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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view of the inner structure of
an embodiment of the sensor of the present invention. 1 ...... stainless steel hollow cylinder, 2 ......
electrostrictive or piezoelectric vibrator, 4 ...... preamplifier, 5 ...... cable 0
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a detector for detecting
an acoustic wave or vibration blue gold in the ground or in the water generated by an earthquake
or a landslide, etc. and extracting it as an electric signal, -1-ik-/- zJ, +7/1 'so-called sensor. In
general, the sensor for the purpose of detection above is buried in the ground or water at a depth
of several lOm or more, and ffC is used by sinking, so it is first required to have a pressure
resistance as well as to make it completely sealed. The case must be resistant to rust.
Furthermore, there are many targets to be detected, so that it has high sensitivity, and because
the cable for connecting between the sensing device on the ground or on the water and the
sensor becomes longer, the electrical noise is picked up from outside and the island is It is
necessary to be resistant to noise, etc. In the past, a stainless steel hollow cylinder was used as a
case to satisfy the requirements of the straw, and a pick-up for detecting vibration and an
accelerometer were housed inside the case, or a circle of a senelectric material or an
electrostrictive material 1. A plate or prism is attached to the inner wall of the case in a
continuous manner to form a pickup, and a conversion ratio thereof is converted into a small
electric signal to be amplified as an electrical signal. 'Amplifier (I) lJk amplifier) has been
proposed in a case, but it is difficult to make these pickups highly sensitive due to their form, and
their directivity is quite remarkable. . The present invention is more sensitive than the
conventional sensor except for the above-mentioned conventional defects, and is omnidirectional
at least on one plane, and provides all the sensors, which will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. 1 and 2 are internal vllll hematopoietic cross-sectional views of the
sensor according to the present invention. In these 0 figures, 1 is a case made of a stainless steel
g4 hollow cylinder, and the back head 1a or end 1b containing the item. Or No. 1 Attach both
sides to the flange, attach by welding or welding with patkin etc., etc., and make it a completely
water-proof, pressure-proof seal. 2i-i cylindrical pressure! Alternatively, in the case of an
electrostrictive vibrator, the inner diameter of the case 1 and the outer diameter of the peristaltic
element 2 are equal, and during that time, the full adhesion agent is sufficiently adhered and the
periphery of the vibrator is fixed. 3; a cable for guiding the output of the white-ik mover 2 to the
preamplifier 4L ') human power; 5 a cable including a power supply line for the preamplifier 4
and an output blade basis weight i of the preamplifier; 6 a cable with a case sealing member IE
and Qo also preample, which is sealed IE, and the role is that the output 1 of the vibrator 2 is
dog-like, so that it's the outskirt of that dog, it's a long gouple, and it leads up to the cognition
device in the middle of its external electrical Since it is easy to pick up noise, put a preamplifier
between the vibrator and the cable to lower the output impedance from the cable side and
amplify several tens of '' H to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and notice the influence of
external noise. It is about to decline.
As shown in Fig. 81 and Fig. 2, with a glove-shaped sensor, the detectable local wave number
range can be obtained by minimizing the sensor case as much as possible and raising the
resonance frequency and the natural frequency of λ barbed stainless steel cylinder l. It is
desirable to make it wide. The reason is that such a sensor can not be used in principle for
detection of signals of frequencies higher than the resonant frequency, while the wider the
frequency range of the sound waves and vibration sounds that can be detected, the more "the
more you can get a shot". Therefore, there is a limit of 9 to miniaturize the preamp as much as
possible, and the space allowed for the oscillator is limited even when the 6 preamps 7 S # coexist in the case with miniaturizing to the limit in the case. Become. Since the sensitivity increases
as the area subject to the total sound pressure is increased, if the space occupied by the Vζ is
limited and the material of the vibrator used is given, the shape of the seven should be cylindrical
or cylindrical. It is obvious that is desirable, from the manufacturing volume V, the cylindrical
vibrator is practical-L optimum. Next, in the present invention, it is made to adhere to the wall
with PI core circle 灸 ^ wall, but in order to obtain high sensitivity by using the transducer as a
sensor, acoustic impedance matching of the sound pressure transmission medium and the
transducer with the same oneと 乙 乙 # fee series な 形 介 在 介 在 介 在 − − − l z z − t V n V
+ transmission vehicle or not constant 1 child can not be determined, also oscillator There is a
method to be buried directly in the transmission medium, or there is a need for a sealed package
and packaging because of the problem of electrical shocks, needles and affixation, as well as the
problem of bluff '/ gu circle, from the practical point of view Kutenres-most suitable for housing
in a case. In this invention #! 1 as shown in Fig. 1 The thickness of the long axis @ wall of the
case l to which the oscillator 2 is completely bonded is thin enough to withstand the thickness of
the wall (there is an increase in the detection sensitivity of the oscillator. Side edge 1a of the case,
Ib: q: to increase the strength of the case, it is possible to conveniently use ones of 10 minutes
and 4 minutes of wear. Only the portion 1c to which the moving element 2 is bonded is thinner
than the others, and the removed portion has a sufficient thickness to increase the strength. It
should be noted that these oscillators and thus the sensor's homology (1 axis is not constant
because the axis is different in frequency, but at least one axis of the sensor is included on a
plane perpendicular to this. It is characterized that it is phaseless and tropic. As described in one
or more of the above, the sensor of the present invention is miniaturized while maintaining the
pressure-resistant gold of the case, so the natural resonance frequency is high and the operating
frequency range is reduced). .
Even several times [Mehi high Heko7, preamp gold built-in preeminator built-in noise strong to
center the measurement point using a long cable, making it easy and inexpensive to manufacture,
non-directional on one plane 8 means that the detection range is wide, so that you can get
information in each direction, j 'in hessen 廿 (汗 −-I: I get information in all directions! · General:
r r-t: * At least eight sensors are required as axis type (three inwards large), but using the sensor
of the present invention, two sensors in two orthogonal directions are sufficient. . -Such as
practical old significant effect 0 is obtained
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