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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
first structure example, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a second structure example in
which the first structure example of FIG. 1 is improved, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a plan view showing the
excitation portion of the converter according to the present invention, FIG. 4 is a characteristic
view showing the relationship between the ventilation portion area of the ventilation portion
shown in FIG. 3 and the diaphragm resonance frequency, FIG. Similarly, FIG. 3 is a characteristic
diagram showing the relationship between the vent part area and the sound pressure at the time
of resonance 01.8 иии yoke, 2, 9 и и и diaphragm, 3, 11.16 и и и и Diaphragm support, 4 иии Adhesive,
5.13.18 и и и Permanent magnet, 10 и и и Upper part, 6, 14. 19 и и и Excitation coil, 12 и и и Lower 1,? ,
15.20 ... plate, 17 ... ventilation part.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is referred to as an electric
imai electroacoustic repeller (hereinafter referred to as a transducer). More specifically, with
regard to the structure of the converter), the members constituting the converter will change the
number of the fixed method and the problems that occur in the case of the above-mentioned
fixed method, and the converter will be converted to K11 ilj-da f-7 Cl da 1 is there. As a
conventional converter, a first structural example is shown in sg1. Permanent magnet 5. The
exciting coil 6 is mounted on a plate 7 having a magnetic core 7-2L. The nine diaphragms 2 are
supported by the diaphragm support 5 so as to be supported integrally by the middle of the joint
7 and the middle step such as welding. The periphery of the plate 70 is fixed to the diaphragm
support 3 by an adhesive 4. In the above first example, since the plate 7 is fixed using the
spreader N agent 4, variations in brazing of the plate 7 due to crushing inevitably occur. Since
the variation in mounting is due to the variation in time, especially the variation between the
upper and lower parts of the plate 7 becomes the variation of the air gap between the diaphragm
2 and the magnetic core and greatly affects the resonant chest wave number of the air gap aai
moving plate 2, the variation of the resonant frequency It has a drawback that it is difficult to
obtain a uniform product. As a conventional example which ameliorates this drawback, there is a
converter of the second structural example shown in FIG. This is because the plate 15 having the
magnetic core 15-a on which the permanent magnet 1S and the excitation twill 14 are mounted
and the diaphragm 9 shake. The IJ plate support 11 is placed on the plates 152-and-so as to be
fixed only by the magnetic attraction force of the permanent magnet 13. In this case, the air gap
between the diaphragm 9 and the magnetic core 15-1 is provided on the diaphragm support 11,
and only the distance between the upper stage s10 and the lower stage 12 and the height of the
magnetic core 15-1 from the grate 15 It is a variable factor of the air gap. It is possible to reduce
the variation of the co-Iis wave number of the diaphragm 9 by overcoming these dimensions.
However, in the example of the lI2 structure shown in @ 2, a new opening occurs. Since the plate
15 and the vibration plate 9 are fixed only by the magnetic attraction force, there is a gap on the
surface 11 between the plate 15 and the diaphragm support 11 in the event of play, 15Ka or
return or the like. I can do it. If this gap is generated in the converter, the resonance frequency
greatly varies even if the gap is small due to the reason described later, and the sound pressure
at the time of IK damage is also significantly reduced similarly to the joint frequency, Even if the
sound pressure at the time of pregnancy causes large adverse effects such as dispersion, if the
gap between the plate 1s and the diaphragm support 11 is filled with an adhesive in order to
avoid the above adverse effects, the above mentioned The negative effects are eliminated by 5step, and stable resonance frequency and sound pressure at resonance can be obtained.
However, the use of an adhesive leads to cost increase and is not preferable. An object of the
present invention is to obtain a converter having a plate 15 and a diaphragm 9 fixed only by a
magnetic attraction without using an adhesive, and having a stable resonance frequency and a
sound pressure at the same time. The following description will be made on the basis of the
illustrated embodiment. FIG. 3 is a plan view of a state in which the diaphragm of the paste to be
applied to one embodiment of the present invention is removed. 16 is a xylemoma support, and
permanent magnets 18. The ventilation part 17 is provided in the plate 20 which mounts the
exciting coil 19 and which has a magnetic core 2O-at-. The feature of the present invention is to
have this vent 17 gold. Fixing of the diaphragm and the play 2G is the same as the second
structural example of FIG. 2 and is the same as the sectional view # i @ 2. So I will omit one. The
reason for providing the ventilation 1I 117 will be described next. Fig. 4 shows lllgk of the
resonance frequency of the diaphragm and one area of the ventilation 1117 when the size of the
ventilation section 170 provided on the plate 20 is changed using the structural example of Fig.
4 II. Shows the relationship between the sound pressure and the area of the ventilation part 17 at
the time of one co-folding in the same machine, and is obtained by an experiment. In this
experiment, since the approximate size of the wedge converter used is 4 with an outer diameter
of 10 ? and a height of 2 ?, the planar shape of the ventilation part 17 is a rectangular shape
as shown in the 511 Yes, it was about 15 ? of ventilation part 17. As shown in FIGS. 481 and 5,
when the area of the aeration part is gradually increased from the state of O completely sealed
(FIG. 4 and FIG. 511), the resonance frequency and the sound at resonance are rapidly increased.
Both pressure decreases, but eventually settles down at the lowest value, and then the co-image
frequency and sound pressure both increase as the vent area increases, and this value is almost
constant KIII! In the near misery, in the vent area above a certain St, it becomes a gentle gradient
that can be given a constant. With this vent area large enough, sound pressure is perfect! ???
Although it recovers to the same as or more than the one when it was indwelling, the resonance
frequency does not recover to the one when it is completely sealed but becomes a low value.
With respect to the completely sealed one, nine vents 17 are provided for each vent area. The
reason why the pregnancy frequency and the sound pressure at resonance are in such a state will
be described next. First, the case where the vent area is sufficiently large will be described. This
is the range indicated by C in FIGS. 4 and 5. In this range, the sound pressure can be completely
sealed and is equal to that at the time of resonance, but the resonance frequency is considerably
lower than when completely sealed. It is a thing.
The reason is that in the case of complete sealing, as shown in FIG. 2, the closed space
constituted by the night night 8 and the plate 15 and the finger moving plate support 11 works
as an air spring and the spring of the vibrating plate 8 While the resonance frequency is
determined in addition to the constant, the provision of the ventilation portion 17 eliminates the
above-described pneumatic spring, thereby reducing the resonance frequency. With regard to the
sound pressure at the time of resonance, the influence of the viscous drag on the diaphragm of
the above-mentioned closed space is not so large. It is thought that it will be a roaring sound
pressure. The case where the ventilation area is small will be described. ?????????? In
the 6-7) range, the sound pressure and the resonance frequency are lower than when completely
sealed, but lower than when the vent area is sufficiently large. The cause of this is rounding, in
which the viscous drag of the air at the ventilation part r7 is very large. As seen in 51Ill, the
sound pressure at resonance drops by more than 10 dB at maximum when compared to a
completely sealed case, and it is difficult to see how the damping action on the diaphragm is
intense. Since the flow of the air flowing out and flowing in through the ventilation W 617 is
smaller than the area of the ventilation part from the vibration mK, the viscous resistance is large
and the movement energy of the diaphragm can be absorbed. In the case of this survey, the drop
in sound pressure at the time of resonance is from KIIL 2 ? snow (L 7 m ?or 2 1 if the amount
also drops in the ventilation area! Although it was chewed, it was about 2-bleed vent area that
recovered to the same degree as when completely sealed. * The incompatibility of the second
structural example at @ 2 @ described above is that the area of the ventilation part corresponds
to S range of 1, and the minute 1 on the surface of the diaphragm support 11 and the plate 150
mm in FIG. By the generation of a gap, the resonance frequency and the sound pressure at
resonance lower than in the case where there is no gap, and further, this reduction amount
causes 9 -'- variation between the transducers, and a uniform one is obtained. It is a problem. The
size of the vent area to be provided in the present invention is in the range of C in FIGS. 4 and 5,
and the resonance frequency is stable, and the sound pressure is equal to or higher than that
when completely sealed. It is a place. Even if there is a small gap between the diaphragm support
16 and the plate 20 in FIG. 5 with any ventilation area within this range, there is no significant
change in converter performance, and the magnetic attraction force It will be apparent that a
sufficiently stable converter can be obtained only by fixing the diaphragm and the plate 20 only.
The provision of the ventilation part 17 requires a certain amount of correction with regard to
the reduction of the co-ice frequency from the time of complete sealing, but this is not an
essential problem, and if this is used, the diameter of the converter can be reduced It is also
possible to measure The details of the present invention K (the converter has been described
based on the embodiment shown in the above 1), but the present invention is not limited to the
embodiment shown in the drawing. In addition, it is possible to make various changes, such as
installation in the In the case of using the converter 8-j according to the present invention, the
generation of the sound from the ventilation part is a problem, but it is easy to solve with a
sound emission structure of the function, and it is also generated from the ventilation part Active
use of the sound is also considered, and it is not a big problem in practice. As described above,
the converter according to the present invention fixes the plate and the diaphragm by holding
the diaphragm support using the magnetic attraction force of the permanent magnet, thereby
eliminating the variation of the air gap between the magnetic core and the diaphragm. The
variation in resonance frequency is reduced. The provision of the front air venting part K
eliminates the fear that the gap between the above-mentioned plate and the moving plate
support is concerned, and can provide stable performance at resonance. As it is fixed only by
magnetic attraction as mentioned above. It can be removed even after assembling the transducer,
and it is possible to replace #i if damage to the diaphragm or the like or disconnection of the
exciting coil occurs. In addition, if a ventilating portion is used as a lead-out port for the lead wire
from the exciting coil, there is a remarkable effect on implementation, such as the necessity of
providing a lead-out port specially, resulting in new merits. ??
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