the speaker cone (2) at the free end of the cantilever
bimorph piezoelectric element l) fixed at one end, to the electrical input signal The
correspondingly vibrating pimorph piezoelectric element is a speaker that transmits the vertical
vibration of the free end of) to the cone (2) to emit sound. Each of the loudspeakers vibrated the
cone (2) by utilizing the deflection vibration of the pressure element II fi + 111 or the
displacement of the vertical movement. In an excitation system such as a rod etc., a connecting
member (31 is essential for connecting the piezoelectric element Ill 111 and the cone (2), and
since it is desirable that the connecting member (3) has a small mass, it is difficult to fix. Control
had a difficult drawback. Moreover, as long as the cone (2) is vibrated to emit sound, no
significant significance is obtained on the characteristics of the sound 41 as compared with the
conventional electrodynamic speaker. On the other hand, recently, research on ax molecular
piezoelectric material has been actively conducted recently, and it has been conceived to utilize a
synthetic polymer material (2-) made of a film (and a sheet) as a conversion element. It is also
suggested. When this polymeric piezoelectric sheet is used particularly for a speaker, sodophon,
etc., the piezoelectric property of the elongation is not used, and even if the electrodes provided
on both sides of the film give a stain signal, it is flat. When the saw is held on the V, the film only
stretches in the plane direction, hardly acts as a surface vibration of the film, and hardly
generates an arrow and a sound wave. Therefore, as shown in FIG. 8 in the invention proposed in
11, etc., 1 lum (4 · is bent to the outer frame (5 · and stretched), and the expansion and
contraction of the noise surface is a change of the radius of curvature. It is applied to the
vibration source. However, in the case of polymer piezoelectric materials, compared with% and
mechanical piezoelectric materials, the piezoelectric properties are smaller at about l / 10 in the
maximum value, and the above-mentioned structure alone has a smaller practical fiffil-like
directivity. Even enough, we can not utilize the characteristics of this polymeric material.
Therefore, the present invention makes use of the characteristics of the polymeric piezoelectric
material, and provides a fixed structure of the polymeric piezoelectric material for celebrating a
sound-to-speech transducer having a wide directional characteristic which is not possible with
the (: l) material. It is said that. (3j2 ': First, the present invention will be described based on the
drawings. FIG. 4 shows the principle configuration of the speaker according to the present
invention, in which fixing plates +7118) are fixed at both ends of the support bar (6) for keeping
the distance constant, and around the fence fixing machine f71 fs). A gear-like groove (9) is
formed, and a diaphragm made of a polymer piezoelectric material of a K-shaped cylindrical
shape is positioned outside the support rod (6). In the next state, a metal L for electrode is vapordeposited on the inner and outer surfaces of the fixed plate L1 and the diaphragm + IQ in the
following state, and is connected to an external signal source via a terminal (not shown). A gearlike groove (9) polymer piezoelectric material provided in the fixed plate +71 + 81, that is, for
fixing the diaphragm (lO) in a beer barrel shape, forcing appropriate II + Il + to the upper and
lower portions of the diaphragm (101) The diaphragm (lO) has a predetermined beer barrel
shape. In this case, it is desirable that the entire distance of the groove including the convex and
concave portions of the groove (9 ·) be equal to the central portion of the beer barrel at a circle
@. Fixed plate f? As a method of press-fixing the imaging plate 1101 to each gear shape # i9 of
i8j, there is also an adhesive method, but as shown in FIG. 5, it corresponds to the gear groove (9)
of the fixed plate + 71i81. There is a method of providing a frame Q3 with the gear-like groove
Ov formed inside, positioning the end of both teeth (41β
· fluorite-like groove t91f12 @ 11)
and turning and fixing in good condition It is optimal. In this manner, the imaging plate 110
made of polymeric piezoelectric material fixed with a suitable curved radius has a circumferential
direction (FIG./J) when a signal voltage is applied to the metal electrodes deposited on both sides.
The arrow [': l) Car j) ・ 5 、, 宇 プ プ. Then, when the sound signal is applied and 2 'pressure is
alternating current, the small dotted line movement speeding mode is advanced by the dotted
line to generate a sound wave, as described in detail in the following. Since the diaphragm made
of the material is formed in a cylindrical shape, the directivity characteristic in the horizontal
plane is completely omnidirectional. Fourthly, since the diameter of the cylindrical shape is a
beer barrel shape whose central portion is larger than the upper and lower portions, the
directivity in the vertical direction is also extremely wide. Therefore, the polymer piezoelectric
material that forms the moving plate expands and contracts to become a sound source, and the
present invention makes it possible to convert sound data close to a breathing ball sound source
that is an F4 worm body as a vibration source It came to
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