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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
pickup for a stringed instrument according to the present invention. Pーブル。 −99 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION 考 O 考 relates to a pickup that detects the sublime
of strings in a guitar, mandolin, etc. O-string rig and integrates into electricity 14+. Picking up the
fluttering of the stringed instrument as an electric signal, amplifying it and converting it back to
the sound signal KW or bell ringing is performed. Conventionally, a so-called dynan- zuta
acoustoelectric No. 1 converter has been used as a pick-up for a stringer to be used in this way.
This conventional pickup is relatively large in shape and weight, and is a bird price, which is used
in a prefectural mass resonance box. Therefore, it can not be attached to a snow value which can
be removed immediately, and there are many drawbacks such as (1) f the attachment can not be
selected freely. In this invention, in view of such a habit, a bimorph is put in a case, and this is
used as a bitter finish. This can be smaller than K and can be configured with a small amount of
hot water. Next, an embodiment of a pick-up for a stringed instrument by means of a '4' string
will be described with reference to the drawings. fgK か l indicates a rectangular parallelepiped
case, and its upper slope is 1 m. As the material of this case 1, it is possible to use wood 4 for
example, such as rawan wood, which is relatively rough for wood. The thickness of each part of
the case l is thin, for example, 1 to 8%, but if it is overrespected, a high number of shoulders will
be picked up to cause L1l and howling. The casel 2 is accommodated in the case 1. Since this
bimorph 2 is, for example, a stack of two sefmic piezoelectric material plates 4, it is% O that
converts the acoustic 4Ii into an electrical signal, and the lead a pulled by the electrode of the
biself z is from shield cap kBK The bimorph 2 is exposed to the case 10M-Furthermore, after the
bimorph 2 is wrapped by the metal foil 4 for example, plaster 5 is accumulated in the case 1 and
fixed in the case 1 Ru. Instead of such holding, the bimorph 2 may be held by a plate-like support
piece, and the support piece may be housed and fixed in the case l. According to the abovedescribed pickup for a stringed instrument by this power increase, for example, the length is 2.5
pieces, and the height and the wheel can each be configured as a 5 1 1 degree O rectangular
parallelepiped, compared to the conventional one. The shape is small and small, and it can be
attached and held, for example, with an adhesive tape 1 near the north wall like a string outside
the resonance box of a stringed instrument without mounting it in the resonance box of a
stringed instrument, Because it is an open book that the installation bites, and because it is small
even when attached to the outside like this, it is not unsightly and does not disturb either.
I! At low cost, yet it can provide the conventional dynamic wedge pickup and # 6 electrical
characteristics. In addition, since it is such a small thing, it is possible to accommodate in the case
1 (3) a circuit including a semiconductor capacitor if necessary. If 0 @-is relatively long due to
amplification 6-fold connection to which 4IKCo pickup is connected, it is desirable to convert it to
remarks of low output impedance and transmit it from case 1 to the outside, but its impedance
conversion circuit is semiconductor integrated It is made up of seven paths, which are housed
together with the bimorph 2 in the case 1 so that the four cases l are not so large.
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