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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a speaker box according
to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a front central longitudinal sectional view, and FIG. is there. 1 is
a speaker box, 2 is a sound emission hole, 3 is a speaker sound emission surface, and 4 is a
speaker. −
[Detailed description of the invention] This JJIn speaker box related to this) is devised so that the
sound emission direction of the speaker can be changed very easily. FIG. 1 is a perspective view
of a cuboid shaped speaker box superior to the present invention, in which the sound emitting
surface of the sound emitting hole f) is f + 3) is square. The speaker 4 is mounted so as to be
oblique to the sound emission direction of the speaker 4 (see FIG. 2 showing a front central
longitudinal sectional view) in the speaker box 11). With such a speaker box, the speaker sound
emitting surface is directed to the front + tt, and by rotating the speaker box, the sound emitting
direction can be changed. In the case of placing the speaker box in the lower rank 1t, see Fig. 2 V
す す 口 ば ば ば ば ↓ ↓ ↓ i i i [i] If it is difficult to make the speaker box higher, the situation is
as shown in Fig. 2! ・ Because Nstl set up in the reverse direction, the sound emission direction is
downward, so the speaker box's sound emission direction IE faces the IE face as it is) C1 sound
emission direction is directed to the listener 11 Come to 吏 7 (, 1 when listening to stereo signals,
2 1 W1) Speakers should be set as shown in Fig. 3]. As mentioned above, as mentioned above, 1
to the unthinkable leaf IC + is rotated by 1 ζ ζ 7 ビ ー ビ ー ビ ー ・ ° カ ー カ ー ビ ー カ ー
ビ ー カ ー ビ ー カ ー ビ ー カ ー ビ ー カ ー ビ ー カ ー 方: + + 方 出来 出来 ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ
ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ー ス ピ ー カ ーEven if the speaker box is
turned to one position, the design seen from the stop 1 becomes IWI-, and in the case of the
Buzyno surface 7) r is also preferable J]. 4, easy explanation furnace 1 misbehavior d over the
present invention speaker hoxji] perspective view, 2nd IriIm + front central longitudinal sin
figure, Figure 5 when listening to stereo signals n) speaker box 6 distribution It is an evil that
shows Kura. 1111 Fr speaker box, 12) open hole, 1. () Is a speaker sound emission, -41 is a
speaker. Utility model registration applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. representative Ige Kei-Noah
7 'Fig. 1 m112 Fig. J3' 2 2 第 Fig. 3 □! ... 77'81, I81, III: L) CR registration for new model for Xray and X9-1,-Miyo Electric Co., Ltd. H '-31 1' representative It 麓 (5 other than the inventor
inventor Michio Hano + Noto Orichichi Humechi Address Mamoru L1 City Keihan Hondori 2nd
Street 18th Address Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Inside name to Yukihiro Fujii. □□ − + 11 − 1 v − /
2? 0?、’
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