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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a prior
art example of an ultrasonic transducer provided with a cylindrical vibrator, and FIG. 2 is a
longitudinal sectional view showing an embodiment of the present invention. 11: Reflecting plate,
12: Axis, 13: Outer casing 13a 213b: Lid portion, 14: Vibrator, 1γa, 17b-resin material, 20:
Damping fluid.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to an ultrasonic
transducer having a cylindrical vibrator, and it is an object of the present invention to obtain a
transducer excellent in temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance and durability. Do. A
conventional ultrasonic transducer provided with a cylindrical vibrator is molded with a resin
material to form a conical reflection surface / of gjO, as shown in a longitudinal sectional view in
FIG. A cylinder 3 made of a resin material having an axis of reflecting surface / axis is provided,
and in the cylinder 3 of this resin (1)-one piece-knee V2! A cylindrical vibrator q is embedded
such that the axis of the vibrator dab coincides with the axis 2. And the transmission wave of the
ultrasonic wave generated by the vibration of the vibrator q! Is reflected by reflection I [I / and
travels in the direction of axis 2, and the received wave entering from the direction of axis-is
reflected by reflection surface l and received by oscillator /, and the tamping suitable for
ultrasonic waves by the resin material I am trying to give an effect. However, in such a
conventional structure, the damping effect of the (a) resin material changes largely depending on
the ambient temperature. Φ) Since the resin material is in contact with the outside world, it is
lacking in corrosion resistance, weak in strength, and lacking in durability. There are drawbacks
such as In the present invention, in order to eliminate these conventional drawbacks, the tamping
material can be allocated to Noricon oil etc. It was made to cover it with a goldsmith using ft. The
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the vertical #
view shown in the first drawing. In the figure, // is a conical reflecting plate whose inner surface
is a reflecting surface, and the reflecting surface has its axis /-and or00 angle (or the angle of 0).
Reference numeral 13 denotes a cylindrical outer cover provided on the inner side of the
reflector plate, which has a both-ends metal-made flange / 1m and tab, and the cylinder / JC is
made of thin stainless steel and is reflective It is disposed coaxially with the axis l− of the
reflection ill / inside the plate / l. Reference numeral 41 denotes a cylindrical imaging actuator,
which is coaxial with the axis / c of the outer housing 13 in the outer cover 3/3 and the cover
part 3a, / JbllC in the center of the outer housing 3 / the resin material tya, It is arranged via
17b. Father, Hermetic seal tea, trb with lid / 3b VCFi terminal / 9a, tqb on the bottom side of the
reflector //, is attached, and the vibrator 14t has terminals / a a, /? It is electrically connected to
b. And, the inner cylindrical imaging actuator / the inside of the vibrator / (the outer
circumference of the vibrator / the outer circumference of the outer casing 13 and the inner
circumference of the cylindrical portion / jc of the outer casing 13, silicon oil etc. having a
tamping effect against ultrasonic vibration Control solution 20 is sealed. In such a configuration,
when the terminal / 9al / fbK high-frequency power source is connected and the vibrator / hook
is photographed, an ultrasonic wave is generated from the photographing mover / 41, and the
transmitted wave of the ultrasonic wave (3) / J travels in the direction of the reflector // through
the thin cylindrical part / IC of damping liquid co O and shell / J, and is reflected by the reflector
/ l and travels in the direction of axis l of the reflector // .
Then, the transmitted wave / j is reflected upon the object, and the nine received waves / 4 enter
the reflector plate // from the direction of the axis core, and are reflected by the reflector plate l
/ so that the thin cylinder of the outer shell / 3 It is received by the vibrator lder through the part
/ EC and the damping liquid 20. And (a) Since the allocation liquid-such as silicone oil is used to
stop the residual vibration of the image pickup actuator / da, the influence of the temperature of
the peripheral H on the damping effect becomes extremely small. Φ) Resonator / 4 etc 1 out of
metal! Since there is no portion which is corroded at 13 in orange, it has a structure excellent in
corrosion resistance. (C) When using a distribution liquid and a solicon oil metal as 20, the
change in the heel portion does not become open and becomes durable. There are effects such as
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