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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a headphone to
which the present invention is applied, and FIG. 2 is a cross sectional view showing a headphone
unit according to an embodiment of the present invention. 1, 2 ... headphone unit section, 3 ...
head band, 4 ... plug, 5 ... cord, 6 ... envelope, 7 ... diaphragm, 8.9 ... Electret, 10: pack cavity, 11:
communication part, 12: resonance chamber, 13: adjustment screw, 14: ear pad.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a headphone unit
improved to provide a resonance chamber so as to absorb harmful short-time frequency
components for comfortable use. Headphones are widely used not only for monitoring, such as
simple recording, but also for playing high-fi sound with a degree of goodness, and those with
better performance have been developed. For example, condenser type headphones have been
put to practical use as i% performance headphones and have better sound quality, but due to the
small size and small internal volume of any one person / 21ty3 headphones I left an unpleasant
tatami mat. It is also a major factor that the harmful specific frequency components resonate
internally. Taking this point into consideration, the present invention provides a headphone unit
in which a speaker unit portion is provided with a resonance chamber which resonates with a
specific frequency component to absorb harmful frequency components and to be used very
comfortably. It is a thing. An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to the drawings. The headphone is composed of a pair of headphone unit parts 1.2 and
a cord 5 having a head band 3 and a plug 4 as shown in FIG. 1, and this invention is an
improvement of the headphone unit part 1.2. For example, as shown in FIG. 2, the envelope 6 of
the headphone unit portion is formed as a shallow tubular CWT surface two-sided form of the
birth as shown in FIG. A fence is provided. That is, a pair of electrets 8. Are provided. Then, a
pack cavity 1 # of a required volume is formed at the rear of the sound generation part of the
gauze, and a common side 12 is formed at the rear of the batter cavity 10 via the small diameter
communication part 11. The communication portion 11 is provided to penetrate through a wall
forming the batter capacitance 1-, and the resonance chamber 12 is provided with, for example,
an adjustment screw 13. The adjustment screw IJ is configured to increase or decrease the
internal volume of the resonance chamber 12 by its rotation. At the end of the outer envelope C,
an ear pad 14 made of a soft material is provided. When an electric signal is supplied to the
electrets a and S, the head 7 on unit configured as described above vibrates the imaging plate 1
and reproduces a sound according to the signal. And the sound pressure of the batter cavity 1o
also changes according to the signal, and a resonance occurs here. By the way, the resonance
chamber 12 is provided in communication with the back cavity 1o of the kernel, and the
resonance and the resonance due to the specific frequency component are absorbed by this
common 1111117 JK. Therefore, the 畠 resonance and the resonance frequency in the
resonance “′ jil M By adjusting to the frequency of the harmful resonance and resonance that
occur in the grass and yabbly, this can be removed, the reproduction of very clean sound quality
can be performed, and the headphones can be used comfortably.
Since the resonance frequency of the military ship 11 changes according to its internal volume, it
can be adjusted to the frequency of harmful resonance or resonance of the volume AK by
changing the internal volume with the adjusting screw 13. Of course, after setting the bearing,
the # 4 leveling screw 13 may be fixed, or the size of the military vessel 12 may be set in
advance, and the adjusting thread 13 may be omitted. In the embodiment, the electret type
headphones have been described as a string, but it is not limited to 11ij'iiL for C, but can be
applied to any Keio such as a general magnet type t. As described above, according to the present
invention, a headphone unit is provided which can be provided with a resonator to absorb
harmful resonance and fMt-absorbed internally and reproduce with clean good sound quality and
can be used comfortably. can do.
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