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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional front view showing an
embodiment of the present sealed type transducer, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional front view
showing another embodiment of the present invention. 1: Piezoelectric electrostrictive vibrator
2a. 2b · · · upper and lower electrode surface, 3 · · · vibration reflection member, 4 · · · coated
electric wire, 5 · · · coated jacket, 7.7 '· · · core metal. Fig. 1-159-Japanese Utility Model
Application Publication No. 51-154169 (2) Fig. 2-160-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sealed
transducer used in water, such as a sounding instrument, a fish finder, etc. An embodiment of the
drawings will be described below. In the drawing, 1 is made of barium titanate, lead zirconate
titanate, etc. in an annular or plate shape (in this case, a disk shape), and silver electrodes 2a on
the upper and lower surfaces. Piezoelectric electrostrictive vibrator that is polarized by applying
2b, 3Fi the outer (1) face except the radiation face (electrode face side) of the vibrator except the
reflection face (electrode face side b) and side faces as necessary No. 9 cork, vibration reflecting
member made of foam rubber, a sheathed wire having a pair of conducting wires * a, sb
respectively connected to upper and lower electrode faces a, b of aFim piezoelectric
electrostrictive vibrator l, Reference numeral j denotes a covering outer shell for sealing the
vibrator l and the vibration reflecting member 3 in a liquid-tight manner, and at the center of the
reflection side outer end face, a conduit ja protruding in the axial direction for drawing out the
capacitor Have. This covering outer shell is usually made of an insulating material such as
synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or the like, which is equal to the acoustic impedance of water, in
order to make the sound wave straight from the radiation surface (coa) of the vibrator l straight
into water without refraction The entire outer shell is formed using it, or at least only the
covering portion in contact with the radiation face of the vibrator is formed of the above
material, and the remaining portion is formed of another insulating material such as synthetic
resin. On the outer periphery of the conduit 6a, there is engraved an external screw st which is
screwed with the screw hole Aa of the mounting wall t of the apparatus. The configuration up to
this point is conventionally known, but the transducer according to the above-mentioned
configuration is a torsion stress due to screw fitting when attached to the device or when it is
accidentally hit or dropped by the device Covered shell made of synthetic resin etc. with low
mechanical strength when impacted or other abnormal stress is received! Mainly the small
diameter conduit 6a is easy to break. The draft has been made to address this problem, so * 4 as
shown by the number 7 in Figure 1, * a shell! Conduit of! The conduit can be reinforced to
prevent breakage by concentrically embedding a core metal made of a suitable tubular metal
material in the inside of a along the entire length in the axial direction of the conduit jaO.
Ceramics, in this case the lower end 7a of the core 7, conduits! The base of a is covered and
deeply inserted into the reflection side end face of the outer shell j, or as shown in FIG. 2, a collar
7a 'is attached to the lower end of the cored cap, and the collar 7a' is attached. By embedding in
the inside of the reflecting surface of the outer shell j in parallel with the reflecting surface (00)
of the oscillator l, the root of the conduit where concentrated stress is likely to occur is also
sufficiently reinforced to prevent damage Can be enhanced.
As described above, the sealed type transducer of the present invention is reinforced by the
cored bar embedded in the inside of the conduit of the shell shell which is conventionally broken
(3) easily damaged, so that handling is facilitated and attachment to the apparatus is also broken.
There are practical effects such as being able to be carried out easily and reliably without
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